When the birthday of relatives and friends is coming, but don’t know what to wish for something unique, interesting and meaningful, please immediately see the happy birthday poems below.

What could be more wonderful than giving poems to your loved ones on their birthday, right? Let’s pocket right away the ecstatic happy birthday poems that Bach Hoa Xanh is about to share.

firstFunny happy birthday poem

Poem No. 1

Today is your birthday

I don’t have a gift

Only color card

As a gift instead of greetings.

Wishing you happiness

Add a new age of peace

And have a lot of money

Together with great success.

Happy birthday to you

Laughing softly with family

Especially with her

Holding hands and walking around the streets laughing and having fun

And wish you to push away the sadness

Belief flows endlessly

Let you love life forever

No more remembering a bygone era.

Wish you a new age Wish you a new age “Eh”

Poem No. 2

Birthday, birthday.

Busy but fun.

There is a gift of leprechaun.

Poetry for you.

Congratulations to you.

Healthy, safe.

The future is clear.


Wish you a new age “Eh”

Poem number 3

Today…March (Custom Date)

Congratulations on your birth

Wishing you happiness and peace

Great health, happy life

Wish you solid knowledge

Help you develop your career portfolio

Wish you satisfy your passion

Success, success full of dreams.

Poem number 4

Happy birthday… (friend’s name).

Wishing you happiness filled with love.

Wish you a lot of health.

Good luck and good luck.

Lots of money, lots of wealth.

Joy and happiness are getting more and more beautiful.

Wish you always happy family.

Success continues the journey of fame.

Wishing you a warm welcome.

How much happiness surrounds each day.

Neither sad nor bitter.

No pain, no pain, just smile every day.

Smile will always be on your face.

Please always share with me…if needed.

This role rests, my friend.

Remember that I will always be near you!

This role rests, my friend – Remember that I will always be near you!

This role rests, my friend - Remember that I will always be near you!This role rests, my friend – Remember that I will always be near you!

Poem number 5

Today is my friend’s birthday.

In return, I wish the following words.

Wish you a colorful life.

All year round happy silver head cheerful.

Luck is always smiling.

Great success in your life.

2Poetry to congratulate your lover, unique crush

Unique crush birthday poemUnique crush birthday poem

Poem No. 1

(Wish) my dear birthday (puppy, please fill it out by yourself)

(Glad) you have another immense life

(Born) gave birth to rosy cheeks

(Japanese) Moon is not worthy of you

Is it a blessing (Em) to love you so?

(Love) you, I swear by your side

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Poem No. 2

Today is my birthday

I wish you more and more intense flavor

Eyes more beautiful than the Milky Way

The voice is more holy and joyful singing in the early afternoon

I wish you good luck with your lover

Life is happier as the tide is rising

I wish you a thousand times

Beautiful words for you

I wish you a thousand times – Beautiful words for you

Poem number 3

Today the scenery is beautiful and sunny

All the animals cheered loudly

Butterfly wings flutter around the leaves

Birds chirping and chirping.

Hundreds of flowers bloom to greet and bloom

Thousands of bees fly to congratulate her

Happy new year darling

Happy birthday to you.

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Poetry happy birthday loverPoetry happy birthday lover

Poem number 4

Today is my wife’s birthday

No gifts, no cakes, but something to give

I wish you a beautiful silk shirt

The spirit of joy is like the stars in the sky

I wish you wonderful lips

Sparkling voice like a bird’s nest

The face of a flower blooms on a branch

My love for the two of us

Dawn or driver’s shadow

Falling in love with a dream is also a play

I wish you happiness and peace

Great health, happy life

I wish you a strong mind

Help me develop my luggage with the profession

I wish you to satisfy your passion

Success, success full of dreams.

I wish you will always be with me – A happy smile is clear on my lips

Poem number 5

My birthday darling.

Take the risk, congratulations.

Wish you happy.

Peaceful birthday.

Gifts lined up.

I’m so happy.

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3Poetry to congratulate yourself on your birthday

Happy birthday to meHappy birthday to me

Poem No. 1

Happy birthday to me

Poetry: Quy Phuong

This birthday I wish myself

More years to be strong and strong

Always be happy to add more health

Because this life is not easy to live a second time

Who hates jealousy who hates to criticize?

