Wishing you a happy birthday with a poem that is so impressive and meaningful? Refer to the poems to congratulate the birthday of your beloved daughter, dear son!

firstPoems happy birthday to my daughter, love humor

Poems happy birthday to my daughter, love humorPoems happy birthday to my daughter, love humor

1. Happy Birthday “Daughter – Son of My Friend

Author: Tran An

Today’s daughter’s birthday

Increasing “age” is nice, gaining “weight” is… annoying

These days “stealing, robbing” like crazy

It doesn’t steal wallets – it’s addicted to “Theft…Flowers”…

“Flower age” – that’s all!

Butterflies, Bees it “glides” – it “snaps” around

Then we don’t have to “Run…”

Watch as the audience “Pants Hung Vo Lam”…

Determined not to make a mistake

“Study” the appearance lest mistake “fraudulent”

Boyfriend – don’t consider “body”

What’s the use of “Small – Cowardly” O God!

Dodge the guy “Dude – Eat and play”

“Bumpy-faced” me in the “Xera” era

Then – I have to “Lo… Far”

Going out – remember to “defend” “Reject…wow mini”…

Birthday present – ​​Laugh “Heh…heh”

New is a “hot gift” – It’s easy “Ai…Cho”…

2. Happy 1st Birthday Daughter

Author: Unknown

Baby is 1 year old.

Looks like an adult.

Clasp your hands behind your ass.

The swagger is free of criticism.

Just go anywhere.

This with that.

Passers-by say.

Then make it big!

3. Happy Birthday Beloved

Author: Unknown

My birthday, nothing

Well then, Dad gives me a pencil to practice coloring

Later, I draw… cars

Let dad practice driving back to childhood

Life is like a dream

I love you, I sing uu… night and day

Giving birth to a mother is also difficult

The Thuong River that afternoon was full of red… alluvial

My smile blooms with flowers

Good afternoon with friends eh…a spelling

What is there to hesitate?

Today, dad treats the whole family… dolls.

4. Dear Daughter’s Birthday

Author: Unknown

Today is my girlfriend’s birthday

Dad went on a business trip to have cake in the afternoon

Happy to listen to you at home

Study hard, remember to obey.

Big fifth birthday

Don’t coddle your mother when you beat her

Cake gifts when you return to dad

Obedience to study well, remember for your father to be happy.

5. Happy happy birthday

Happy happy birthday

I’m one year older, singing and laughing

Happy happy birthday!

Crowded friends come to wish you

Lighted flower lights look

Who is beautiful when adding pink age?

There is a rainbow above

Paint thin skin pink more beautiful

Spring is like the dawn

The future opens up many dreams:

“Life is as beautiful as a poem”

Live in the warmth that never changes”

Send me good luck:

“Love, desire, open your arms to welcome

And why is it bright above?

Give me the strength to step into the future.

2Happy birthday poem to my lovely, cute daughter

Happy birthday poem to my lovely, cute daughterHappy birthday poem to my lovely, cute daughter

1. Daughter’s Birthday

Poetry: Quyt To Van

Today my daughter celebrates her birthday

Three or seven years later, still beautiful

The two children are still young

Everything is taken care of sincerely

Dad thank you dear daughter

I still want you to visit often

Less anxiety in your heart

Loving you hard work and suffering a hundred things

I hope you take care of your grandchildren and grow up to be people

Learning is something that should not be neglected

Everything is easy to collect

Hard work, difficulties are still welcome

One year older and wiser

Success and failure I made

I wish you more success

It’s just that I paid it back

Parents although a bit old

Life was abundant compared to the past

Don’t worry about anything else

It’s still okay to work

Happy birthday to you all

Parents are always looking forward to their children

Live a life in harmony with all

Water villages share a path…

2. Happy Birthday Daughter

Poetry: Quyet To Van

Life I do not meet the times

Fortunately, I can catch up with everyone

Into a life of change

Difficult with the height of the way to change life

It’s not for me to choose where

That there is no fear of a place filled with emptiness

Wishing you a new age and a young life

Peace and happiness will come

3. Happy Birthday Daughter

Poetry: Su Viet Tran

Tomorrow is my birthday

I have some congratulatory messages for you

Happy two-two years old

I wish you good health – wish you peace

I hope you have a meaningful life

How to live true to yourself listen to me

The road ahead is still

Hard work, hope you are strong

Although poor, but living decently

Better than being rich and scornful

Let the crocodile sound for life

No one wants you to want to play with me

Brothers and sisters despised

Live without meaning to anyone

Knowing one but not knowing two

Today I don’t know what tomorrow will be

I hope you live how

Whether poor or difficult – the bar is higher than people

Advise me not to be lazy

Living irresponsibly is a petty person

I hope you will be diligent soon

Walk on your own two feet

There is shame and glory in life

Please try to rise up on your own

After the storm there will be peace

I hope you try to surpass yourself.

4. Happy Birthday Daughter

Poetry: Hien Nguyen Thu

Happy birthday mommy dear daughter

Just one day I was still small

Mother’s feet say words of love

The nickname is the teacher who calls the chicks!!!

