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firstBeautiful sayings about freedom

Beautiful sayings about freedomBeautiful sayings about freedom

1. Freedom is when one day stop pursuing distant things that do not belong to you, things that you have to strain yourself to hold on or compete with with life.

2. True freedom is when you have done everything you can and look up at the blue sky and suddenly tell your heart that you have done all you can, let the rest be. Response time.

3. People who live freely are those who want to freely do what they like, even if it’s crazy or impossible, even if it’s something that makes others laugh. Don’t pay attention to the crowd, don’t follow the weird trends, don’t turn yourself into anyone else, even like the challenge in a big world without anyone having to stand on the same line with you. .

4. Freedom is not simply doing what you like, doing what you want or living a life without being attached to anything. True freedom is when I can feel that for a moment of my life I can sit quietly and close my eyes and fall asleep without any worries or worries in my heart.

5. The people who live freely are those who can laugh comfortably under the big sky, can freely cry when they fail, and then stand up again after they feel enough pain for the wound in the process. past.

6. Freedom, it’s just a very beautiful and far-fetched ideal. So far away that no matter how high I tiptoe, my weak gaze cannot reach its boundary. A long, long time later, all will return to a long, long time ago, no one belongs to anyone.

7. If possible, live freely…Fly while you can fly without frowning in fear of falling, go anywhere, start doing whatever you feel you need to do. It’s worth living like that, living like that is satisfying.

8. Everyone is young, everyone has ambitions, but not everyone lives with the same ambitions and is free to do what they like. Most will be trying to change their life differently, or being lazy, or hiding forever in some narrow world out of fear of the opposite. That’s why life lacks oxygen, that’s why we miss out on so many things.

9. I have a heart that wants to marry Freedom

I have feet that I want to marry to the big road

I have thick hair that I want to marry to the wind on the prairie

I have black eyes that I want to marry to the blinking day star

I have two hands, two hands willingly give to the wildflower

10. Those who live freely, know how to ignore the ugly prejudices of the majority, know how to bravely admit, bravely challenge, know how to freely fly without fear of falling down once and then leaving. forever, know how to take advantage of the past to live stronger.

Those are the free, not the lonely.

The attitude of liberals is positive.

2Beautiful quotes about freedom

Beautiful quotes about freedomBeautiful quotes about freedom

1. Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness. – Frank Tyger

2. Laws never make people free, it is people who have to make laws free. – Henry David Thoreau

3. If you want to love, you must serve; If you want to be free, you must die. – Hegel

4. I prefer freedom from danger to peace in slavery. – Jean Jacques Rousseau

5. Property rights are certainly as human rights as freedom. – John Adams

6. Let the human mind be free. It must be free. It will be free. Superstition and dogma cannot hold it. – John Adams

7. The enemies of freedom are wastefulness, indifference, licentiousness, and the crafty attitude of wanting for nothing. – William Arthur Ward

8. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them acceptable, I accept them; If I find them too annoying, I break them. I am free because I know that I am personally responsible to my conscience for everything I do. – Robert A Heinlein

9. Political freedom, the peace of a nation, and science itself are gifts that Fate heavily taxes with blood! – Balzac

10. Freedom is never expensive. It is the breath of life. Is there anything people don’t give up in order to live? – Mahatma Gandhi

11. I have only one desire, the ultimate desire, is to make our country completely independent, our people to be completely free, all compatriots have food to eat, and everyone can get an education. . – Ho Chi Minh president

12. Freedom of thought is the vitality of the soul. – Voltaire

13. Freedom requires a lot of each person. With freedom comes responsibility. For someone who isn’t ready to grow up, who doesn’t want to carry their own weight, this is a scary prospect. – Eleanor Roosevelt

14. Responsibility is the price of freedom. – Elbert Hubbard

15. There can be no true freedom without the freedom to stumble. – Erich Fromm

16. Children should be educated and guided in the principles of freedom. – John Adams

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