I don’t care because it’s still hard

Raising children because they are everything

Happiness in our life is just that

I miss my mother with tears on my birthday

That day must have been very painful for Mom

Surviving alone, strong and courageous

The moment is close to the fragile life and death

I am not proud of the sand castle like a picture

Only sincerely give to friends

Only passionate love without limit

Even for those who are just getting used to it

I am also grateful to my superiors

More grateful than the high mountains, my heart is always on guard

Birthdays are just for me to remind myself

The day comes to life full of tears

So keep in mind to live happily.

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Birthdays are not to be missed

Birthdays can’t be without cake.

Poem No. 2

Happy birthday to myself

Poetry: Do Kim Quang

Suddenly I realized I was over forty

Time covered in the dust of smiling lips

How many seasons of storms swept away

Floating, drifting with the human life…

Life is not as beautiful as poetry

Still trying to keep dreaming

The wine is poured more and more, I wish:

The road ahead is less foggy

The boat is still lost in the sky

The old wharf is gloomy with the shadow of the old moon

Pick up a few verses as bait

I sit opposite to myself

Drop a step and go down the middle of life

What river does not have a full section?

That today is my birthday

Sorry but let go of a few thanks.

birthday cake

birthday cake.

Poem number 3

Birthday poem

Poetry: Dao Van Cuu

I wrote this poem for me

March twenty-seven has come

On the occasion of the birthday celebration

Fifty years ago I was born.

I wrote a poem with tears falling

Thank you parents for a while

How hard is it to give birth and nurture a child?

Grace as high as a mountain means a sky.

I write poems with a smile

Thank you dear wife

Twenty years of the same burden

Suffering and happiness did not leave.

I wrote a poem my heart was very happy

Thank you all to everyone

Have you ever helped Dao Rescue?

Friendship is still bright and beautiful

I wrote this poem for me

When it rains when it’s sunny when it’s sunny

Sometimes upset many friends

But the brotherhood is forever fresh.

Wishes for god’s birthday

Pray for your birthday.

Happy birthday to meHappy birthday to me

Poem number 4

Happy birthday to me

Poetry: Pham Duc Thang

Back in time forty-five years ago

A form was born

Oe oe hello mom hello dad

He grew up to be me now

Birthdays don’t wait to come

Get drunk and blow out the candles happily

How old is the moon

And I’m full of joy

How much wine to bring out

Treat it as our own Tet

Old age is about to pass

Thank you mom for being born

A wish of a thousand thanks

The trip to love the moon tilts the moon

Wishing us our own wishes

New age someone shares gongs with me

The wind makes the leaves flutter

Innocently, we think that beautiful lips are smiling.

Poem number 5

Happy birthday poem to myself: Birthday night

Author: Phan Huy Hung

The moon gently opened the door to the room

Give a beam of light as clear as life

Happy Birthday to me

Seventy-four years old… welcome a new moon smile…

4Happy birthday poem dear daughter

Daughter's BirthdayDaughter’s Birthday

Poem No. 1

Daughter’s Birthday

Poetry: Quyt To Van

Today my daughter celebrates her birthday

Three or seven years later, still beautiful

The two children are still young

Everything is taken care of sincerely

Dad thank you dear daughter

I still want you to visit more often

Less anxiety in your heart

Loving you hard work and suffering a hundred things

I hope you take care of your grandchildren and grow up to be people

Learning is something that should not be neglected

Everything is easy to collect

Hard work, difficulties are still welcome

One year older and wiser

Success and failure I made

I wish you more success

It’s just that I paid it back

Parents although a bit old

Life was abundant compared to the past

Don’t worry about anything else

It’s still okay to work

Happy birthday to you all

Parents are always looking forward to their children

Live a life in harmony with all

Water villages share a path…

Poem No. 2

Happy Birthday Daughter

Poetry: Quyet To Van

Life I do not meet the times

Fortunately, I can catch up with everyone

Into a life of change

Difficult with the height of the way to change life

It’s not for me to choose where

That there is no fear of a place filled with emptiness

Wishing you a new age and a young life

Peace and happiness will come

Poem number 3

Happy Birthday Daughter

Poetry: Su Viet Tran

Tomorrow is my birthday

I have some congratulatory messages for you

Happy two-two years old

I wish you good health – wish you peace

I hope you have a meaningful life

How to live true to yourself listen to me

The road ahead is still

Hard work, hope you are strong

Although poor, but living decently

Better than being rich and scornful

Let the crocodile sound for life

No one wants you to want to play with me

Brothers and sisters despised

Live without meaning to anyone

Knowing one but not knowing two

Today I don’t know what tomorrow will be

I hope you live how

Whether poor or difficult – the bar is higher than people

Advise me not to be lazy

Living irresponsibly is a petty person

I hope you will be diligent soon

Walk on your own two feet

There is shame and glory in life

Please try to rise up on your own

After the storm there will be peace

I hope you try to surpass yourself.

