The 50th birthday milestone marks many important events in life. Refer to 60+ meaningful 50th birthday wishes for everyone.

first50th birthday wishes for grandparents

1. On my 50th birthday, I would like to wish my grandfather a hundred years old, live a long life, have a lot of health to receive the love of all children and grandchildren in the family! I love you so much!

2. Today is a very special day. I wish you a new year full of joy, happiness and good health always. Please live a long time with us, so that I have a chance to repay your kindness!

3. Happy 50th birthday to you. I love you very much!

4. Today is your birthday, I can only wish you more years of happiness, happiness and most importantly good health. Please live a long life to be happy with your children and grandchildren!

5. On my 50th birthday, I wish my grandparents a lot of health to live a long life. We will forever remember your teachings to be good people in life. We love you so much!

50th birthday wishes for grandparents50th birthday wishes for grandparents

6. Wishing the beloved grandparents of their children a hundred years of life, long life to receive the warm love of their children and grandchildren in the family. Wish you always happy, healthy and love life.

7. I wish you a lot of health to see the eldest grandchild! I will surely remember the teachings of my grandparents and be a good son!

8. I would like to wish you a new year full of joy, happiness and health. Grandparents have to live a long time to enjoy the blessings of their children and grandchildren.

9. Today is my grandparents’ birthday, I don’t know what to say other than to send my best wishes for a long and healthy life. I thank you for giving us today, wish you good health forever.

10. On the occasion of your 50th birthday, I wish you a long life with the big family, I will try to study well to make you happy.

Meaningful 50th birthday wishes for grandparentsMeaningful 50th birthday wishes for grandparents

11. Wishing you and yours a long life, a long life with your children and grandchildren, always smiling and good health.

12. On their 50th birthday birthday. I would like to send my sincere and deepest wishes to the person who has given birth and taught the place where he gave birth to me. I hope that grandparents can live a long time so that we can repay this kindness.

13. Another year comes again, I would like to wish you good health, live a long life, live until you lose your head, waiting for the day when I bring my beautiful bride to my family!

14. On this sacred and happy holiday, I would like to congratulate my grandparents on their birthday, and at the same time, I would like to express my deepest thanks for allowing us to be present in this life and live happily as we do. Today.

15. On the occasion of grandparent’s birthday, I have nothing more than to wish that my grandparents live a happy and healthy life with their children and grandchildren. Grandparents are always the rays of the sun for the whole family, please take care of your health and eat a lot. Love your grandparents!

16. Although grandparents have to welcome a new year, I believe that grandparents will live a long healthy life to be with their children and grandchildren. Wish you happy and healthy every day.

250th birthday wishes for parents

1. We would like to thank you for everything you have given us. We would like to wish Dad on his 50th birthday and forever be full of health, live happily and happily with his family. I love you dad so much!

2. Wishing you a lot of health, favorable work and always happiness with our little family. I love you so much!

3. My dear dad, wish you a wonderful birthday this year. Congratulations on turning 50!

4. To Dad, Happy 50th Birthday! Dad is the best dad in the world. Thank you so much for everything.

5. Congratulations on turning 50. May God bless you with all the happiness in this world. Love dad very much.

50th birthday wishes for parents50th birthday wishes for parents

6. Mom, with your love, you have turned our house into a home. Happy 50th birthday to the most beautiful woman.

7. Today is my father’s birthday. I wish you always happy, happy today and all days of the year. Wishing Dad a lot of health to always be a solid support for our family.

8. Happy 50th birthday mom. I wish you always have good health, peace in love, hope all good things in the new age come true.

9. Thank you mom for the love you’ve always given me. I wish you a lot of health, always young and happy. Love mom very much.

10. On Mother’s special day, wish her a new year of health, more success in her career and always be happy with her family.

Meaningful 50th birthday wishes for parentsMeaningful 50th birthday wishes for parents

11. On the birthday of grandparents. Even though you are one more year old, I still believe that you will live a long healthy life. Wish you happy and healthy every day.

