Happy birthday to my beloved husband with a very cool and meaningful poem? Immediately refer to 20+ funny and best happy birthday poems for husband.

firstFunny happy birthday poem

Funny happy birthday poemFunny happy birthday poem


Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday

Back home, I miss you so much

The poem I wrote is not finished

The love of husband and wife for a lifetime of love

Happy birthday to you this year

Full of health and happiness

Sports twice a day

Have fun with your children and grandchildren with good poetry

Wish you more happy life

Have fun together with gentle wife

Live with a full life pension

Happy old age with my dear

I thank you, my husband

Give me my whole life

Our children are all successful

Happy old age is relaxed.


I wish you happy birthday

The most perfect man I know,

It’s you, my dear husband,

The name of my heart

With love always shining,

You have become a part of me,

Which cannot be separated by any surgery.


Talented husband is smart

Handsome, loyal, sincere, selfless

Wise and honest

Hard work, harmony, love

Respect the superiors and lowers yielding

The opposite party treats both sides with integrity

Resilience is only durable

Filial piety returns to parents

Husband and wife are very salty

Caring is really dedicated

The intestines are filled with blood, pus, and deep love

Friends, friends, missed mistakes

Today is my husband’s birthday

My beloved wife sent me a gift in poetry.


Husband’s birthday

Send a couple of hairs

Green velvet bow tie

In silk scarf wrapped

Two sideburns

Long strand yarn

Can’t get married

I love you forever

Genius born

Sitting holding a strand of hair?


This sentence I wrote at the end of the day

It’s getting cold, happy birthday husband

He said he wanted our story to be real

It’s not a joke like virtual love on the internet

I love you with a full heart

No jokes, no trends, temporary

But hey, to understand about predestined

It is a command to obey nature

Nurturing your love heart like a tripod

Even if you fall, it won’t disturb you

If one day, this heart is still alive

Your love is still burning in my heart

Just suppress the nostalgia

Wait for me… a day full of love.

2Meaningful happy birthday poem for husband

Meaningful happy birthday poem for husbandMeaningful happy birthday poem for husband


Happy birthday to my beloved husband new age

The long awaited turning point in life

Fall in love with beautiful colors

Sparkling candlelight wife gave the curse

Happy birthday my dear husband

Full of energy in the twenties

Always have a smile on your face

Sweet and fresh through sad times

Forever happy our love is always

Fall in love with the fate of three births

Together we have ourselves

Not fading but confident

Work goes smoothly

All good things bring every day

Money in the husband counting tired hands

Ran out of money to count money

Happy birthday dear wife

I wish my husband to love you forever

Decent career title

In and out of his family, he concurred.


Together for the rest of your life

The sense of attachment does not leave each other’s hands

Even though it’s a thousand miles away

Husband’s love, wife’s meaning before and after is complete

Children are obedient, square and round

Is happiness no longer worry

Leave the old age behind

What’s wrong with the second wife, the former husband?

Only one wish left

Stay healthy and happy in the door of meditation

Give me a bouquet of fairy flowers

Love in the beautiful forever wife respectfully.


Sending you love happy birthday

Roses with all the joy

Because now I’m far away

So I had to send it in a hastily written poem

I love you so much, I hope you don’t get angry

Waiting for next year to share the same path

I will give you all my love

To make up for it..please don’t be sad

This birthday wishes you good health

Stay happy with a smile on your lips

Like warm sunshine everywhere

With loved ones and complete family

This birthday gives me a missed appointment

If you love me, don’t be angry, honey

Even though I’m far away, I still wish you a lot

His birthday was filled with many expectations.


My handsome man,

On your special day today,

Many things I want to say,

To start with you have a special role in my life,

And, I feel so lucky to be your wife,

Happy birthday!

Have a super new day!

Hey, many things have not been told to you,

You get that gesture and clue,

Because I’m connected to you,

From my heart and soul,

You are my destination and my goal

I love you my dear husband

Wish you have a great day!

Happy birthday!


A wonderful husband like you

Is rare and uncommon

A perfect husband like you

Can only be one

A wonderful husband like you

Be unique and exclusive

A wonderful husband like you

Make life fun to live

For such a husband

Perfect in every way

With so much love I wish

A great birthday!

3Happy birthday poem to my godly husband

Happy birthday poem to my godly husbandHappy birthday poem to my godly husband


My husband’s birthday is coming

But I don’t know how to give my husband a gift

Thinking in my heart

Give something unique but spend little money

What gift to give to encourage?

Happy birthday to my lovely husband

Just simple…small

But it’s so meaningful that my husband loves

Thinking over and over again

I finally decided to buy a pair

Really good leather shoes

Feet are comfortable and do not smell at all

This shoe is not too expensive

Waiting for my birthday to give to my husband

I’m sure he will be very pleased

Beautiful gift without touching

Showed off in front of the village today

People don’t tell him yet

I want him to be surprised

When receiving such a beautiful gift like this.

