Long distance love has never been easy, how to celebrate the birthday of a lover who is far away? Read now 50+ warm and meaningful birthday wishes for your lover far away.

first Happy birthday to a distant lover who is a boy

Happy birthday to a distant lover who is a boyHappy birthday to a distant lover who is a boy

1.“Darling, this year’s birthday we can’t be together temporarily. I wish you always have the happiest moments with your friends on this important day. Although I can’t be with you on this day, I always hope for the best for you. Love you much.”

2. “This is our second birthday apart, no presents or cakes, but in this beautiful moment of today I wish you a happy birthday, turning into a new age more and more mature. and become a strong shoulder for you to lean on. My honey.”

3.“Darling, wish you a happy birthday and hope all your birthday wishes come true. You can’t blow candles with me, but let’s blow out candles with friends to dream of miracles! And I hope next year, your birthday will be together, and I will celebrate your birthday with you.”

4.“Perhaps, this year’s birthday I still lack you a special gift on your birthday. Come on, and next year we will celebrate birthdays and birthdays together for many years to come. Wish you all the best. I miss you very much. My love.”

5. “On this special day, I don’t know what else to send you. Because I miss you so much and just look forward to blowing candles and celebrating your birthday with you. I can only send you all my love and hope that you are always healthy, happy and cheerful.”

6. “Thank you for always being with me. Although this year we are temporarily apart for 2 years, but this also means that on my birthday, brothers and sisters cannot blow candles and cut cakes with me. I can only send you sweet and best wishes. Love you and miss you so much.”

7. “Today is a very special day, the day my younger brother was born. This year my birthday has no flowers, no birthday cake, but only my love is always towards you. Love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday.”

8. “Brother, today is your birthday and I can only send my warmest love to the wind. I just want to tell you that I love you so much and in this life I just want to always have you by my side. Wishing you a new year full of health, happiness and a lifelong support for me.”

Congratulations to a boyfriend far awayCongratulations to a boyfriend far away

9. Did you know the earth is stopping for a second to celebrate your birthday

10. If possible, I would like to take out my heart and wish you happy birthday

11. To the world you are nothing, but to me you are everything. Happy birthday boy

12. Best wishes to the 2nd most important son in my life, just behind my father

13. Wish you a healthy new year, eat well, sleep well, have great health to love you very well.

14. I’m not with you on this birthday, but last night I secretly stuffed my heart into your chest, can you feel my heart beating faster today?

2 Happy birthday to a distant lover who is a girl

  Happy birthday to a distant lover who is a girl Happy birthday to a distant lover who is a girl

1. Wish you a happy birthday dear and have wonderful moments with friends and relatives on this important day. Even though I’m not around at the moment, I hope that you will always be cheerful, successful and happy in your life! Happy birthday to you!

2. Wish all your birthday wishes come true, blow out the candles on the birthday cake to make your dreams magical. I hope this day next year I can be with you to celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday ya!

3. Although I am not with you in this other time, I also wish you a happy birthday, the more beautiful the new age, the more charming the charm, the more love you love. I love you so much!

4. Wish her the best that no one has ever wished her. I will always be behind. Always quietly and quietly go through that life. When I need it, I’ll be there.

6. This gift by itself has no meaning, but the memory here is that I send it to you with all the most sincere affection. Wish a happy birthday sweetheart. Hope it will always be with you when I’m not around. I miss you so much.

7. Sending you the best wishes, as sweet as these flowers, because you went with me to the end of the world. I wish you a happy birthday.

8. And on that day you were born, with thousands of sparkling stars shining… Until now the star bearing your name still shines, especially in my heart. I wish you a happy birthday, always be happy when you are with me! Love you much!

9. Wish you were a stream in hot sunny days, let me … wash my feet to cool. I wish you were the hot sun on a tropical depression day, let me dry clothes…. In general, you are something indispensable in this life, simple but very important. Happy new year with lots of fun. See More Some of the most beautiful fluffy cats

10. This birthday, although I am not with you, but last night I secretly stuffed my heart into your chest, do you feel my heart beating faster today? Have a nice birthday! Love you so much!

