Splendid Birthday Wishes for Daughter: Daughter is a wonderful blessing not for the parents alone but to the family too. Here we got the top 100 Birthday Wishes for Daughter. Wish your sweet daughter and let her know the ultimate love you have for her. Here are 100 splendid birthday wishes for your darling daughter. Get read the following top Birthday Wishes for Daughter.

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Birthday Wishes for Daughter

The Most Splendid Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Its time to unveil the 100 Splendid Birthday Wishes for Daughter:-

  1. Happy birthday to my little angel
  2. Happy birthday to my dearest daughter
  3. I love you my darling daughter and wish you a dazzling birthday.
  4. No matter how much you will grow up, you will still a child to me, happy birthday!
  5. A very happy birthday to my princess.
  6. I am blessed to have a daughter like you. Happy birthday.
  7. Daughters are great ever blessings in the life of parents and so you are mine. Happy Birthday.
  8. I am making you superb birthday cake, my daughter be at home soon.
  9. You are my pretty and little doll, happy birthday to you.
  10. Today you are far from me, but near to my heart. I am happy that you would be happily celebrating your birthday with your own family. Happy birthday dear daughter!
  11. I was seeking God’s best blessing and He blessed me with you. Happy birthday!
  12. Having a daughter like you makes me feel that I own the most precious treasure. Happy birthday baby!
  13. On your birthday, I wish you a life full of charm, love and happiness.
  14. Life seems just perfect when you hug me and fold your delicate arms around me. Happy birthday to my doll like daughter.
  15. I wish you rich love, rich health, rich joy and rich happy birthday!
  16. Yes! Your Mom remembers your birthday. Happy birthday my sweetie.
  17. Birthday brings countless moments of sheer joy and time to spend together. Happy birthday.
  18. Happy birthday to Mama’s princess.
  19. May you keep celebrating your birthday with thousands of reasons to smile.
  20. I will buy my girl her favorite stuff. So, no more mood off. Happy birthday and cheer up.
  21. Happy birthday my baby girl… keep shimmering and shinning forever.
  22. Hey you nasty girl now that you have entered in your teens so start acting like that… happy birthday to you.
  23. Good girl Happy Birthday to your way!
  24. You are so much special to me, happy birthday baby!
  25. You are as cute as the kitten, as white as snow, as charming as a princess is and as dear to me as my soul. Happy birthday!
  26. You are our light. Happy birthday.
  27. Happy birthday to the razzle-dazzle of my life.
  28. Here goes my baby’s birthday. We are going to celebrate tonight. Happy birthday!
  29. Happy birthday my kid. You are everything to me.
  30. May God shed His all blessings upon you today and forever. Happy Birthday.
  31. Wishing you wishes that will adorn your life to the heights of blessings. Happy Birthday.
  32. My daughter you are the princess of my kingdom. Happy birthday to you.
  33. Dad’s girl, I want to shine on the sky with brightest light. Happy Birthday!
  34. No doubt that you are all grown up and have blessed us with little angels but believe me that you feels to me still like a little kid. Happy birthday!
  35. HBD, luv, Mom.
  36. Happy birthday to you from your daddy and me.
  37. Birthdays are sweet and wishes are must. Have a rocking birthday.
  38. Happy birthday dear. I will wait for you along with your birthday present when you will be back to home after your birthday party. Have fun.
  39. I am trying best to water you with love, care and attention. You are the best flower in my yard. Happy birthday daughter.
  40. On your birthday, I want to send my daughter a pretty dress, a heart locket and my pure love. Happy birthday.
  41. Stay smiling and blooming my cute daughter. Happy birthday.
  42. You can never ever imagine my love for you. I wish you lovely birthday my beautiful daughter.
  43. Daughters are ultimate blessings. I am super bless to find twins. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughters.
  44. I wish that no warm wind ever touch you neither your eyes shed any tear of sorrow. Stay happy always. Happy birthday.
