Happy birthday to my beloved father with very beautiful and meaningful poems? Immediately refer to 15+ poems to wish your father a happy birthday full of love.

The feelings between fathers and children are often dry and difficult to express than mothers, birthday is an occasion when you can give your father the most meaningful gifts, wishes and poems to express your feelings. Immediately refer to 15+ poems to wish your father a happy birthday full of love through the following article.

firstHappy birthday poem to dad


Four seasons Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter

Time flies without waiting for people

It’s dad’s birthday

How can my heart feel restored to my beloved father.

I wish you good health

Wishing you luck and peace of mind

Winter through spring is overflowing

Oh, I’m happy for the whole family.

Dad always sings

Let the good child sleep, the whole family is more happy

How can I forget my father?

The same lullaby of the father’s lullaby.

Sweet as the autumn wind

Gentle hands bring warm sleep

Grandson – father’s son holds his father

The heart is as open as the Milky Way.

Have fun with your children at home

Father’s love is higher than Thai Son

You are still like a young leaf

Father is the shadow for the child to nestle in.

This poem knows how to say

Deep fatherly love wells up in me

Wish you one more year round

Happy – healthy – happy grandchildren reunited.

Happy birthday poem to dadHappy birthday poem to dad

2. Happy Father’s Birthday

Author: Cao Tam

Today is Dad’s birthday

Nothing as a gift

Just a pretty card

Wishing Dad never get old

Dad is away from work today

I miss you every day

Remember when school ended

There are three waiting to pick you up

Dad, I’m grateful to you,

Raising children to be human

Teach me many good things

I love Dad so much

Dad, I’m grateful to you,

Raising children to be human

Teach me many good things

I will love you forever Daddy

3. No Title 2

Author: Thinh Tri Dang Ha

Dad’s birthday is sad because his mother is absent

Thin hair is more silver with sadness

Ask time to help ease the pain

Bring spring to send wishes

4. Happy Birthday Father

Author: Unknown

Poems written to father (Dad) Hung

Let the birthday party shine brightly

Wishing you good health and love forever

Good luck with all life meaning not slack

At night, Hearing spreads for happy people

In the morning, poetry overflows to make people happy

The new age is rich with many blessings

Gourd lives peacefully with.

5. Congratulations, Father Thuong Tho has passed the age of 99

Author: Ngoc Trinh Nguyen

“What words can Cong Cha describe?

When did Father’s love pay off?

What word to make a conclusion?

Instead of the immense sea and sky…

Wordless poem I carved

Shattered every grain of dew

Touch the clear space

The sky lights sparkle with love…”

2Meaningful happy birthday poem

1. Dad’s Birthday

Author: JB Nguyen Huu Vinh

Today, dad’s birthday

But I’m sad, not happy

The time of yin and yang is separate

Know what to say? Dad!

Welcoming Dad’s New Year

I sit alone

My tears are flowing again

In the silent room

Compress the incense I light

Instead of whispering

Dad, always guide

Walk my life path

2. Dad’s 80th birthday

Author: JB Nguyen Huu Vinh

Turning 80 years old, Master

The old Master’s shadow, everything does not fade

Twenty-five years, a quarter of a century

Why do you think it was just yesterday?

What do you say, Master? For father and son to understand

Like breathing, just looking at each other understands each other

The whole life of a teacher in hardships

Only dedicate to life and future descendants

May God let you rest in peace

To come to Him and enjoy His Holy Face

From afar, I remember you, Master

Know what to say, when tears flow two lines.

Meaningful happy birthday poemMeaningful happy birthday poem

3. Happy birthday dad!

Author: Khuong Thuy Phung

February 9th today

Happy birthday happy birthday

Promise daddy to sing a song

But I can’t sing the lyrics

This time, I broke my promise, Dad!

Writing poetry for dad instead of singing

The words I want to say

Dear Father Phuong Hoang

Wishing you always strong steps

Soft shoulder for her to lean on

Wishing you a lot of love

Wishing you good health, courage and endurance

Although life is still very difficult

How many challenges are there for the long haul?

So I hope dad is still patient

Keep the sentence – the ring engraved in your heart

Wishing you the best of luck

Wife and daughter-in-law end up in love

Marriage is still fragrant

Couples stick together at school night

Together until the next day

Family harmony is like areca in the same room

His father steers the canoe

Overcoming the stormy wind and strong hand

Finally have a good day

A happy day full of love

Especially different from normal days

Because of Phuong’s father’s birthday


Thank you for giving me a respectable father!

