Birthday is an occasion that offers you to express your love through below birthday wishes to your friends, beloved ones, fellows, siblings, spouse and any one you care. Thus, here goes some stunning birthday wishes to help you in making your special one’s day glowing. Check these best 100 birthday wishes for your loved ones.

Here you can read the 100 Best Birthday Wishes:-

Birthday Wishes

100 Best Birthday Wishes

  1. Yoho … look what this moment has brought to celebrate! Your Birthday … Happy Birthday!
  2. I wish my dear a very happy birthday to catch the beauty of cherished joy.
  3. Happy Birthday my dear friend. On your special day, I wish you a super blessed life with all that you long to have in your life.
  4. Hey, you, yes you… do not sleep but stay wide-awake because your birthday has started by the strike of 12… let the scene on. Happy Birthday.
  5. Here comes the day when I truly want to show you that how much I care for you and remember each detail that belongs to you. Happy Birthday.
  6. Wishing my sweetheart, a wonderful day bumped with sheer excitement of great celebration and surprises.
  7. Happy Birthday with loads of sweet wishes and true love.
  8. May your birthday be the day to gather up thousands of memorable moments filled with joy. Happy Birthday!
  9. Let the house set on fire, speakers yelling louder and bottles popping because it is the high time to celebrate my beautiful friend’s birthday.
  10. Hullo my dearest dear, today I wanna wish you a special birthday wish which says that may you find the serenity, peace and love until your last breath. Have a very joyous birthday.
  11. Let the party begin since it is your birthday. Happy Birthday!
  12. Start a rocking birthday with your loved ones and add up scores of sweet moments to your day. Happy birthday.
  13. May your birthday be a pleasant day decorated with shimmery colors and glittery joy, Amen. Happy birthday.
  14. While cutting up your birthday cake and blowing up the candles, do not forget to remember me on your special day, Happy Birthday!
  15. May this day brings up the things that you desire to linger in your life. Happy Birthday!
  16. Let me sing the sweet song of your birthday to add my part of joy regarding your sweet day. Happy Birthday.
  17. I wish you a beautiful birthday and suggest you to make it more beautiful by inviting me to your birthday. So, write me the time soon. Happy Birthday.
  18. My birthday wish goes to you at the very last moments of your birthday to lock it with unconditional love and prayer that you stay blessed forever. Happy Birthday.
  19. Your birthday note is here to adorn your day with yet another spell binding joy of being remembered, loved, cared and wished the Happy Birthday!
  20. A shimmery caddy tied up with golden ribbon stuffed with blissful prayers comes to your way to wish my pal a super spectacular birthday.
  21. Birthday at hand is nothing unless enjoyed with your buddies. So, get ready to hook up with your friends and pop up your birthday party LOUDER.
  22. Happy Birthday with chocolaty cake, frizzy cocktails, cheesy pizza, surprising presents, super selfies and joyful moments.
  23. Tada! It is time to celebrate my pal’s birthday with Champaign in one hand and your hand in other. Happy Birthday.
  24. Have a delicious birthday ever!
  25. On your birthday, I wish you bliss, blessings and me, LOLs… Happy Birthday.
  26. Happy Birthday to the Divine Beauty!
  27. Be grateful for another birthday and I wish you more.
  28. Happy birthday with love and affection.
  29. I wish you a super scrumptious birthday!
  30. Wishing you candy like sweet birthday with so much to remember.
  31. Happy Birthday my super fellow. Get ready for a blasting party tonight!
  32. Birthday comes with excitement of untold and unexpected times and so is the wish of mine.
  33. I wish you to shine on your birthday and spread your light forever.
  34. This birthday I want to say you nothing but pray for our bound of friendship last forever.
  35. Be by my side today and forever, happy birthday.
  36. I tweet you happy birthday!
  37. Hullo Birthday Boy… tonight your gonna be our rock star.
  38. Your birthday means so much to me.
  39. Happy Birthday… stay happy and blessed.
  40. I wish your birthday brought all the things closer to you that you love the most.
  41. Have a blissful birthday!
  42. I wish you to rock on your day with beautiful smile on your face. Happy birthday.