  45. Happy birthday to you dearest daughter.
  46. On your birthday I am planning a great party inviting family, friend and… yes him too. Happy birthday my beloved daughter.
  47. To me you are my whole world. HBD.
  48. Birthday greetings to my only sweet daughter.
  49. I greet you a birthday party that lock joy in your heart and fun in your life. HBD!
  50. I am happy to see you playing with your kids and I wish you so many birthdays to celebrate with them.
  51. Have a birthday with super surprises. HBD!
  52. I am sending you sweet kisses and warmest hugs. HBD Daughter!
  53. Although your birthday comes in the beak days, but the joy of it warms up us all. HBD daughter.
  54. My life, my dream, my joy, my princess, my doll, my soul… I wish you a great birthday!
  55. You are so dear to me, and so your dreams and desires. I will give you all. Happy Birthday.
  56. I wish that I could come to home and celebrate your birthday along with your Mom, but do not forget that she can give you love on my behalf too. I am missing you sweetie. HBD!
  57. I know you would be missing us but the party by your friends will do a charm. HBD!
  58. Good times are the one spent and celebrated together. Birthday is one of them and tonight we all will be together to celebrate your birthday!
  59. I wish you a grand birthday with all the reasons to get cheer up by your heart. Happy birthday my daughter.
  60. My daughter you have made my life so much beautiful. HBD!
  61. You are like a twinkling star of my sky. Happy birthday daughter.
  62. May you get to taste unlimited birthdays cakes in your long and healthy life. Happy birthday daughter.
  63. I can’t count the moments of joy and the numbers of blessings that I felt right after having you in my life. Happy birthday.
  64. Dear doll I wish you cutest birthday!
  65. This time I am gonna make you double chocolate cake topped with your favorite strawberries. Happy Birthday!
  66. I wish that may I catch you all of your dreams. Happy Birthday daughter.
  67. Happy birthday to my youngest and splendid daughter.
  68. I wish you all the best of everything! HBD!
  69. HBD, love to you!
  70. Mom’s all love is yours, HBD!
  71. Mama loves you more than she loves your Dad, HBD Daughter!
  72. The tiny angel happy birthday to you.
  73. I wonder how far we can go to chase up and bring all of your dreams to you. HBD!
  74. The princess of our world, HBD!
  75. Happy birthday to my girl with sincerest wishes.
  76. I am sending you love and wishes on your birthday my daughter.
  77. Cute girl, have a cute birthday.
  78. May you find all the good in everything you do. Happy birthday!
  79. Our sweet daughter you are the ultimate spring to our orchid. Happy birthday!
  80. I need you to know that I am just not your mother alone but the most understanding friend too. Happy birthday to you.
  81. From your eyes, I fully understands your unsaid words too. Happy birthday my daughter.
  82. The most beautiful, ravishing, energetic and compassionate girl happy birthday to you.
  83. I wish your life to be laced with love today and forever.
  84. I am happy to wish you a happy birthday.
  85. Distance between us will never question my love for you. You will always be loved. Happy birthday daughter.
  86. The world would be a darker place to live in without you. Happy birthday.
  87. My daughter my love will always keep wrapping you birthday!
  88. Happy birthday to my fairy.
  89. I wish my honey a birthday with all the things you want to have today and forever.
  90. You are the one who brings sunshine to me even in my dark hours. Happy birthday my angel.
  91. HBD charm of my life.
  92. I can never give up loving and taking care of you even in my last breaths. I love you. HBD daughter.
  93. Hey my sweetie. I love when you talk to me in your sweet and cute voice. HBD.
  94. My daughter you are heartbeat to me. HBD
  95. HBD daughter, you are the cutest being in my life.
  96. On you birthday, I want to say you that I will stand by you ever, do not fear anything.
  97. Happy birthday to the glaring girl!
  98. Happy birthday to my rose my daughter.
  99. I wish you abundance of love and blessings. HBD daughter.
  100. Happy birthday to the princess with long lasting love and wishes.
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