2. Happy New Year to Loving Husband

Author: Khuong Thuy Phung

Today is my husband’s birthday

Spring 49 has experienced a lot of sunshine and rain

Hair is now white and thin

But still looking good, still love my husband

Time goes so fast

Since we promised to come back together

Husband and wife love is deep

Hard work for each other is sweet

The door of the house resounds with laughter

More fragrant fruit with the scent of grace

I hope you stand firm on your feet

Full of health and peace of mind

Forget the annoying things

Live happily, live healthy, read the scriptures every day

Life changes a lot

I just hope you remember this sentence

Your life will not be lonely

There are always five smiling lips by your side

We have 6 people in our house

Four fresh flowers in the house

All day joking around

Drums and drums are really fun

It’s not wrong for husband and wife to be blessed

Bear fruit as He said of old

Thank you for blessings like rain

Overflowing overflowing with excess of my house

We vow to keep it whole

The oath of gold and jewels does not wear and fade

Marriage is a very long road

May God the Mother join hands to protect.

3. Write for my other half

Author: Huynh Gia

Twenty years of the same path

I have tasted so many times of bitterness

Twenty years seems like a long time

No one expected it, it came quickly

Light a candle in my heart, happy birthday to you

Life partner! single prayer:

“Hand in hand…the road seems endless

For a lifetime – please another life – together”

If time is a miracle drug

Then time is also coincidentally similar

I used to know hatred and forgiveness

Stop ! Brushing his hands with a smile, wearing a rotating tank.

I put together a poem for half – today

Like a flash back to the romantic times

When happiness is like a calm river

Floating gently…the waves sing peacefully

Forget all the bitterness and sorrow

Such is life – How can we avoid it?

Rely on each other – find a way

Amidst the sprawling face – left, of human love.

I wrote for my fortieth birthday

In the language of a young age

Let me understand what love is like

But smile with happiness today…

4. December 25 Birthday Song

Author: Tran Minh Hien

Forty-five years ago, my mother gave birth to me

Suffering, pain raised him to become a human

Silent mother has a hard life

Support, love, protect, want you to smile

Then I met my brother and became a husband and wife

Having two precious children like angels

With prayers, desires and worries

Cultivate and save a poor life

Then the storm broke in anger

Ruined his life, involving the whole family

Oh cruel life is needy

The past month has been hell

My birthday, I pick up every leaf

Honor Mother, Father, and good wife

I’ll sing a strange Christmas song

Ignite the heart to forget all worries.

5. Gift for him!

Author: Dieu Nguyen

Brother’s birthday has no gift, no cake

Because of long distance love, that’s all

This sentence I wrote at the end of the day

It’s getting cold, I’m awake alone

He said he wanted our story to be real

It’s not a joke like virtual love on the internet

I love you with a full heart

No jokes, no trends, temporary

But hey, to understand about predestined

It is a command to obey nature

Nurturing your love heart like a tripod

Even if you fall, it won’t disturb you

If one day, this heart is still alive

Your love is still burning in my heart

Just suppress the nostalgia

Wait for me… a day full of love

4Poetry for my husband’s birthday in English

Poetry for my husband's birthday in EnglishPoetry for my husband’s birthday in English


A truly awesome husband like you is hard to find,

Whenever I try to unwind,

I feel so lucky to have you in my life,

Oh my hubby,

Without you I truly won’t survive,

Wish you a very happy birthday!

Stay blessed in life!


Love is a beautiful feeling,

for it is you, give it.

My heart in never reeling,

For it is you, hold it.

Every day has turned wonderful,

for they are spent with you, my love.

And today is especially colorful,

for it is the birthday of my dove.

Happy birthday!


“Happy birthday to my passionate,

and ever loving soulmate.

You have bewitched my heart,

from the very first day.

Where no other, handsome or smart,

could win me in any way.

Was it your eyes,

that rooted me to your soul?

Or was it your voice,

that makes me alive and whole?

Perhaps it’s everything about you,

that makes me feel the way I do!

Happy birthday once again my husband!”


Happy birthday to the best husband,

in the whole wide world,

and I would never trade you,

for any amount of silver or gold.

Still, my heart does the flip-flops,

whenever I look at you,

and I will love you for an eternity,

just like you love me too.

May this day shower you

with abundant happiness!


Our life began together,

And we even passed some rough weather.

The love in your eyes and wisdom in your hair,

Is what appeals to me in our little lair.

Your birthday is a yet another time for me to wish,

That we together make quite a dish.


Holding your hand warms my heart.

Kissing your lips ignites my soul.

Making a promise, never to depart,

I rely on you, to make me whole.

Another year, and another birthday,

an additional candle lights up the cake.

Need not to count those candles today,

So just enjoy the glow they make!

May this birthday be the best day of your life!

Happy Birthday, My Love!

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