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You truly are unique

You’re simply one of a kind

In you, I found my soulmate

My one, my person for life

I’m blessed I got to marry you

I’m so proud to be your wife

I promise to love you always

And even more each day.

Many happy returns,

My dear husband.
Happy birthday to my hubby 
Don’t let getting older get you down,
 just always remember that no matter how old you become,
 no matter how many wrinkles or gray hairs start to appear,
 at least you’ll always have a beautiful,
 gorgeous, young-looking wife by your side to make up for it!
It can’t be easy having a wife who is always the center of attention,
 so seeing as it’s your birthday
 I’ll take a day off and let you have the spotlight for a change!

Happy birthday to you, my love!
Life often gets in the way of special occasions,
 with work commitments and such meaning we can’t always be together,
 but wherever we are in the world, 
together or apart,
 I will always hold you oh so dear in my heart.

Happy birthday from your adoring wife!
Happy birthday to my guy

The apple of my eye

I’m so lucky to have you

Around to brighten my life

And my wish is that someday

I will become your wife!
Today I wish to celebrate one of the strongest women

 I know, my daughter-in-law!

You are a great wife and a great mother.

 Everyone around you just loves and admires you.

I hope you have many more happy days to come!

Happy birthday, my lovely husband!
I’ll be honest,
I thought about teasing you
on your birthday this year.
 After all, as your
funny wife, not only is it expected from me
but it’s kinda my responsibility, too!
But I realized the fact you’re turning
another year older and becoming so
so old is enough in itself, so I’ll give
you a break this year!

Happy wedding anniversary, my dear!

Ever since I met you my life has been

infinitely better. My days are brighter

and since we became husband and wife

I wake up each day with the biggest

smile on my face, fully content and filled

with so much happiness.

I can’t remember life before you but

I certainly couldn’t imagine a life

without you.

Thank you for constantly making me

happy! Here’s to many more incredible

years together!

You are an amazing woman: a loving mother to our grandchildren, a great wife to our son and a lovely daughter to us. We love having you in our family.

Thank you for all of your kindness and for the joy that you bring.

Have the most amazing of birthdays!

I count my blessings often for having a wonderful and loving husband like you, but on that one particularly special day every year that your birthday comes around I thank my lucky stars that I was fortunate enough to spend another year with you by my side. I’m forever grateful for having you in my life, my love.

Happy birthday to you with lots of love from your ever-adoring wife.
You’re far away on your special day this

year but I’m still wishing you a happy

birthday, my sun and my stars, the love

of my life!

Hurry up and come home, as I really can’t

wait to marry you and become your wife!
You are my love, my heart, and my absolute everything. Thank you for being the truly magnificent man that you are and the best husband that a wife could wish for.

Happy birthday with all my love, my dear

I wondered what gift I should get for

such a sweet, loving husband on your

birthday but then I realized something…

What more could you possibly want

or need when you have a wonderful

wife like me! Happy birthday, my love!
Husband, this year for your birthday

My wishes truly come from the heart

As you are someone so very special

From whom I couldn’t ever be apart.

May your birthday be as great

As your presence is in my life

And may you be as happy

As I am to be your wife.

Happy birthday, my love.
You are the perfect spouse for our son. We never thought he would ever find the right person. Someone who would love and care for him, and would be a good wife to him.

But then you came along. You were so sweet that you won him over immediately. Well, you won us all over with your grace and tenderness.

Every day that we have you in our lives is more special because of it. We are so happy to have you as part of the family, and we hope to share many more years with you. You are a great addition to our family!

Have a very special birthday, dear daughter-in-law!

Growing up I always wanted a sister. A best friend for life and someone I could share my deepest thoughts with. I asked God many times to bless me with a sister, but the message must have been lost somewhere along the way since I only got a brother.

The years went by and this wish completely vanished from my mind. But one happy day my brother found for himself a wonderful wife, a beautiful person, who, with time, would be a sister to me.

To my sister-in-law, my dear sister, the sister I always wished for, I wish the most amazing of birthdays!