12. I wish you and your grandparents more years of age to have a healthy sky. We promise to obediently listen to our grandparents so that they can be happy and live a long life.

13. Grandma, I love you very much… wish you a lot of joy and happiness on this birthday celebration. I wish you a healthy life, long life, white hair, waiting for the day I bring my bride back.

14. Another spring has come again, I wish you good health and long life to tell you old stories to me!

15. On this sacred and emotional holiday, I would like to express my deep gratitude to my dear grandparents for giving birth to my parents so that I could be present in this world and feel warm affection. The pressure of family, the joy of life.

350th birthday greetings for men

1. On the occasion of your 50th birthday, I wish you good health, joy and happiness forever with your family. We are so grateful for your sacrifice and hard work for our whole family. I love you so much!

2. Congratulations uncle, happy 50th birthday uncle, I only have my heart to pray that you always have good health and peace in God’s love, hope all good things in the new age come true .

3. You have become someone other men must admire – a very happy 50th birthday for you.

4. Happy Birthday! You have finally reached your golden age. Wrinkles and gray hair add charm to your personality.

5. You have proven once again that age is just a number. Happy 50th birthday!

50th birthday greetings for men50th birthday greetings for men

6. No matter how old you are, you will forever be green in your heart. I have never seen a lively man like you. Happy 50th birthday.

7. Five decades of life have passed. You have lived your life full of memories and experiences. Happy 50th birthday.

8. You may have aged a little, but your wisdom and experience are great. It’s an honor to turn 50. Happy birthday.

9. Old age is difficult. You have to maintain everything in your life. Prayers on your 50th birthday. Happy birthday.

10. Today is your day and it will always be expected, so be happy and enjoy every moment of your life because you deserve the best! Happy Birthday to You!

450th birthday wishes for women

1. Happy 50th birthday to auntie, the most beautiful and courageous woman we have ever known. On this special day, we would like to wish you a happy birthday, always be healthy and have a lot of luck in life!

2. On your 50th birthday, I would like to send you my best wishes for health, joy and happiness on this special day. I love you so much, love the way you love us. We thank you very much!

3. Happy 50th birthday to her. Wish her a lot of health, smooth work and always happy with her small family. I love her very much.

4. Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday, ma’am. Enjoy your day!

5. Happy 50th birthday to a strong, wonderful and fierce woman! Congratulations on making the world brighter with your presence.

50th birthday wishes for women50th birthday wishes for women

6. Sending you many warm wishes on your 50th birthday, ma’am. I hope you have a good day!

7. Happy birthday to my favorite woman. Today you turn 50. Congratulations!

8. Happy 50th birthday to you, Lady. I hope you have a great day with your friends and family. Wish you have a nice time!

9. Happy Birthday to you! New age wishes you more fresh, happier and luckier, soon achieve the goals you have set out!

10. Happy birthday to my lovely friend! Be happy and full of energy like today. Surely with a great attitude like you, you will achieve a lot of success! Wish you a happy birthday!

5Happy 50th birthday poem

1. Age of Fifty – Author: Nhat Hang

Fifty years old still think I’m crispy

Still graceful with lipstick

Happy day in a long dress

Still lovely in fashion

Fifty years old, though bittersweet

Still smiling and laughing like not

When sad, the moon is missing

Silently awake all year long

Fifty years of love is still full

Still passionately longing

As in the past, excitedly recovering

Like a deep predestined charm on the lips!

2. Fifty is still a lot – Author: Nguyet Kieu

Fifty years old still smiling happily.

Pink dreams are always full of love.

In the family is always a shining mirror.

On the street, life still dawns.

At the age of fifty, love burns more brightly.

Spring is full of love fragrances.

There was a flicker of desire in his eyes.

Pink lips dreaming love kiss.

Fifty years old with a lot of experience.

The heart is full of love.

Remember remember, love, the opposite sex.

Experiencing life with love has passed.

3. Fifty Who Bao La Old – Author: Nguyen Hong Le

Fifty who dare say old?