  43. Cherish your birthday on each exciting note.
  44. As soon as you bit your birthday cake slice, I wish the sweetest blessings might surround you for all of your life.
  45. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!
  46. I wish you happy, happier and happiest birthday!
  47. Have a birthday as sweet as honey is!
  48. I wish the joy of your birthday gave you lasting happiness.
  49. Today sing your favorite song all louder to give your birthday a better start. Happy birthday.
  50. A birthday celebrated with a friend is a birthday never wasted. See you tonight soon!
  51. Happy Birthday my petty pal!
  52. As your birthday wishes have started to decor your day, I wish you a long, happy and healthy life too!
  53. Happy Birthday Peep!
  54. I am blowing a birthday kiss tonight to your way to give you the most sensational gift on your day.
  55. Tick, tick, tock… it is twelve almost… let me say you Happy Birthday!
  56. I wish you a kind of birthday that dissolve sugary syrup to your life to make it sweeter.
  57. I wish the joy of today kiss you in every coming day. Happy Birthday.
  58. Party time… it is my darling’s birthday.
  59. Eat up cupcakes or lick the lollipops… do not forget me on your birthday pop.
  60. Have a chilling birthday!
  61. Happy birthday dearest dude!
  62. Wishing you blasting birthday jol tonight!
  63. Happy birthday my bestie from the deep core of my heart.
  64. Tonight I wish my sweetheart beautiful birthday with all of my sweet love off to your way. Happy birthday.
  65. Let’s make a deal on your birthday… you give us a treat and we will do our presence… have a freaking birthday 😉
  66. Look what I got for you on this birthday… all of my sincerest prayers and love.
  67. Hey my girl… I am sending you an invincible hug and passionate kiss on your birthday. Stay Blushed!
  68. Happy Birthday with lots of coolest intentions and prayers.
  69. To me wishing you your birthday is not a formality but a doting way to show up my concern towards you. Happy birthday dear!
  70. On your birthday, I want to pour the sweetest love into your goblet so you can taste the rich
  71. Luv to ya on your BIRTHDAY!
  72. Let’s make some noise and crack the bottles… after all it is your birthday dude… Happy Birthday!
  73. Happy Birthday to the queen of my heart!
  74. Birthday Bliss!
  75. I wish you a super doper happy birthday.
  76. Have a colorful birthday!
  77. Honey dipped happy birthday to you!
  78. Happy birthday my boy… do not only celebrate your birthday but also level up
  79. Birthdays are always cool, it does not matter how much hot they get by additional candles on the cakes. Enjoy your birthday.
  80. Birthday is a day to rejoice the togetherness and celebration with all of them those matter to you.
  81. Here comes the day of unlimited surprises… Happy Birthday!
  82. Birthday Girl, dress in pink and be my princess forever.
  83. Have a candy, toffee, jelly and muffin birthday!
  84. Happy Birthday… xoxo
  85. Happy birthday to my friend who stood there for me no matter what.
  86. I am going super crazy and frenzy because it’s my darling’s birthday.
  87. Today on your birthday, I confess that you are the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my life… my love I love you!
  88. Throw your soda and hug me tight as I wish you birthday tonight!
  89. I do not need the starry deep night to feel romantic but just you… Happy Birthday to you!
  90. Cut your birthday cake with thousand reasons to be happy in your life.
  91. Happy birthday to the cheesy, squeezy and sweetie fellow.
  92. I wish someone special a birthday that unfolds splendid moments of love and gay.
  93. Either it is SMS, Fb, Whatsapp, twitter, Line, Viber, Messenger, Snapshot, or whatever… nothing can address you better than my real time birthday yell… wait for me at twelve on your door!
  94. Have crunchy munch birthday!
  95. I do not long to taste your birthday cake anymore but you! Happy Birthday with love.
  96. Grab your ipod and play the songs that churn up joy of your birthday.
  97. I wish blessings sprinkle on you on your birthday.
  98. Happy Birthday my candy man!
  99. I wish you celebrating hottest birthday with your coolest pals.
  100. Happy birthday with great glee!

I hope you will love to use these cunning and tempting birthday wishes to touch the hearts of your special ones… stay happy and keep celebrating.

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