Wishing the person you love is the most important thing to make him or her feel special. If your loved one turns 16, you must wish them a very happy 16th birthday. Wish the person you love to show how much you love and care for them. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for us to choose the right words to express our love for them. It’s important to send them a perfect birthday wish, but that just gets harder. Here are some good and funny birthday wishes for friends, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons to make it easier for you to express your best wishes to them.

Happy 16th birthday

May every sweet moment bring you closer to realizing your dreams. And maybe these dreams will make your life sweeter. Happy 16th Birthday!

Wishing you a life full of wonder, excitement, friendship and luck. That’s what we want for you on this special day! Happy 16th Birthday!

May this birthday come with prosperity, love and happiness to you because you are the sweetest and you deserve it.

16th birthday message

You are growing into a wonderful, one-of-a-kind person. Wishing you a happy new year. Happy 16th Birthday!

You have brought more joy to my life than I could have imagined. I love you so much and hope your day is great. Happy 16th Birthday, Son!

Happy birthday my sweet 16 year old girl. I wish this birthday to be your most wonderful and memorable birthday. Much love and best wishes to you my darling.

My little lover is now sixteen years old. Happy birthday from my heart. Enjoy your big birthday and may this birthday turn out to be the best for you.

Happy 16th birthday dear dear. I can’t believe you’ve grown into such a wonderful human being.

I can’t believe this little kid turned sixteen today. Happy birthday wishes from the bottom of my heart. I’m sure you will rock the world. Wish you a happy birthday.

Happy birthday sweet young girl 16. Enjoy your day and go crazy. Do things and things that make you happy.

Happy birthday to my wonderful friend who never fails to appreciate me. You are truly amazing and I wish all the happiness to you because you are worthy of the world and more. Happy sweet sixteen!

Even though she was just a little girl yesterday, she is now a beautiful woman. Wishing you the very best for your 16th birthday.

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Cute and pretty, pretty and lovely. Charming and vibrant, innocent and friendly. Dear daughter, you are all of the above, boundless for you is our love. Happy 16th birthday.

Happy 16th birthday girl today. You have achieved a lot over the years. I hope you find happiness in every moment of your life.

16th birthday wishes

At the age of 16, a lot of exciting things come your way. It’s okay – even cool – to get excited about life! Enjoy every second of this year! Happy 16th Birthday!

You know why turning 16 is great? You get all this independence but still no responsibilities. Happy birthday!

In you, I feel, a star has been born. Your inner light sparkles with such brilliance. May your 16th birthday have a great shine!

The law may say you’re old enough to drive, but I know you’re really just a 10 year old kid with 6 years of experience. Children 10 years old should not drive. Anyway, happy 16th!

Have a lot of fun with your friends today! After all, it’s your 16th birthday and you won’t be young anymore! Go wild!

You are never afraid of change. You know no fear. You are the bravest 16-year-old I know. You make me very proud. Happy 16th birthday bro!

Happy 16th birthday sister. You are definitely growing up and showing maturity. It’s great to see the great things you’re achieving.

You are the bravest, bravest 16-year-old I have ever met! Hope you can get out of this 16th year of your life! Happy 16th Birthday!

Sweet 16th birthday wishes for daughter

Happy birthday to our wonderful daughter. May God grant all your wishes and we pray this birthday brings happiness and prosperity in your life.

Happy birthday to our sweet little girl. I have grown up as a kind, brilliant and beautiful person inside and out. Best wishes to you and know that we are always there for you.

Happy Sweet Sixteen our beautiful daughter. I have never failed to make you happy and proud. We wish you the best and we love you.

You know, daughter, I always feel happy and lucky to be the mother of a daughter like you. On your sixteenth birthday, we want to tell you to never stop smiling. You look like an angel when you smile.

Quote for the 16th birthday

You are the most precious girl ever. Always a leader and a total thinker! You are the most amazing 16 year old girl with a smile to greet! Happy birthday!

Sixteen candles on my cake, one candle for every wish I make. It’s my birthday and I’m the star, because sweet sixteen is me. Happy birthday princess.

We can’t believe you’re 16 years old now. Because you will always be the girl I love. No matter how old you are, you are still the child we will love forever. Happy birthday!

From the time I was a child until the day I became a girly maiden, I have always been the love of my mother and father. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen.

As long as we can continue to shower our love on our daughter, we will be happy now and forever. Happy 16th birthday.

For our sweet little 16 year old girl, we just want what’s sweetest for her, starting at her sweet sixteen… and for her whole life. Happy birthday!

The most beautiful flower in the world doesn’t belong in a strange rainforest or distant grassland, it belongs to our family and that is our daughter. Happy 16th birthday.

It took me 16 years to become the sophisticated woman I am today. Congratulations and best wishes on this great birthday.

We can’t believe how fast time flies. In the blink of an eye, you turned into a beautiful young girl. Wishing you all the best on this special day, and most of all, it hasn’t come yet.

You have grown to be such a phenomenal woman! Wishing you the most wonderful 16th Anniversary.