Poem number 4

Happy Birthday daughter

Poetry: Hien Nguyen Thu

Happy birthday mommy dear daughter

Just one day I was still small

Mother’s feet say words of love

The nickname is the teacher who calls the chicks!!!

To this day, that nickname is gone

I have grown up to be a young girl

It’s so lovely with the confessions

I’ve grown up and turned eighteen, mom!!!

I am proud to have a child in my life

Happy eighteenth birthday

Wishing you a bright future baby

Good health, full of love!!

This birthday is a gift from a normal mother

It’s a poem that encourages me

I hope you receive my mother’s sincere heart

I understand that my daughter will be happy!!!

Mother raising children in miserable hardships

But still create the dream I want

This birthday is celebrated a bit late

Don’t be sad because I have a reason!!!

That said, I understand you too well

Have you ever blamed your mother?

Thank you so much for your forgiveness

Congratulations, you’re eighteen years old!!!

Poem number 5

Poem Happy Birthday Daughter

Poetry: Ngoc Ha Tran

Baby’s Birthday

Mom would like to say something earnest

I am a bud I am a flower

You are hope you are love

You are the morning sun, the evening clouds

You are all beautiful things

I hope you are always healthy and happy

Always have a smile on your face like a flower

Tomorrow even if ever

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5Happy birthday poems dear parents

Poem No. 1

Poems written to Ba (Dad) Hung

Let the birthday party shine brightly

Wishing you good health and love forever

Good luck with all life meaning not slack

At night, Hearing spreads for happy people

In the morning, poetry overflows to make people happy

The new age is rich with many blessings

Gourd lives peacefully with.

Poem No. 2

Happy birthday to my mom

Turning eighty years old, mom

I go to all four directions

There is always a mother as a place to return.

I go all over the world - There is always a mother as a place to returnI go all over the world – There is always a mother as a place to return

Poem number 3

Grandmother gives birth, mother gives birth to a child

Mom when I was three years old, I turned three and two

Bumpy in every way

Save every drop of sunshine tomorrow

Mother’s life many tears fall

Salty sweat in the middle of life

Polygamy because of the heavy sense of love

Sorrow, my mother sacrificed silently

Mom, through all the ups and downs

God bless you with good health and happiness

Peace of mind and peace of mind

Amitabha Buddha! Witness the vow!!!

Poem number 4

Sixty years of life

Hands have never touched fresh flowers and cakes

So far, the age has been six weeks

Children and grandchildren wish to gather together

The overflowing power over the river pool

Happy and relieved mind, sustainable future

Life always has bad luck

Peace of mind naturally engraved the gentle mother’s name.

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Cong Cha means Mother will never forgetCong Cha means Mother will never forget

Poem number 5

Four seasons Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter

Time flies without waiting for people

It’s dad’s birthday

How can my heart feel restored, dear father

I wish you good health

Wishing you good luck with everything

Winter through spring is overflowing

Oh, I’m happy for the whole family.

Dad always sings

Let the good child sleep, the whole family is more happy

How can I forget my father?

The same lullaby of the father’s lullaby.

Sweet as the autumn wind

Gentle hands bring warm sleep

Grandson – father’s son holds his father

The heart is as open as the Milky Way.

Have fun with your children at home

Father’s love is higher than Thai Son

You are still like a young leaf

Father is the shadow for the child to nestle in.

This poem knows how to say

Deep fatherly love wells up in me

Wish you one more year round

Happy – healthy – happy grandchildren reunited.

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Wishing you one more year full of life - Happy, healthy and happy grandchildrenWishing you one more year full of life – Happy, healthy and happy grandchildren

6Happy birthday poems to husband and wife

Poem No. 1

Together for the rest of your life

The sense of attachment does not leave each other’s hands

Even though it’s a thousand miles away

Husband’s love, wife’s meaning before and after is complete

Children are obedient, square and round

Is happiness no longer worry

Leave the old age behind

What’s wrong with the second wife, the former husband?

Only one wish left

Stay healthy and happy in the door of meditation

Give me a bouquet of fairy flowers

Love in the beautiful forever wife respectfully.

Give me a bouquet of fairy flowers - Love is beautiful forever, respectful wifeGive me a bouquet of fairy flowers – Love is beautiful forever, respectful wife

Poem No. 2

I thank you, my husband

Give me my whole life

Our children are all successful

Happy old age is relaxed.

