Get Top 100 happy belated birthday wishes including belated birthday messages. We have compiled the best 100 happy belated birthday wishes, quotes, messages and images so you can overcome the anxiety of being late. These belated birthday wishes collection will definitely win the heart of recipient.

Belated Birthday meaning: Belated birthday is nonsense, since the anniversary is the anniversary, and cannot be postponed even if the celebrations are. Belated happy birthday, strictly, is also nonsense because the birthday has already gone and may or may not have been happy.

At times, you just forget to wish your loved ones or special ones’ birthdays in time. You can wish them as soon as you get it to your mind. Hover down to get your type of belated birthday wish for your special one; after all, it is never too late!

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages

  1. Happy Belated Birthday with sorry that I could not wish you in time.
  2. Oh, I just forgot that your birthday was in back days. Pardon. Happy Belated Birthday.
  3. I can forget your birthday but not you. Happy Belated Birthday.
  4. For now I have forgotten your birthday, accept my late birthday wish.
  5. May you find abundance of blessings. Happy belated birthday.
  6. Forgetting to wish someone’s birthday does not means that their importance has vanished. You are important to me like ever. Happy belated birthday.
  7. I could not make it in time and I am sorry about it. Happy belated birthday.
  8. I am not sorry about missing to wish you your birthday because you could remind… what kind of friend you are of mine. Happy Birthday My Fast Friend 😀
  9. I know you awaited so much. Happy belated birthday my dear.
  10. They say there is no sorry or thanks in between friend. So shall not be sorry about wishing you a late birthday. Happy belated birthday.
  11. I wish you smile like a child and bloom like a rose. Happy belated birthday.
  12. Leave the anger. I will celebrate your birthday on mine. Happy belated birthday.
  13. It is never too late. Happy belated birthday.
  14. I never meant to miss your birthday party but it happened all of a sudden. Happy belated birthday.
  15. Live longer, happy belated birthday.
  16. It is just ten minutes passed by your birthday. Happy birthday… it is not that late!
  17. You are my honey, you are my cheesecake, and you are my fizzy drink, so I wish you a belated birthday with a sweet life ahead!
  18. Wishes are not bound to send on just birthdays. I wish you blessings today and forever. Happy belated birthday.
  19. I hope you would had enjoyed birthday so much. May you keep enjoying many more. Happy belated birthday!
  20. I can do sit stand for you, sorry. Belated happy birthday.
  21. The only thing I can say is belated happy birthday.
  22. Please wipe away your anger with cute smile. Belated happy birthday.
  23. I wish my belated birthday could bring that sweet smile to your lips. I love you. Happy belated birthday.
  24. I wish a lifetime success, joy and fun. Happy belated birthday.
  25. The cutest ever friend, I wish you beautiful life in the honor of your passed birthday.
  26. I remember you but sorry this time I could not help wishing you birthday. Do not mind it please. Happy birthday.
  27. Happy belated birthday, I will celebrate the next one with two cakes. Smile!
  28. Forgetting your birthday is not my fault. You know I have problem in my time machine. Happy belated birthday.
  29. The days come and go. We should not miss our love in each day. Happy belated birthday with all my love.
  30. Love to you, happy belated birthday!
  31. Lv, Happy Belated B’day!
  32. It is just to say you happy belated birthday. Accept my love for today and forever!
  33. I am afraid of the haunting consequences of missing your birthday. My lovely witch accept my belated birthday wish!
  34. Our love cannot be wave by just forgetting your birthday. Accept my late birthday wish.
  35. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I will love you forever. Belated Happy Birthday!
  36. We can celebrate your birthday today. Happy Belated Birthday.
  37. I want to see you happy always, therefore I ask for your apology for missing your birthday. Happy belated Birthday!
  38. Cute girl, happy belated birthday!
  39. Belated happy birthday to my future soulmate!
  40. Forget that I forgot your birthday, smile because it you that I remember always. Belated happy birthday!
  41. Happiness never ends, belated happy birthday.
  42. May you shine in every season. Happy belated birthday!
  43. You are such a sweet and nice person. Belated happy birthday!
  44. The hottest thing about you is that you are too cool. Belated happy birthday!
  45. Happy belated birthday my fabulous friend.
  46. I need you to accept my best wishes. I know it is late but I mean it.
