“Do not die, do not be born, do not be afraid” is a profound philosophical book on life by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Find out the best quotes in the book through the following article.

firstAbout the author Thich Nhat Hanh

About the author Thich Nhat HanhAbout the author Thich Nhat Hanh

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (real name Nguyen Xuan Bao) is a Vietnamese professor, Buddhist monk, writer and peace activist.. He was born on October 11, 1926 and died on January 22, 2022 at the age of 95. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh was awarded the “South American Peace of Faith Award” in 1966 and was one of the activists. for the world’s most famous peace.

Grandfather devotes his life to studying and spreading the Buddhadharma and is the author of many books on Buddhism and peace, he is also considered an important figure in the Mindfulness movement.

Hitherto More than 100 books written by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh have been published that readers can refer to such as: Miracle of awakening, Heart to Mother Earth, Buddhist direction for peace and ecology, Ancient road with white clouds, Step by step lotus blossom, Anger,…

2Good quote from “No death, no birth, don’t be afraid”

Nice quote in "No death, no birth, don't be afraid"Good quote from “No death, no birth, don’t be afraid”

1. Our true nature is imperishable. We don’t have to go anywhere to get in touch with our true nature. The wave does not need to find water because it is water itself. We don’t need to search for God or Nirvana, or absolute nature, because we are Nirvana, God.

2. The Buddha teaches that when there are enough causes and conditions, things manifest, and we say it exists. When one or two conditions are missing and the thing doesn’t manifest as before, we say it doesn’t exist. According to the Buddha, it is wrong to say that this thing is or is not. In reality, nothing is completely or completely absent.

3. When we understand that we are not destroyed, we no longer fear. That is deliverance. We can enjoy and enjoy life in a new way.

4. You also see your body as the foundation of future generations. Therefore we will not harm our bodies, because that is not kind to our descendants.

5. I will not use drugs and eat poisonous things that harm the body. It is because of the understanding of manifestation that has helped us to live a healthy, transparent and responsible life.

6. We are not only interested in ordinary things in life such as fame, profit, social status, projects, but we also conceive of our true nature.

7. You will have true peace, will become strong and steady, able to smile at everything that happens to you. Living like this you can help many people around you.

8. If you look deeply into the concept of creation with wisdom, understanding the expression, you will discover the profound meaning of the word creation. You will see that nothing is born, nothing is lost, they just manifest.

9. You should not use your opinion against the opinion of others.

10. You may realize that the conditions for happiness you have in your life are already sufficient. So you have instant happiness.

11. We suffer because we do not understand. The cloud is not going anywhere. So is my lover.

12. The cloud appears in other forms. Our beloved manifests itself in a different way. When we understand that, we suffer less.

13. It is wrong to assume that there is a top and a bottom. What we think is below may be above someone else’s, somewhere else.

14. Most of the time we treat our children as if they will live in the same house with us forever. We never think that a few years from now, they will get married, get married and start their own families. So why don’t we cherish the time our children are at home with us.

15. You must nurture and care for love to grow.

16. Naturally, my body is inherited from my blood family. We are also the legacy of the environment we live in.

17. The Buddha taught that when we get caught up in an idea and take it as the truth, we lose the opportunity to see the truth. So when you get caught up in an idea of ​​truth or have an idea of ​​the conditions for happiness, be careful.

No death, no birth, don't be afraid - Zen Master Thich Nhat HanhNo death, no birth, don’t be afraid – Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

18. Our world has suffered too much because of dogmatism. If we get caught up in our thoughts, we will suffer and make our loved ones suffer.

19. Everything, everything is neither born nor lost because they are always in the process of continuously manifesting.

20. In fact, life and death take place in our bodies around the clock. At any time, many cells die and many new cells are born. So is our mind. Thoughts come and go. Emotions arise and pass away. Manifestation, cessation of expression, continuous succession. There is no birth, no death, only continual transformation.

21. As long as there is fear in you, your happiness will not be complete. Reality is void, unaffected by life-death, back and forth, yes-no or more-reduce, dirty-clean… We are full of such concepts, because we are entangled in such concepts. we suffer. We will be truly liberated when we are not attached to those concepts.

22. If you can breathe in, out, and walk with the spirit of having been – coming – now – here you will immediately find yourself more stable and free. You are firmly established in the present, right at your official address. Nothing motivates you to run or be scared.

23. You are liberated from past worries. You will no longer be stuck thinking about what hasn’t happened and what you have no control over. You are free, no longer guilty of guilt of the past and no longer worried about the future.

24. Solidarity, relaxation is what you feel, you become when you reach the here and now. Not only will you tell yourself that, but you will see and feel it. That way you will be at peace.

25. We look forward to the beginning and the end. But in absolute terms there are no such things. There is no beginning or end, neither before nor after. The absolute plane is the foundation of the phenomenal world. That is the source, the root of the continuity of sentient beings.

26. Learn how to live happily, peacefully and happily today. Practice looking deeply to understand the true nature of birth and death, so you will die peacefully, without fear. That is something anyone can do.

27. You don’t need to waste time doing useless and trivial things. You don’t need to be rich, you don’t need fame or power. What you need is freedom, stability, peace and happiness. You need time and energy to be able to share those things with others.

28. We use our time for study to make our lives more quality. It is the most precious gift we can give our children. Those are the essences we can share with friends.

29. Make a torch and light other torches with your flame.

30. We accept only those teachings that we can put into practice, with our own awareness and understanding, and see ourselves as realizing them.

31. You said something unkind to your child this morning. With those hurtful words, you go inside me. Now you regret those words.

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