Poem number 3

These words don’t give gifts

On the day “his mother” was born

In spring, try to stay slim

The older you get, the more salty it becomes

The four virtues of cultivating and taking care of the neighborhood

The Three Obedience Scouts keep the family background

Even if the will is not perfect

Still deeply in love with home!!!

Even though the will is not perfect - Still deeply in love with home!!!Even though the will is not perfect – Still deeply in love with home!!!

Poem number 4

(Wife’s birthday) has come

It’s my wife’s birthday

No pennies in your pocket, how to wish

No fresh flowers for your partner

Conveniently pen verse as a gift

Together warmly send words

Strawberry pool happy and miserable together

Happy, happy, smiling.

Poem number 5

Every morning I feel happy

Messages I bring wishes every day

Simple but loving words

My mouth is smiling but my eyes are stinging.

Thank you in the middle of a busy life

Still don’t forget to bring joy

Let us see that there are many good people in life

Always be with us to share the sweet, bui…

Sending you the most loving words

My career will forever expand

One more year, many new joys

May your path always be bright and sunny.

7Happy birthday poems to bosses and superiors

Poem No. 1

Happy birthday my boss

Happiness is always happy

Always smile

Companion to illuminate the company’s path

Boss, boss please be happy

We always agree to move forward.

Boss, please be happy because - We are always moving forward with one heartBoss, please be happy because – We are always moving forward with one heart

Poem No. 2

Happy birthday boss (insert name of boss)

The house is packed with friends

Let’s have a happy birthday together. Congratulations!

Like a festival too much,

I would like to give my boss a forest of fresh flowers

Wishing you a healthy, radiant boss

The family is warm, everyone is safe.

Poem number 3

Happy birthday to our boss

There is a little poem read called

Happy new age boss

Radiant career success

Money happiness is always busy

Family with young children laughing and having fun

Abundant health, strong growth

Trade and trade, make a lot of profit.

Poem number 4

Date … Boss’s birthday

The company’s brothers still hold their own

Wishing you a healthy and happy young boss

All brothers Congratulations Boss.

Wishing you a healthy and happy young boss – All of you congratulate Boss.

Poem number 5

Happy birthday my boss

Happy people dancing and singing

But also watch out

The sales did not reach the boss happy?

Boss, please be at ease

Next month, delivery and delivery all day long

Orders keep getting tired

Sales skyrocketed, we got drunk.

8Happy birthday poem sister

Poem No. 1

Today is my dear sister’s birthday

But I’m too far away, so I dare to write poetry

Determine the face book paragraph sent to you

Gift flowers are not available now what to do?

Well, sweet birthday

Joy and happiness overflowing springtime

Wishing you two words of peace

Plus good luck and lots of money.

Sisters are always as beautiful as fairies

On your birthday, a good friend comes to play

Spring is like a twenties

Sister, stay young forever and never get old.

I don’t have a present

But my words are full of love

Happy to send you containing chan

Happy birthday sister happy birthday.

Please just take it

I send you a beautiful poem

Full hand birthday gifts

Flower hug does not end a day not to forget.

Poem No. 2

Today he remembers.

The day my mother gave birth to me.

You are as beautiful as ice cream.

And so pretty.

Life is so short.

I wish you happiness.

And really love life.

With much luck.

Always be healthy.

Study well, succeed.

Want to have a husband.

You have dinner with!

Happy birthday poem sisterHappy birthday poem sister

Poem number 3

I hope you have a lover soon

Life is happier as the tide is rising

I wish you a thousand times

Beautiful words for you.

Happy Birthday my honey

I wish you a lot of health, dear

Wish you more jubilant years

The good news is always there, the good news always comes back.

Full of happiness and warmth

Good children study well and obey their parents

Love is always sublimated

On this day of the birthday, receiving gifts tired hands.

Poem number 4

Happy happy birthday

I’m one year older, singing and laughing

Happy happy birthday!

Crowded friends come to wish you

Lighted flower lights look

Who is beautiful when adding pink age?

There is a rainbow above

Paint thin skin pink more beautiful

Spring is like the dawn

The future opens up many dreams:

“Life is as beautiful as a poem”

Live in the warmth that never changes”

Send me good luck:

“Love, desire, open your arms to welcome

And why is it bright above?

Give me the strength to step into the future”

Poem number 5

Happy birthday sister, wish you a new age

Fresh like a heavenly flower

Strong as a diamond

Extraordinary snake power

Overcome all difficulties.

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