Just saying Happy Birthday is not enough for birthday wishes for boyfriend as when it is the birthday of your Boyfriend, you feel too crazy and plan thousands of the things to make it special. One of the other way, sending birthday wish is an ultimate start to make your guy’s day much special. When you start writing him a birthday note, it happens that you overwhelm in the midst of millions of feelings and it becomes hard to express whatever is running behind your mind.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Here you can get awesome kind of birthday wishes for Boyfriend/lover to make you say the things you want to say on their special day.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend – Top 100 Selection

Here we got the 100 Best Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend:-

  1. Happy birthday to my super nova!
  2. My life is too sweet just because of you my sweet lover. Happy Birthday!
  3. I do not long for the gold or diamonds but you. HBD.
  4. It is the birthday of my lover and I am feeling butterflies in my stomach. Happy Birthday.
  5. Yes. I love you too my lover. HBD!
  6. HB, love!
  7. Love ya, HBD my love!
  8. I wish to live my whole life with you. HBD
  9. Recently I felt that I can’t live without your love. Happy Birthday my lover.
  10. The most beautiful present to me were your words ‘I Love Recently I felt that I can’t live without your love. Happy Birthday my lover.
  11. The most beautiful present to me were your words ‘I Love You’, and today I want to say you back on your birthday. I LOVE YOU!
  12. Tada… it is the birthday of my BF!
  13. Happy birthday to the most stunning man in my life. HBD!
  14. May your birthday joy last with you forever. HBD!
  15. Let’s celebrate the arrival of your birthday with fun and music!
  16. Sending you love on your birthday.
  17. Happy birthday to my only BF.
  18. I do not believe in long chats but simple touch of care… and here I wanna touch your heart with my caring words. Happy birthday my lover!
  19. Live long and live along with me, HBD lover.
  20. Happy Birthday Lovely Lover!
  21. I am mad at you and you are at me. Thus, tonight you are going to celebrate your birthday with me.
  22. Happy birthday with loads of love, bundles of kisses and tons of hugs.
  23. HB, stay happy.
  24. Be mine forever, HBD!
  25. The smile that you bring on my face is matchless. I wish you HBD!
  26. Hey, my BF, together we form the best couple ever. HBD!
  27. The secret of my beautiful smile is you. HBD!
  28. It is your birthday and I am wishing you much more ahead!
  29. Today I promise you my all love. HBD!
  30. The right things in life are rare and hard to let go you are so. Happy Birthday.
  31. Get up from that damn sleep, because it is your damn birthday. Open your damn mouth and give me a damn smile. HBD!
  32. The truest thing to me is your living love. HBD!
  33. Happy birthday to Mr. Perfect!
  34. I wish you a beaming and gleaming birthday. Happy Birthday!
  35. Happy birthday with all the reasons to love you in all the seasons.
  36. The best gift for you on your birthday will be all my love. Happy Birthday. Love!
  37. Happy birthday my dear lover, tonight we will watch best movie and cuddle until dawn.
  38. You can’t guess that how much important you are for me. I wish that we never apart. HBD!
  39. I want that rosy color of your lips to blush mine. HBD!
  40. I envy on my own smile when it burps on my lips when I meet you. Meet me tonight. HBD!
  41. You know what I love you being around me. Stay as it is forever. HBD!
  42. I will love picking up the taste of that lingering sweet wine from your kisser tonight on your birthday. HBD!
  43. Here comes the day that long awaited, your birthday. Happy birthday wine like BF!
  44. I wish you all the world’s beauty and success on your birthday.
  45. Let’s twist and turn ourselves in the light of our burning love tonight. Happy Birthday!
  46. Happy Birthday my guy. I know you are never leaving me no matter whatever is coming to our way.
  47. I know all the girls out there and all the boys out there murmur so much when we walk hand in hand. I like it so much. Never leave my hand. HBD!
  48. Your hot glare takes away breathe. HBD!
  49. One of the craziest event is to celebrate the birthday. Hey, it is your birthday. HBD!
  50. Your care feels like the tender touch to my soul. Thanks for so much loving and caring. HBD!
  51. I wish you live amongst all the brightest colors of life. HBD BF!
  52. In the midst of the night, I am sending you invisible hug just to wish you happy birthday.
  53. I do not talk to you but it can’t make me missing your birthday. HBD!
  54. Happy birthday to the man having beautiful soul and magnetic body.
  55. From now, I will never leave you alone. I swear it to my life. HBD!
  56. It feels so superb to be with you. HBD.
  57. I celebrate your every birthday in the restaurants but this time I need you in my back yard. HBD!
  58. I am not in to cooking but for you I have tried your favorite dish. Be at my home tonight. HBD!
  59. I wonder that how much you mean to me and how fast you came closer to me is the best feeling ever. HBD!
  60. Happy birthday with presents and love.
  61. Happy Birthday with all the things you want in your life.
  62. HBD my hot baby!
  63. HBD to a friend that stands with me, a caretaker that never leaves me and the lover that drives me mad. HBD
  64. Have a good birthday ever! HBD!
  65. HBD to the person who colors my life daily.
  66. The flame of your love is burning me high with desire to have you for lifetime. HBD!
  67. The coolest thing in my life is when you get hottest while being with me. HBD!
  68. Hey, isn’t the falling rain has added something special to your birthday. HBD!
  69. Happy birthday to my only special one.
  70. I am thinking hard on how to give you most surprising surprise on your birthday me BF… here it goes… I Love You!
  71. On the birthday of my BF I wish you great day with unlimited moments of fun. HBD.
  72. I greet you happiest birthday.
  73. Birthday clears away all the rust and dust of back days and fires up a new passion for coming up days. HBD!
  74. Happy birthday. Live, prosper and rock!
  75. This birthday of yours is so special for me because we have covered the distance from BF and GF to lovers eventually. HBD!
  76. I wish to sing the rock songs and pop up the biggest bottle tonight on your birthday my BF!
  77. Another day to have fun has reached in our lives. Yes, your birthday.
  78. The feel that comes to me when I am with you is indescribable.
  79.  Happy birthday and happy love day!
  80. With you, I am a princess, without you I feel begging for yourself. Be with me forever. HBD!
  81. In my all low times you are alone who pushes me up. HBD best BF!
  82. The joy and love that you have brought in my life are the assets of my life. HBD!
  83. Happy Birthday with tons of sunny moments.
  84. May you shine and spark in my life forever. HBD!
  85. I wish you cheerful birthday.
  86. I am cock-a-hoop to wish you your birthday.
  87. May you find blessings that make envy everyone on you. HBD
  88. I wish you a jocund birthday to catch up millions of happiness.
  89. HBD to the dearest dear!
  90. HBD to my love, life and joy.
  91. The one thing I will never compromise about is our beautiful relationship. HB!
  92. I do not care of the hunger or the thirst when you are with me. HBD!
  93. I wish my vivacious man to live in my life forever. HBD!
  94. I want you now and forever. HBD!
  95. HBD to my Bf who is worth having forever.
  96. I wish you everything and me. HBD!
  97. I am sending you birthday wish with a warm sensation of love. HBD!
  98. The grace on your face, the pace of your smile, the gleam in your eyes… makes me all yours. HBD!
  99. Happy birthday. Sending kisses to your way.
  100. Happy Birthday to the prince of my heart. I wish you pearly life.

Hope, that you would be loving each of the phrase and will tend to send as many wishes as you want. You should pick best one among these romantic 100 birthday wishes for boyfriend / lover.

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