Happy birthday to my beloved mother with very beautiful and meaningful verses? Immediately refer to 15+ meaningful birthday poems for your beloved mother!

firstShort happy birthday poem for mom

Short happy birthday poem for momShort happy birthday poem for mom

1. Mother’s Birthday

Today is my dear mother’s birthday

We wish you all the best

We wish you a lifetime of happiness

We wish you great crane age.

Grateful birth is heavy

Shoulders of the morning sun and afternoon rain

A life mother loves when it becomes a mother’s love

Looking after the child growing up, the mother smiles and laughs.

Mom, remember how many days you worked hard

Raising us is so hard

The mother sacrificed herself to raise the missing wild cubs

A father’s love wants his children to grow up and forget himself.

Today is my dear mother’s birthday

The hard years have passed now

Until now, happiness and longevity with children and grandchildren

Love is full of joy.

2. Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday to my mom

Turning eighty years old, mom

I go to all four directions

There is always a mother, a place to return

3. Happy Birthday Mother’s Poem 1

Today, the… of the month…

It’s the day my mother was born in my life

May your mother be well

Happy happy day with children

How much hardship and difficulty?

Don’t take it all and leave it to your children

I just hope mom is well

It’s what I want most in the world.

4. Happy Mother’s Age

Spring has come again, Mother is getting older

Still day and night, working hard

Mother raised chickens and ducks

More cows, pigs, geese filled the barn.

Mother carries the burden, wholesales at the market

A basket of potatoes, or a bunch of cucumbers

The body of the stork swims a long way

The shoulder is thin and burdened with pity.

Old age, Mother often hurts

Every night, Mom stays up all night

Hands and feet then head

Tendon retraction hurts old mother.

When I grow up, I remember when I’m far away

Want to come back, just help Mom

Working for hire on foreign land

But I miss my mother in a poor country.

Still knowing Mom, getting old with the years

I still believe, Mom is not weak

Mom’s housework is still busy

Live with your children full of love.

Spring comes, firecrackers all over the road

In each village, spring flowers bloom

Full of happiness

Mom added a new age, Binh Than, I’m happy.

5. Happy Birthday Dear Mom

Happy Birthday MomHappy Birthday Mom

Author: Nguyen Thi Xuan Huong

Grandmother gives birth, mother gives birth to a child

Mother in third year (53) son turns three and two (32)

Bumpy in every way

Save every drop of sunshine tomorrow

Mother’s life many tears fall

Salty sweat in the middle of life

Polygamy because of the heavy sense of love

Sorrow, my mother sacrificed silently

Mom, through all the ups and downs

God bless you with good health and happiness

Peace of mind and peace of mind

AMITABHA BUDDHA! testify vows!!!

6. Short happy birthday poem for mom

Wishing you always smiling brightly

Happy old age, pink and fresh, eternal life

Enjoy the blessings of heaven

Together with the descendants of earthly life.

2Funny happy birthday poem for mom

Funny happy birthday poem for momFunny happy birthday poem for mom

1. Poem 1

Today is my dear mother’s birthday

But I’m too far away, so I dare to write poetry

Specify the Facebook paragraph to send thanks

Gift flowers are not available now what to do?

Well, sweet birthday

Joy and happiness overflowing springtime

Wishing you two words of peace

Plus good luck and lots of money.

My mother is always as beautiful as a fairy

On your birthday, a good friend comes to play

Spring is like a twenties

My mother is always young and cheerful, not old.

I don’t have a present

But my words are full of filial piety

Happy to send my mother filled with chan

Happy Mother’s Day, happy birthday.

Mom, just take it

I send you a beautiful poem

Full hand birthday gifts

Flower hug does not end a day not to forget.

2. Poem for mom’s 2nd birthday

Today, the XX of the month of XX

It’s the day Mom was born in my life

May your mother be well

Happy happy day with children

How much hardship and difficulty?

Don’t take it all and leave it to your children

I just hope Mom is well

It’s what I want most in the world.

3Beautiful and meaningful happy birthday poem

Beautiful and meaningful happy birthday poemBeautiful and meaningful happy birthday poem

1. Mother’s Birthday

Author: Tran Minh Hien

Mother’s birthday, I pray for good health

Wishing for tomorrow, full of light

I love you mom, ever since childhood

Mother is the belief that is the great support

Mother’s birthday, nothing to give

Only my heart, true, foolish

Mother is a bitter late night light

Light up my life, mystery, silence

Mother’s birthday, but my heart sobs

Love your child’s life, love your mother’s life, sorrow

Hear the screams of choking grace

Crushing hearts, cruel hundreds of regions

Happy Mother’s Birthday, I wish you a happy Mother

Have fun with grandchildren, children, peaceful old age

I knelt down and learned patience

Mother is the bright dawn of our world.

2. Missing Mom’s Birthday

Author: Bai Yunnan

Looking at the clouds covering the sun in the distance

How much I miss my mother home

Time to dye white hair

Where is the black hair

How often does it rain to water the land?

How many times did my mother stay up to light a lamp to find a blanket?

Because poor have to find food

When thinking about the marks on the eyelids

One by one the older children left

Mother country loves to miss each spring

Tonight there is no moonlight

Oil lamp I see my mother next to me

Sixty years of life

Hands have never touched fresh flowers and cakes

So far, the age has been six weeks

Children and grandchildren gather together

The overflowing power over the river pool

Happy and relieved mind, sustainable future

Life always has bad luck

Peace of mind naturally engraved the gentle mother’s name.