  47. While being wishing you belated birthday I am feeling sad that how come I forgot! Belated happy birthday.
  48. I wish that you had loads of fun on your birthday and I wish you more fun onward. Happy belated birthday.
  49. Did you miss me on your birthday? I know you did either you say it or not. Happy belated birthday.
  50. Late birthday teaserààààààHAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
  51. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY my bro!
  52. I will always regret that I missed wishing you… but saying belated happy birthday!
  53. I guess you had a popping party last night. Wish you have more. Belated happy birthday!
  54. Belated happy birthday to the most cute, compassionate and caring friend.
  55. Belated happy birthday… Stay happy!
  56. Hullo sassy girl! Belated happy birthday.
  57. Let me sing your birthday song even though I am late. Happy Birthday to you.
  58. I wish that your birthday might left you with rich happiness and so many blessings. Belated Happy Birthday!
  59. Birthdays are cool, I am so fool, that I forgot, important day of my boy… belated happy birthday.
  60. I hope you had the yummiest cake on your birthday and I missed that. Happy belated birthday!
  61. Your stare in the office reminded me that it was your birthday on yesterday. Happy belated birthday!
  62. `Happy Belated Birthday’
  63. I forgot your birthday this time but I promise I will make your birthday to shine. Happy belated birthday.
  64. Cry over me, punch me hard, beat me with pillow, throw on me your drink but do not get angry my princess… Happy Belated Birthday!
  65. I do not believe in celebrating birthday… but for your happiness, I wish belated one.
  66. I want to say you happy belated birthday with all goodness ahead.
  67. I happened to be as slow as the gate of a snail, accept my late birthday wish!
  68. It is slower but deeper… happy belated birthday to my soul.
  69. I wish I could wish you in a most surprising way… but alas I am late in saying you your birthday.
  70. Are you happy now that I stayed from you… but I can’t hold on your birthday wish anymore. Happy belated birthday.
  71. Happy belated birthday. I will kiss you to make it fix tonight!
  72. Oh your killing mood… belated happy birthday.
  73. Do not invade me with your killing gaze… here I say you belated happy birthday!
  74. I cannot go back in time nor I can revive it… leave your anger.  Belated happy birthday!
  75. I wish you all the blessing. Belated happy birthday.
  76. I wish you a super smashing belated birthday party with me tonight! Reach soon!
  77. You are so fabulous, and I hope your birthday would be. Happy belated birthday.
  78. I miss you so much and in missing you I missed wishing you your birthday. Belated happy birthday.
  79. You are crunch like a candy and kind as an angel… sorry I am wishing you late… happy birthday!
  80. Your name is at the top in my good books I hope mine in yours. Sorry for late wish. Belated happy birthday.
  81. I can’t bear your ruthless attitude, talk to me as you get my belated birthday tweet!
  82. Be enough kind to let go the bad moods… smile I am here for you. Belated happy birthday.
  83. You give me butterflies whenever you are around. Belated happy birthday.
  84. Once again, I am late to wish you your birthday. Sorry dear!
  85. Belated Happy Birthday my Bubbly Buddy!
  86. Belated happy birthday… cheer up that you will get another birthday cake tonight!
  87. Happy belated birthday to my doll.
  88. I was just confused in between yours and mine birthday… I thought it was my birthday and awaited for your wish… happy belated birthday my darling!
  89. I was out of city and could not manage to wish my super best friend his birthday, sorry!
  90. So what If I forget wishing you your birthday. You know well I can’t miss loving you. Happy belated birthday.
  91. I hope that you would have received your belated birthday present by now. I love you so!
  92. I want your cute smile back. Smile please. Belated happy birthday.
  93. You can punish me with your intoxicating presence tonight for forgetting to wish you your birthday!
  94. I hope you won’t mind if you get another birthday treat. Belated happy birthday! Come tonight.
  95. Good girls always forget the unwanted situations; therefore, I wish you your belated birthday now.
  96. Happy birthday to most intelligent, smart and attractive friends. I know it is a little late, sorry.
  97. I hope you had lovey dovey birthday. Belated happy birthday.
  98. I wish you more life, more health, more success, more fun and more birthdays ahead. Happy belated birthday.
  99. Probably my calendar made the mistake. Belated happy birthday!
  100. Nothing can beat our friendship, nor forgetting your birthday. Happy belated birthday my best friend.

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