3 Happy birthday poems for lovers far away

Happy birthday poems for lovers far awayHappy birthday poems for lovers far away

Birthday For You – Author: Thuy Nguyen Ngoc

March is in the middle of spring

Wish you more youth and new shape

Wishing you a beautiful and beautiful baby

Burning love we’re together

Heart fluttering

Shining faithful love with you

A Little Birthday Gift – Author: Nguyen Thanh An

Your house is forever in the top thousand

There are many cassava and many vegetables

I love you can’t say

Every time we see each other, I feel sad

Birthday gifts without flowers

Congratulations, only a couple of chickens to give

Hope you can help me

This chicken is really dropping the hill

Next year will give a goat

It’s like Ninh Binh, bought to feed

If you love the scene of accepting

Go back to the forest to sell all the mountains and get married

Happy Birthday – Author: Thuy Cuc

To my lover’s birthday

But I can’t pamper people

Because you are far away

No lights, no candles, no congratulatory flowers

In my heart, I suddenly felt tears

Pray for him to be happy today

Bright and cheerful everyday

Happy, warm, full of love

No sadness, no problems

The morning is bright and the way is wide

Success in every way

Warm, passionate smile

In this place, always waiting

Wishing you peace and love in peace…!

Happy Birthday – Author: Nam Cuong

Today is Bao Loan’s birthday

Send me this happy greeting

I wish you a beautiful birthday every day

The radiant smile captivates so many guys

Glorious career title

Good health is more and more joyful

I love you so much smile

May I ask if you have a lover?

Let me flirt with saws

Who knows, I can do it to my liking

It will be colder in winter

Having you warm up every night with her

Who knows, the fate of the bridge to

Let me have Bao Loan girl

My Birthday – Author: Le Van Thuy

Today is someone’s birthday

But I love and remember for the rest of my life and never forget

That image is in my heart

Even if the way back is not to find a place

With you, you are my first love

As beautiful as the pages of a rag ink notebook

Love in the early twenties

Just look forward to class to see the person you love

Remember the red phoenix day in the school yard

Goodbye goodbye in my heart

Time goes by, just wait

Love will grow to look forward to the day…

No one is in heaven

We are still strangers

Why do stupid people keep recovering

Remember your birthday to send love.

Heart as a Gift – Author: Kieu Phong

Today is my lover’s birthday

Struggling all morning to buy a bouquet of flowers

Plus my heart

True heart as a gift for you

The words of love you send to me

And add a note to see how you are

From love I want to give hands

And the wedding rings today are ridiculous!

Send Me Kiss – Author: Duc Thuoc

This birthday we are not together

The person I love the most

The day the two of you under the moon swore passionately

Cheers to each other’s first memories

I don’t know what to give for my birthday

Because I’m far from two different worlds

You’re in the south and I’m in the north

Send a thousand wind kisses to you

If you miss me, I’ll send you a picture

Save this picture in your heart

So that every night no longer misses

Millions of days I can be with you

Our second and seventh birthdays are absent

Please give me a kiss through the bud

Even though I’m far away from you, it’s warm and warm

Love you so much love you so much

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Happy Birthday I Love – Author: Thu Tran

This birthday without candles and flowers

Not close to each other, so there are no gifts

Write a poem to send the clouds to the sky

Tighten it and give it to your loved one

Forty years old is considered half the journey

All the joys and sorrows of the school miles you have experienced

With the new age, try to be more stable

If you’re worried, sit down and sit down

All difficulties will disappear

And the work keeps on flying

Just died just a little bit

If it’s too high, why am I looking for it?

And love is always in the heart

So happy sadness does not come

On your birthday, light up the candle

Congratulations to my beloved one

5. Wish my love a day filled with gifts and wishes, but only one kiss can be received. And that’s you. But for the time being, I will keep it, when you come back I will send it back later! Miss you so much! See more of the most meaningful birthday wishes

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