I thought I forgot and then remembered again

On this day, my mother gave birth to a baby

October seventeen, my heart feels wilted

Happy birthday my mother is no more

Absence of mother’s love is like missing a point

People are in the sky and we are in the world

Remember when my mother’s hand was gentle

Very cleverly decorated the party night

The older I get, the more I feel nostalgic

Because innocence has gone away

Youthful look during puberty

Following the flow of time no longer stays

Mom too is gone forever

I now have nostalgia left in me

Ao dai given to me by my mother in pink

Is a memory still hanging in the closet

The beautiful velvet rose is blooming

Gently leaning over to congratulate me

Anyway, today is my birthday

Cheer up! I… hey Song Phuong!

3. Happy Birthday Mom

Author: Tam Muoi

Happy Birthday Mom

Today held at home

Happy Birthday Mother Da six two

Stop withering apricot branches

The long, smooth shine is now covered with dew

Follow Father all the way

Experiencing many disturbances of the past

It’s time to rest

Traumatic cycle of suffering and lamentation

When he was in trouble with the crooks

The prison is far away, thousands of miles away

Burning the fire of hatred

The mourning lake is fluttering, waiting for the silkworm to wrap silk

An orphaned body is waiting

The half-sliver moon lazily casts a shadow

Pick up gossip and hang it on top of your head

Bitterly swallow the floating oil

Stormy waves pounding

Make the lady’s heart go crazy every time

The stork’s wings are swimming around

U Minh forest deep in the wilderness

Difficulties don’t mind though

Listen to the wind howling at night, cloudy in the afternoon

Spring returns to the frozen stomach

Autumn and winter are tired, summer is always beautiful

Steadfast, strict meaning

Full of filial piety, what’s wrong with laziness

Now it’s late afternoon sun

Still taking care of everything warm

Mother is a soft shoulder support

Mother is a torch that lights up the bright night

Mother is the panacea

Mother is the guide to harmonize the son’s heels

Mother is a sweet stream

Mother is conifer, round mountain high

Mother is a choking message

Mom is all proud of my life.

4. Happy Mother’s Age

Author: Trieu Ngoc Yen

The day has come again, the starlight is faint

The rain falls and knocks on the porch

The night she poured out her worries and sorrows

Bustling heart stops time

Tomorrow, the cycle will flow again

Know how to hold on to happy moments

Know how the strawberry is broken

To cuddle and embrace the young life

That’s right, say HAPPY MOTHER’S AGE

Swallowing so hard to speak

Thank you for the successful birth of an oil balm model

Mother’s age, I’m almost lonely

Tomorrow will be late in life with heavy shoulders

The withered pink candle burns the orphans

What line of thoughts dare to say full words

Happy birthday mom! HAPPY MOTHER’S AGE

5. Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday MomHappy Birthday Mom

Author: Vo Hoang Thuy Vy

Dear Mom, My Love!

My mother’s birthday doesn’t have a big gift

Just a simple and full heart

Loving Mother is hard with both vocations

Just became a Mom and now I’m a Dad

The day my father died, my mother hugged me, choking and saying:

“Mother’s husband, the person your father loves

Going to build a house for our mother and daughter

To be more beautiful, spacious and new

So don’t cry, baby!

Don’t be afraid and don’t worry about me

Because I still have Mom by my side

There’s also an older sister and four brothers

And our little angels

Look up to the brightest star

That’s when Dad smiled at me…”

Love Mom, love Dad, I try to hold back my tears

Seeing siblings and grandchildren looking at me

I relax my hands and my mind

Falling into a warm, tolerant Mother’s arms

Close your eyes, try to smile lightly

Let everyone be at ease and worry less

In the moment my body ached, tired

But it feels so peaceful

Like the universe suddenly stopped for a few seconds

Don’t dare say: “Mom, let me take care of it”

Just silently please share sadness and happiness

The worries Mom is carrying

To make the burden on Mother’s shoulders lighter

Mommy !

The time has come, we must say together:

“I wish you peace of mind – happy body

Let us fulfill our filial piety

For the good mother and make up for the third part

Because the fear in my heart is too great

So I hope you live a happy, healthy life

Don’t leave me, Mom! “

P/s : If you cry, don’t worry Mom

Because after that, Mother’s eyes will be brighter (^-^)

I believe you cry, because your heart is thinking:

“My child has grown up already?! “

After crying, you have to smile, Mom

Let dry, tears wet the corners of my eyes.

6. We Celebrate Your Age

Author: Khuong Thuy Phung

Spring summer autumn winter

Time goes on and doesn’t wait for people

The youth of the past was beautiful

In the afternoon, I still keep a smile on my face

Today is my mother’s birthday

64 years have already touched, my dear

I wish you a lot of health

I pray for you to be at peace

God’s grace is overflowing

On the widow a thousand graces

7. Poems Late Birthday Wishes To Mom

Sorry mom! Because of the chaos of life

In my heart, there are many difficulties

A lot of physical and mental pressure

So I couldn’t say happy birthday to my mother.

Late wishes wish you a happy mother

Happiness, family, peace of mind

Stay happy, life is peaceful

Beautiful feelings always fill the mother’s heart.

Sincere words from a child’s heart

Don’t blame me for being late, dear mom

To my mother, I love you so much

Wishing your mother all the best.

7. Mom’s birthday

Author: Sa Thi

O wonderful loving mother

This filial child is very happy

In the morning, I remember Mother’s birthday

In the afternoon, I want fruit cake again

Dating and sharing the beads

Please share the prayer of His Son

This life tries to live full of love

Leaving tomorrow with no regrets.

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