Surprise your son on his birthday with top 100 birthday wishes for son. The height of happiness goes up and up when your son’s birthday comes. It is such a joyful moment to watch him growing up and becoming stronger. Sons are the life’s precious gifts. Both Mom and Dad love sons unconditionally. When it is about to make their birthday treat, a text message is an essential opening.

Here you can get beautiful, touch and fun birthday wishes for son to wish the birthday of your son. Enjoy his birthday to the fullest and start with him sending a beautiful birthday note.

Birthday Wishes for Son

Best 100 Birthday Wishes for Son (Selection)

Its time to share the top Best 100 Birthday Wishes for Son:-

  1. On your birthday, I am wishing you a bright future. Happy Birthday my dear son.
  2. My son you are my pride and my life. Happy birthday to you.
  3. Happy birthday to the world’s no. 1 son.
  4. Happy birthday to my best blessing my son. Live long.
  5. I wish you live longer, healthier and stronger. HBD!
  6. My life completed when you arrived to this world. HBD!
  7. Happy Birthday to the asset of my life. You are my angel.
  8. Happy Birthday to the great son.
  9. On your birthday, I must confess that I am honored to have a son like you. HBD Son!
  10. My son your mom loves you so much. HBD!
  11. HBD to the brilliant and best son.
  12. Happy birthday dearest son. We wish that you were here with us on your birthday but our love and prayers are with you in there.
  13. My only son you are the sweetheart of entire family. Stay blessed. HBD!
  14. May you prosper and flourish. HBD Son!
  15. I am waiting for the day when you will take your dad to the drive and I will dare say this is my grown up son. HBD!
  16. HBD to our beloved son.
  17. It is our beautiful son’s birthday. We will party all night. HBD!
  18. My son you are that illuminating star which shines in the late hour of night. HBD!
  19. May world’s happiness and blessings fill your life. HBD!
  20. My boy, I see you like the brightest star in future. HBD!
  21. HBD my prince!
  22. Happy birthday to my sweet son with love and care.
  23. I wish you all the wonderful blessings today to have in rest of your life. HBD
  24. Here is the birthday of my son and I am so much happy about it.
  25. I will make your favorite food and drinks to wish you a delicious birthday.
  26. Happy birthday my kid.
  27. My son I wish you rose above and loved by all. HBD Son.
  28.  Happy birthday to you with so many best wishes and so much love.
  29. It is your birthday and you are welcomed to wish for any stuff. HBD!
  30. Happy birthday to my darling son with the pray that may you rock and show the world that you are best.
  31. HBD… shine and prosper.
  32. My son you are everything for me. HBD!
  33. Happy birthday to a son who is very dear to me for not only because he is my blood but for his super nice personality
  34. HBD my nicest son. I love you.
  35. My son I am glad to be a mother of a son like you. HBD!
  36. I know you are my best son and never let me down. HBD!
  37. Happy birthday to the cute son. I love you little cute talk.
  38. I love you and your twee habits. HBD!
  39. Happy birthday to my super hero son.
  40. I wish many happy and joyful returns of the day to you my son. HBD!
  41. So, you are sixteen now and I am wondering what your birthday celebrations would be. HBD!
  42. Birthday greetings to my beloved son
  43. I feel so rich and nice to have you in my life. HBD Son!
  44. Birthday comes with a chance to show your love and care. HBD my son I love and care about you.
  45. My love for you will remain forever, no matter how older you will grow up. HBD!
  46. Happy birthday son. I wish health, affection, joy, success and best luck stick to your life forever.
  47. My son I wish you found true love and best of everything. HBD!
  48. There was a day when you were too small and here is a day when you are all grown up. My love has multiplied as you have grown up. HBD!
  49. Happy birthday my boy. You are best and brave kid!
  50. I am lucky enough to have a son like you who always love, care and respects me. HBD!
  51. I wish for your long life and fine health. HBD!
  52. The most demanding thing in my life is you in terms of love and care. I will always give you. HBD!
  53. Happy birthday to the apple of my eye. Live happy forever.
  54. You are so much nice kid with nice manners and habits. I wish you good luck and happy birthday.
  55. Happy birthday to the light of my life.
  56. Dear and much loved son you are special to us in every way. HBD!
  57. In your bright eyes, I see a hope and meaning of life. Happy birthday!
  58. Happy birthday to my smart son!
  59. While you cut your birthday cake, I will pray for your life and health. Love, HBD!
  60. HBD Son, celebrate the bliss.
  61. My son you are no.1 child for me and I love you bundles of today and forever.
  62. My life seems perfect when I see you playing. Chatting, cuddling, and so on. HBD Son!
  63. I never thought of being this much blessed, HBD my blessing my son!
  64. The fruity child happy birthday to you.
  65. You are the son that I always longed for. HBD!
  66. I promise you my love and attention for lifetime. HBD Son!
  67. Son you are the brightest sun of our world. HBD!
  68. Stay shimmering, bright and glowing. HBD!
  69. My loveliest son happy birthday to you. I have a massive surprise for you.
  70. To unwrap your birthday gift you have to kiss me on my cheek. HBD!
  71. When you sit in my lap and fold your arms around me, I feel the greatest pleasures. HBD Son!
  72. The treasure of my life is you rich smile and your happy face. HBD dear!
  73. My son I love you as much as you do your PS. LOLS, HBD!
  74. I wish you coolest birthday ever. HBD Son.
  75. You are the reason I am living for now. HBD my son!
  76. Among all the kids, you own the special place I my heart. HBD!
  77. I wish you a good birthday with lots of presents and pleasant surprises. HBD!
  78. The dear dearest one happy birthday to you.
  79. I am happy to wish you your birthday. It is pleasure to be with you and celebrate. HBD!
  80. Happy birthday my very lively, energetic and graceful son. You looks so nice and I want you to do the nice things. HBD!
  81. I am taking just a minute or so to say you HAPPY BIRTHDAY… live lively.
  82. I wish that all of your dreams come realities and you stay happy in there. HBD!
  83. Happy birthday son with more of my love.
  84. I wish you never ever face any tough situation nor ride any hard road. HBD Son!
  85. Life is not an easy to go thing. It is a long way bumpy road. Be careful and conscious. HBD!
  86. HBD my star my son!
  87. I will hug you tight tonight because it is your birthday my son. HBD!
  88. I am done with your birthday preps. Now all I need is you to be home in time. HBD!
  89. You are the soul of mine. Never go away. HBD!
  90. My son you are the sweetest blessing to us and we wish you alike birthday!
  91. You know son I am very bad at remembering dates and events. It is your birthday, which never slip away from my mind. HBD!
  92. HBD… have fun and party hard!
  93. I wish you freaky birthday stuffed with sweet cake, coolest drinks and crazy friends. HBD!
  94. I have made your birthday cake and I hope you gonna love it. HBD, lv, Mom!
  95. Happy birthday to my son who is the gem that shines so bright.
  96. Hey, it is your birthday my little man! Let’s decor the house and turn it into a party house!
  97. Happy birthday son. Enjoy your day and feel good.
  98. I wish my child all the things that are best and matchless. HBD!
  99. Happy birthday my bubbly son. Stay smiling.
  100. All I need is your true happiness and your stunning success. I am there for you in every single step you will take. HBD Son!

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