The 40th birthday milestone marks many important events in life. Refer to 100+ meaningful 40th birthday wishes for everyone.

first 40th birthday wishes for friends and colleagues

  40th birthday wishes for friends and colleagues 40th birthday wishes for friends and colleagues

1.Happy birthday my friend! Everyone is born with the right to be happy and so are you. Wishing you all the best in the world.

2. At this beautiful age, wish you happiness, youth, beauty and great success in your career. Happy birthday my friend!

3. May all your wishes come true today. Happy Birthday Honey.

4. If one day you feel too tired and stuck, don’t forget that you are still here. I will overcome this with you, surely this life still has many beautiful things. Happy Birthday

5. On your birthday, wish your life is always full of happiness, all dreams come true soon.

6. Happy birthday to you. Wish you will have wonderful moments with family and friends.

7. I’m happy when I see you smile, your happiness is also my joy, so please smile a lot. Happy birthday to my dear mother.

8. Sending you a thousand smiles to make you always radiant. Learn to love yourself more. Happy birthday my friend!

9. Add a new year, wish you more mature, more mature. All good things will come to you, because you deserve it. Happy Birthday!

10. Happy birthday to you. Have a birthday full of joy and happiness.

2 40th birthday wishes for relatives and family

  40th birthday wishes for relatives and family 40th birthday wishes for relatives and family

1. In the past year, I have tried a lot, and today marks a more mature year. Wishing me a year to achieve what I’m trying to get and have fun!?

2. To a girl with the same name, same age, same body. Today is the birthday of the two of us, let’s be healthy, happy and happy! Wishing you all the best, and so do I!

3. Entering a new age, do better than what has been done in the present and overcome the bad ones. Happy birthday to you me!

4. Thank you for living the year to the fullest. Welcome a new year with lots of health and luck ahead!

5. Another new year, you must know stronger and more resilient, girl.

6. Wish me the next year to be mature enough and love enough to live happier than now. Happy birthday to me!

7. A year has passed, the end of 18 years of dreaming. There are plans that also come true, but there are also unfinished plans, telling them to be more resolute so that the next year can be more complete.

8. A lonely year is over! Hopefully in the new year, I will find my other half to eliminate this loneliness! Happy birthday!!!!

9. To you, weak girl. It’s your birthday, try harder next year to set the wishes that you’ve always thought about. Be strong, my dear. Happy Birthday To Me.

10. My dear, there is no rose branch without thorns, must be more resilient and stronger! More years to reach the set goals, try harder!

11. Older than a year! May the new year be wiser and happier!

12. Do your best, boy, when you get older, you have to be strong on your own to be the support for the whole family!

13. Happy 40 year old girl! I wish you the new year will be happier and more mature. Fine job. Less childishness and less anxiety. Come on, my!

3 Happy 40th birthday to myself

Happy 40th birthday to myselfHappy 40th birthday to myself

1. Birthday wishes for 40-year-old self: That’s fast, so I’m one year older again. It seems like I haven’t done much this past year, haven’t gotten to the places I wanted to, and haven’t fulfilled all the goals I set for my birthday last year. So let’s try twice this year! Happy birthday! Happy 40th birthday with new hopes.

2. Today is a special day, I have received a lot of good wishes from friends and relatives, but I want to remind myself that I have done very well in the past year and the way forward. Although it was very difficult before, I believe that I will overcome and accept great things. Happy Birthday!

3. Last year was a bit difficult, but I learned a lot and became stronger. I overcame all my troubles and today is the beginning of a promising year. I wish you a new year of happiness, health and more success. Happy birthday to me!

4. Birthday wishes for 40 year old self: Today is very special, is the day my parents brought me into this world 40 years ago. Always have fun, work hard and be more successful! Happy birthday to me!

5. So the age… has come! Not sure what next year will be, what difficulties await ahead and what joy will appear. No matter what happens, calmly accept it, make efforts to achieve what you want and welcome the new day with a bright smile.

4 Happy 40th birthday poem

Happy 40th birthday poemHappy 40th birthday poem

1. Writing For Half of Me

Author: Huynh Gia

Twenty years of the same path

I have tasted so many times of bitterness

Twenty years seems like a long time

No one expected it, it came quickly

Light a candle in my heart, happy birthday to you

Life partner! single prayer:

“Hand in hand…the road seems endless

For a lifetime – please another life – together”

If time is a miracle drug

Then time is also coincidentally similar

I used to know hatred and forgiveness

Stop ! Brushing his hands with a smile, wearing a rotating tank.

I put together a poem for half – today

Like a flash back to the romantic times

When happiness is like a calm river

Floating gently…the waves sing peacefully

Forget all the bitterness and sorrow

Such is life – How can we avoid it?

Rely on each other – find a way

Amidst the sprawling face – left, of human love.

I wrote for my fortieth birthday

In the language of a young age

Let me understand what love is like

But smile with happiness today..

2. Sister & Age 40!

Author: Khuong Thuy Phung

Gone are the days of dreaming

Gone are the days of naive dating

22 sisters stepped onto the boat

The boat kept “curiosity” floating

Gone are the days of reproduction

Past the age of standing still

You still have the age to make money

I am still at the age of a gentle mother taking care of her children

Gone are the days of youth

40 years old is no longer green

40 are more than nine years old

40 years old grateful to God

40 life achievements

Honor and career full of praise

40 years old looking far

40 years old makes me strong

40 tender years

Speak deeply and thoughtfully

Speak out and consider each sentence

It’s not like when I was young, I used to talk nonsense

40 accumulated experience

Of my youth, I was deceived a lot

40 lives less busy

40 bright as beautiful as neon

I write until morning still

How to describe until the end of the age of 40

40 wish you happy

40 sisters forever love my lover (husband and family)

40 sisters don’t worry about getting old

Only 80 children are considered old.

3. Happy 40th birthday

Author: Fa Lai Fu

When will those eyes smile

The bare road is light – my dear

I love you… so much I can’t

Advise my brother to stop living debt!

A human life, a sad life

So sad and happy, cold for a long time

Try to practice for the next life

There is still a little predestined relationship with the Color Dao!

Please don’t be sad

Born naked, don’t leave debt to the king

Tomorrow we will return to our roots

The Holy Ao Dai brings again – a long-term dream!

Happy forty birthday

So many springs, half a human life

Loyalty and filial piety to Parents

Enough meaning enough grace with life!

Baby – don’t forget to give up your roots

Reincarnation don’t let sadness flow

Let’s go – tomorrow we will return to our roots

Think about the world without regret!!

Above are the birthday wishes at the age of 40 or, touching, meaningful. Hope you choose a happy birthday greeting for your father and send it to him to show your love for him!

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