Sixty is the age of puberty

Sixty-five is the end of childhood

Seventy is the new age to enter life

Seventy-five is the age of play

Eighty still love the flower lover

Eighty-five is called old

Still confused by villages far and near near…

Happy 50th birthday poemHappy 50th birthday poem

4. Age of Fifty Hoi Xuan – Author: Nguyen Trung

Fifty years old is the age of youth

The river has passed through the arduous rapids

The river is wide open in front of the vast sea

Like a wave of love flowing in my heart

The mother suddenly felt like she was young again

Chest full of breath of spring day

Long silky hair and smoother skin

Suddenly shy before him- the gentleman!

5. Time of Love – Author: Hoàng Anh

Twenty years old my heart flutters

Hand in hand to give the first promise

Each passionate kiss on the cheeks

I’m happy to wear the bride’s dress.

Thirty years old full of life

Teaching children hard to take care of the family

Love is as beautiful as the moon

I am as gentle as the Virgin Mary.

Fifty years old, my son is at home

They leave my warm embrace

Our hair is gradually becoming snow-colored

The bamboo bed still creaks every night…

Eighty years old wrinkled skin on eyelids

My shoulders are thin, my feet are slower than before

Don’t be sad because of that

There is also him waiting in the rain.

If one day I will leave first

Don’t cry too much! more wrinkled beauty

And if you are the sender

Then for the rest of my life I will keep your grave for you

6. 50th Birthday – Author: Xuan Loc

Fifty friends have grown old

I was fifty and thought it was springtime

Eurasia thousands of miles far and near

The heart has not yet been in debt because of…love.

Experiencing many waves and storms

The temporary warehouse is enough for food and clothing

Waiting for the day to go up, go up Mr

Just a hundred years of contentment.

Fifty years more-life

With my children, I enjoy the heavenly fortune

Had a dream

With you, there is never a day without spring.

C’mon me! So in debt

Let me spend my whole life repaying the loan

Please give me a cup full of meaning

Warmly enjoy the centennial day.

Happy 50th birthday poemHappy 50th birthday poem

7. Age 50 – Author: Nguyen Huynh

I started in my fifties

More than half a person’s life has passed

Still love life, innocent and pure

Look at life in pink, red in love

Because how much is life?

Sixty years of looking back is coming

Be carefree, watch life come

Don’t worry about excess spending

And live like you’re alive

Do not compare, calculate for life

Be carefree without thinking

Live today, don’t know tomorrow

Because of everyday sickness

The older you get, the more chronic illness

Let’s love life spontaneously

And cheer up when Spring comes.

8. Fifty – Author: Mai Thanh Hai

The moon is sad because there are no stars

People are sad because their hair is not green

Fifty phoenix seasons pass quickly

Fifty times the swallow circled the sky

Fifty autumn is also light

Fifty times have tasted ice

Leaves are green when it’s time to turn yellow

The silkworm no longer cocooned to sleep

Life is too short

Going back and forth to the end of green spring

Have money to save

That’s the soul of my poetry, you save it for me

A little bit of happy memories together

When sad, read to remember each other

Life is colorful

Has been sent to the poetry page

From the day I knew how to dream, I knew how to dream

From the day I knew how to wait, I knew how to wait for love

The soul flies suddenly early in the afternoon

Blood test has been contaminated with many poetic substances

9. 50 Xuan Doi – Author: Hue Tran

I wish to be full at the beginning of the year

Spring afternoon has faded lipstick color

Pass through the dangerous stages

Think back often enough to survive

Sincere filial piety to give friends

An exemplary mind directs the cubs

Find fun writing love poems

That’s all, it’s worn out…

10. 50th Birthday – Author: Tran Minh Hien

Fifty years old birthday

Remember fifty years ago

Mother gave birth to a miserable child

How can it be painful to say?

Fifty years old

Still can’t do anything

Still bear so much sadness

Thanks to the gentle mother

Fifty years old birthday

Burn my heart

Check out the soul of cobblestone

Cry for your life

Thank you dear

May your life be blessed

Merry Christmas

Draw a clear blue sky.

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