Father has always been a solid pillar for his whole family,

As a pride for our brothers and sisters,

It’s a way of life for us to keep our faith.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been silent

Just because you make me sad with your lost thoughts,

But there’s one thing that I always remember,

That’s no matter how many mistakes you make

Dad always helps me to be myself again.

Happy birthday to my dear father.



Wishing you peace and long-term relationship

HAPPY peace and relief from sorrow

Wishing happiness and gratitude

WELCOME to rich dad from all sides

WELCOME warm and sweet

HAPPY parenting love

WELCOME, dear greetings

BIRTHDAY brings fortune before and after

A love debt in the middle of a stormy sea

I miss the gratitude in my heart

BIRTH wishes for a healthy life

Happy last year JAPANESE, parents

JAPANESE this year together

JAPANESE earnestly enjoy forever

JAPANESE celebrates moving forward

3Happy birthday poem, funny, funny

Happy birthday poem, funny, funnyHappy birthday poem, funny, funny


It’s my dad’s birthday today

In twelve months, I will be seventy

Seventy years old

Hope you will be safe

The rhymes I sent instead of gifts

A bunch of children’s poems for the skin

Wishing you good health and happiness

With my mother, live forever with me

2. Happy Birthday

Author: Long

Golden autumn spreads bright pink

Lost in the wind of thousands of songs

Rejoice with the music

Happy happy birthday daddy

The age of the person at the door is fifty

The heart clears up a heaven of benevolence

High bar like moonlight

Kindness and virtue keep the body in life

Today is your birthday

Congratulations I send to the sky The sea of ​​poetry

Stupid stupid words

Full of filial piety, I gave it to my father

Dear children, instead of gifts

Happy father’s birthday to the fullest

Wishing three new years like a tree

Bach Tung lives forever for a full hundred years

Through the ups and downs

Happiness, fortune, peace of mind, peace of mind

Happy Birthday I wish you peace

Happy health filled Bach Nien.

3. Father’s Day

Author: Phan Thanh Tung

This morning I called to see Dad

Good news to hear that Dad is healthy

But in the depths of sorrow

Because Father – I am far away from heaven!

I love you so much, I miss you, Father!

But why only greetings?

Many sleepless nights I lie down

Reminds me of a distant past…

Behold the starry sky

A silver stream flows into the dream

Finding childhood memories…

Having a protective Father is now alone!

Time is like a shuttlecock

In the blink of an eye, it’s been ten years

The day the baby was red in the crib

Oh, my mother sings…Father dries his back to plow…

Taking care of children growing up every day

Eat, wear, change clothes according to the season

I’m happy I sing, I play

Father – Mother’s sweat is heavy with alum…

The nights I study without lights

Father catches fireflies to make lights for

How much hardship

Father’s life carries a heavy load of hardships!

But not a single sigh

I wish you good health, happy baby

Father is like the wide sea, clouds in the sky

Immensely heavy meaning of life I carry!

Today around the world

People remember the golden day of “Father”

And I’m far from home

A couple of small words as a gift to offer!!!

4. Pray for Father

Elderly crane age, dew point hair

Father is old and weak, sick often

The child is heartbroken and wishes

Heartbroken children, burn incense

Sacred bodhisattvas ask for salvation

Mysterious Buddha and God, have mercy

May your father be healthy and safe forever

The child is not sad, the scene is short

5. Poems for dad

I want to write – a poem for you

Just a few sentences, but why is it so difficult?

I know that father’s love is like the sea

Vast and immeasurable!

When I was a child, I often argued with my father

Don’t want to listen to what my father taught

I hate you, every time I use a cane

There was one time.. I suddenly saw tears

When I grew up, I hated poverty at home

Once again silently blaming my father for not being good

Father was silent for a long time without speaking

A sad night saw my father’s tears again

And now, when I’m struggling with life

Life teaches me many lessons

Do you know when your heart is tired

I miss home and I miss you so much!

I’m angry at myself because I’ve thought it all out

Let sadness etched in my heart

Sometimes I want to go back to the past

On my father’s back, I enjoy playing

In my eyes, the color of memories appears

Father’s smile, messy – radiant

Quietly listening to the passage of time

Realize: how short life is!

Now I understand that every father is like that

Always be with you and take care of everything

Made me sad but I still love him

All my life, dad is the only one!

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