The once little girl is now a lady. Happy 16th birthday to your child. Happy birthday.

I still remember holding you in my arms and singing lullabies to you. But seeing our children grow up like that makes us realize how quickly time flies. Happy 16th birthday to my daughter.

Life is funny but a man doesn’t cry at a funeral and a man doesn’t cry, but we did it today for the love we have for our daughter. Happy 16th birthday to our little doll!

16th birthday wishes for son

Sending all the love, blessings and best wishes to your boy who turns 16 years old today. Happy birthday to our brave boy. We pray for all the happiness to come into your life.

On your 16th birthday, we wish you nothing but luck and happiness. We hope you fulfill all your dreams and move forward towards success. Happy birthday son.

We can’t believe our baby son turned 16 today. Children are a gift from God to us. I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always love you.

Happy birthday dear son. May God give me the ability to distinguish right from wrong and always guide me to the right path. Happy birthday again.

Happy 16th birthday to our son. You are my world and my happiness. You never fail to make us proud. I hope all the happiness will come to you.

sweet 16th birthday wishes

We remember when your birthday parties were just clowns and balloons. Now, it’s all about the dance floor, loud music and clothes. Happy 16th Birthday!

Children like you should be called the Sun because you are truly the bright light of day in our lives. Happy 16th birthday.

On this day 16 years ago, you entered our lives. Being the mother of such a beautiful son moves us in a way that nothing else in the world can. Happy birthday son!

Our toddler, he always will be. A piece of our hearts, you will always be. The apple of our eyes, you always will be. Our life purpose, you will always be. Happy 16th birthday, son.

You have become a good young man. We couldn’t be more proud of you. May your 16th birthday be memorable and wonderful.

Every father secretly wishes his son to grow taller and wiser than him. Congratulations – at least you’re taller. Happy 16th birthday.

A son is the best asset any parent can have to offset life’s responsibilities. From you, we continue to reap the rewards and benefits of the purest love possible. Happy birthday.

Whether you are an old man or a sixteen year old boy, you will forever be our little joy. Happy 16th birthday son.

One of the best things about turning 16 is knowing that you can now do our chores! We are very happy to have our own personal assistant! Happy birthday! I love you, mom/dad.

When we were pregnant, we asked God to give us a child to grow up to be honest, hardworking, and successful. Children are living proof that God answers prayers. Happy 16th birthday son.

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Best 16th birthday wishes for friends

These are the best years of your life. If you really want to enjoy, take advantage of it and never overdo it. Happy 16th birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear friend of 16 years old. You are more than a friend to me. Best wishes and love to you.

Happy birthday to the most amazing person. I always consider myself a lucky person to have a friend like you. Enjoy your big day and never forget to smile.

Sweet sixteenth birthday to my dearest friend. I have never seen such a wonderful and positive friend as you. You always help me grow better. Thank you for everything and enjoy until the last minute.

Can you imagine what we’ll be like when we turn 116? All I can say is I hope we really remain best friends forever. Happy 16th birthday to my “bestie”!

Happy birthday my wonderful friend! I hope your special day is perfect and you get everything you ever wanted and more!

Happy 16th birthday

Sixteen only lasts for a year, but the great things that come with it can last a lifetime! There is a ball!! Happy birthday!

You are absolutely a great gift that God has sent to me. Wishing you a happy and wonderful 16th birthday!

Happy birthday! May all your dreams come true in this new year!

Happy Birthday from someone who burps, farts, scratches, and remotes!

Teenage seems very restrictive when you think about a 16 year old. I think they should change that title to Party-Ager! Happy birthday!

Everyone turning 16 isn’t as sweet as you. You have a great heart and you are very good. May 16 is a wonderful time in your life! Happy birthday!

When I met you, I knew that we would be together forever. I know we’re only 16, but I hope this is the first of many that we celebrate together.

16th is the official license to do many things unofficially, you know what I mean if you know what I mean, So don’t waste your time and go and enjoy! Happy 16th birthday to you!

16th birthday wishes for brother

Happy birthday to the person who has always been by my side. Happy Birthday to You. Words cannot express how much I love you.

Happy birthday to the little one who turns 16 years old today. I just want to tell you guys to always believe in yourself and face your life bravely.

Happy birthday to our little warrior. Thank you for saving me and my mom from monsters. Jokes aside, Happy Birthday dear brother. We love you.

Happy sixteen sweetest to the sweetest and innocent soul. May your chastity rule the world. I hope all your dreams come true. Best wishes and love to you.

Best wishes as he celebrates his big day! Sweet 16 – I don’t know what to say?! May this year be your best year and may you receive countless blessings!

16th birthday wishes for sister

On this birthday, I want to tell you how much you mean to me. Her sweet smile can melt anyone’s heart. Sweet sixteenth birthday to your beautiful sister.

Happy birthday best soul. Her kindness and humility set her apart from others. You are a gift from God to us. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday.