To this day, that nickname is gone

I have grown up to be a young girl

It’s so lovely with the confessions

I’ve grown up and turned eighteen, mom!!!

I am proud to have a child in my life

Happy eighteenth birthday

Wishing you a bright future baby

Good health, full of love!!

This birthday gift from normal mother

It’s a poem that encourages me

I hope you receive my mother’s sincere heart

I understand that my daughter will be happy!!!

Mother raising children in miserable hardships

But still create the dream I want

This birthday is celebrated a bit late

Don’t be sad because I have a reason!!!

That said, I understand you too well

Have you ever blamed your mother?

Thank you so much for your forgiveness

Congratulations, you’re eighteen years old!!!

5. Happy Birthday Daughter Poems

Poetry: Ngoc Ha Tran

Baby’s Birthday

Mom would like to say something earnest

I am a bud I am a flower

You are hope you are love

You are the morning sun, the evening clouds

You are all beautiful things

I hope you are always healthy and happy

Always have a smile on your face like a flower

Tomorrow even if ever

3Funny happy birthday poem for my son

Funny happy birthday poem for my sonFunny happy birthday poem for my son

1. My Child’s 1st Birthday

Author: Unknown

Baby is 1 year old.

Blow out the candles to congratulate you.

Full of meaning.

Or eat full and round.

Chubby pretty rosy cheeks.

You look like a doll.

Love you sweet baby.

I laugh so much I love it!

2. Happy Birthday Son


Happy Birthday Baby!

HAPPY… happy and healthy baby is what I want

BIRTH … the child parents look forward to

JAPANESE … Autumn, Tan Ty waits for you forever

SON… now growing up day by day

LOVE… my parents worry day and night.

CARE … for healthy, tall, big children

GOOD… obedient, work hard to study

LEARN… study hard, be agile

GOOD… do everything to be a good child.

IS… the person who needs to be taken care of

THING … remember not to be subjective, look down on

MOTHER … father worries enough

I hope… you are virtuous, love everyone.



4Happy birthday poem, lovely, cute son

Happy birthday poem, lovely, cute sonHappy birthday poem, lovely, cute son

1. Happy Birthday Poems

Author: Unknown

How much do you love me

The day I was born

A cool autumn afternoon

Hug my baby lullaby

I’m so gentle and kind

Study hard and play

Mom follows every step

And I love you the most!

First step by step

In the arms of a gentle mother

Your smile shines

Dispel all worries…

Now full of grown children

Learn and play a lot

Today is my birthday

Mommy kisses baby!

2. Birthday Gifts For Children

Author: Daocongdien

Happy birthday to you, dad is away again

Land, construction… rushing at rush hour

Remember and love, ask to blow out the candles together

Request delicious cake happy birthday

Simple orchid branches from the mountains and forests

There is a late afternoon dew knocking on the door

The scent replaces three groups of new voices

Sweet pillow, I lie down all night dreaming

Mom gave me a kiss on the forehead for you

The distant kiss is warm and sunny

Have fun playing the smile of the grass

Of the innocent green calves in the field

Have a nice dream, children, shallow cauldrons

There is a falling golden fruit aimed at a fairy

Bare-clothed reed with buffalo wool chases the enemy

The sound of crickets, the moon … collect them all for you

Give me all the lullabies my mother’s breasts wear out

Donate a drop of sweat from your father and mother

Holding on to love and trees blocking the storm

I hope that the bare dust can bore the age of my dear child

Give it all to you elegantly

Being a great-grandmother in the song

It’s the three feet that remind you of the way to stumble

Stepping into the peak life of luggage…

Birthday gifts add more land

The sky is blue with many new things

Plant Venus flowers fly Mars kites

Don’t forget the color of the forest orchids that I cherish for you.

3. Happy Birthday Son

Author: Anonymous

Today is my son’s birthday

Successful success every month, mother wishes

The whole family is looking forward to it

The day the child succeeds, he is born successfully.

Young birds spread their wings in the blue sky

Tomorrow, I’ll take the exam to register with life

Life is so beautiful baby

Try to read a few words of the mother’s words.

Wishing you a great year of awakening

Sending good deeds everywhere

Japan shows off the virtue of cultivating religion

I show the use of learning life

Happiness inside and outside adds advantages

The right time must be in time

Forgiveness and forgiveness I always remember

Ten full of sincerity to live peacefully.

4. Son’s Birthday

Author: Unknown

Son’s birthday, father gives poetry

Baby, grow up every hour, I hope

Remember to love your father in your heart

Follow every step of the age of the pink fairy

Be careful, study well, be safe

As a father who fulfills his feelings far away

Let’s melt, flower smile

The priceless gift of my father’s life!

5. Happy Birthday Poem for 3-year-old Son

Today is my dear boy’s birthday

Mom doesn’t have much

I just hope you always understand

Mother’s happiness is not much

I hope that my daughter learns really well

What will you do when you grow up?

Help parents, help life how much.

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