The happiest birthday from the core of your heart. May every moment of your life be filled with happiness and love. I love you sis.

Happy birthday to my sister, my best sister, my happiness. My life would be incomplete and boring without a sister like me. Happy birthday sweetheart. Enjoy your sister’s day!

Happy birthday! Even if the years go by quickly, and you’re 16, make sure you don’t grow up too quickly. Enjoy your youth and have fun!

Happy 16th birthday message

People your age want to grow up too fast. My best gift for your 16th birthday is this: don’t rush it. Take your time, enjoy your youth, party like crazy and make responsible decisions. Happy birthday!

Remember that even though you’ve turned 16, the part of your brain that controls impulses is still developing. Unfortunately, you may not have read my message because you were distracted by the money on this card.

I will send you something very beautiful and special for your 16th birthday. Sadly, they didn’t fit in the envelope. So you will get this birthday card instead.

Happy 16th birthday to someone really special to me! May you always think of life as “It was a wonderful life”.

For teenagers, 16 is “middle-aged”. With three years ahead and three years behind, you are in the midst of the best years of your life. You probably won’t enjoy the next time you’re in middle age, so have fun tonight. Happy birthday!

Humor-16th Birthday-Wish

May you do things you never thought you could do. You can try things you never thought you would do. This year you will do things that you thought were unattainable before. You will conquer them and overcome them in no time. Happy 16th Birthday!

There is so much that I can say about you, from the maturity you show to the things you do. You are absolutely a bright light that others can see in our world and in your family!

Sixteen is a year filled with new responsibilities; Dating, driving and first job. Years later, you’ll realize that none of this is anything to be excited about. Happy 16th Birthday!

You can’t just call yourself a teenager. You are more than that. At 16, you’re almost an adult! I love you very much. And I’m so proud of you. Happy 16th Birthday!

16 years and you’ve accomplished a lot! I can’t wait to see what more than 16+ will bring! You constantly impress me with your maturity and intelligence — you were so wise in your years! Happy Birthday!

Turning 16 has its mission. You have a mission to be the sweetest person you can be. Mostly, you’re supposed to have a sweet time at your sweet sixteen. Happy 16 sweet years, honey!

Is there anything better than turning 16?! You’re young, not quite as young as when you were 14, which means now people are starting to really pay attention to what you have to say. Yet you are not yet 18 years old like 18 years old, you have to take responsibility for your actions! Well, enjoy it while it lasts! Happy 16th Birthday!

At 16 you start to be a little more independent and you have only a few years left until you can go to college and live the crazy life! For now, enjoy your party and let’s celebrate! Happy birthday!

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16th funny message

16 years old is great because you can conveniently act as mature and silly as you need to be. Enjoy this phase of life while you have it. Happy birthday.

Today is so big, even your parents are excited! Glad to not have to take you around anymore! Happy 16th birthday.

Explaining life to a 16-year-old is as practical as bathing a fish, so I’ll give you some interesting advice. Just have fun in your birthday.

I have two tips for you on your 16th birthday. One: forget about the past because you can’t change it. Two: forgot the gift because I didn’t get you one. Joke! Happy birthday!

16 is not for the faint of heart because from 15 you have departed, and guess what? You are just getting started! Happy 16 years sweet!

16-birthday- wishes-and-sweet-messages

Happy eccentric birthday. Stop doing awkward things in public because you’re a teenager now. So you should stop embarrassing us.

Happy birthday young man. You should thank me for not posting your awkward candid things on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to reward me with a treat.

Happy birthday one of the best. Sorry, I couldn’t find your cake or gift. Stop disturbing the people around you.

Happy sixteen sweet to not too sweet boy. You should pay me for eating all my tiffins at school.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove your maturity nearer adulthood, but why waste your childhood on that? Happy 16th birthday!

You’ll probably get a lot of presents tonight, but your car insurance company also gets a gift — a premium. Happy 16th Birthday!

Wouldn’t it be great if you put on some funky bling on your 16th birthday? Hurry up! Yeah… it’s not the same at all, is it? Happy 16th Birthday!

It’s time to roll down the car window, you are old enough to drive. Wishing you many happy journeys on the road ahead. Happy 16th birthday bro.

Birthdays are always special and 16th birthdays are all the more meaningful when accompanied by the joys of adulthood. It’s always important to wish your loved ones to make them feel special and let them know how much they mean to you. Your sweet 16th birthday wishes can make them more special than anything else. Every word carries love and care for them. So never forget to wish your loved ones near and far. It shows your love and gratitude towards them. Celebrating a 16th birthday is the most precious and wonderful experience of all other birthday celebrations. It is also called sweet sixteen. If any of your near or dear is about to celebrate his/her 16th birthday then you should wish with these sweet 16th birthday messages that will bring a burst of joy in your life. his/her most precious birthday. You can send a card with a sweet and funny happy birthday message written on it. It will be more beautiful if you share 16th birthday wishes with birthday boy/girl along with some special gift. So don’t be late, choose any birthday greeting from our list and make their day even more special.

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