While this distance makes it difficult for me

to get you anything for your birthday this
year, you can bet that the best gift in the

world will be right here waiting for you

when you come home: your beloved wife!

Happy birthday to you, my sweet husband!
Another year has passed us by and

still I can’t believe how lucky I am to

have found a husband as wonderful

and as perfect as you. You truly are

my whole world and I am so grateful

to have you in my life, my love.

Happy birthday from your forever

loving wife.
Even though you’re in a land far away on your birthday this year, don’t forget about your beautiful wife when you’re blowing out the candles on your cake!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, hubby! You truly won the jackpot ending up with a wife like me, one that will keep paying out for a lifetime as you’ll always be stuck with me!
Happy wedding anniversary

to my very best friends!

You two make the cutest

husband and wife duo!

Happy birthday, my lovely wife!

May your birthday blossom as beautifully as our love, and may your special day warm your heart just as you’ve warmed mine.

Happy birthday, my handsome hubby!

Of course I know I’m blessed to have a husband like you, but really you’re the lucky one to have bagged a wife like me when you did because just like a bottle of fine wine, I only improve with age!

So really it’s only right that you treasure and appreciate me more and more with each passing year!

In you, I found my soulmate

We’re two peas in a pod

We share the same sense of humor

And we’re both a little bit odd!

Happy birthday, sweetie!

I love you and still I love you more, a paradox verging on nonsense. But the truth is, my love, despite loving you so immensely, wanting you so intensely, every day I love you more. Have a fabulous and wonderful birthday!
Happy birthday, love!

Deciding to spend my

life with you was the

smartest decision I ever

made. Every day with

you by my side is made of

laughter and happiness,

and that’s all I ever wanted.

Hope you have a lovely day,

full of joy and wonderful surprises.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart. Celebrating another birthday with you fills my heart with joy. I am so grateful for all of the sweet memories we have made this past year.
Happy birthday, my love! The only slight sign that you’re getting older is your laughter lines, and they’re only from having a funny husband like me!
Your birthday is the one day of

the year when I suddenly turn into

a romantic so enjoy these rare,

soppy, love-filled hours!

Happy birthday, my love!

Love of my life,

today I’m wishing you

a lovely day full of joy

and surprises.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, wifey!

I know that you’re a little sensitive about your age and turning another year older, but whenever you’re feeling old all you have to do is look at me and I guarantee you’ll instantly feel younger!
Happy birthday, my love! I know that you

worry about getting older but there’s really

no need, my dear.

Just think of it like this: you’re younger now

than you will be next year. If you simply keep

this in mind each year that your birthday

comes around you’ll never truly get old!
I've loved you since

I first saw you,

and I will love you

till the world ends.

Wishing you a

happy birthday!

Stay true to yourself,

fight for what you

love and want, and

never give up on us.
Happy birthday, honey.

I’m not going to tease you about your age or joke around on your birthday this year… I mean, the fact that you're turning such a grand age in itself is more than enough for you to deal with!
Each time I see you I find you more beautiful than ever. And each year that passes is an attribute of your wisdom.

I love you with all my heart, soul and every inch of my body, and today, the greatest of all days, I wish you a happy birthday!

May you find the path that fulfils all of your dreams!
There are many ways

to say I love you, and

my favorite is the way

you say it every time

I look into your eyes.

Happy birthday, love!

May this day be filled

with joy and your heart

filled with happiness.
I knew you were the one from the very first moment I saw you; I knew it was forever. I know how very lucky I am to have met you, and to now have you in my life every day.

Happy birthday, my love! I hope for all of your wishes to come true, and I promise I'll be there with you every step of the way.
Happy birthday, my sweet wife!

You’ll always be my happy place

The one who makes me laugh

You’re the better version of me

Quite literally my better half!

Happy birthday, my wonderful wife!

I set out to get you the most amazing, meaningful, and heart-touching gift this year when I realized that you already have me! You truly are a very lucky lady!

A husband like me
Who’s so fantastic

Can too be both

Funny and romantic!

Happy birthday,

My lovely wife!
Happy birthday to my wonderful wife:

my one and only, the love of my life!

I could never forget your birthday,

my love. After all, it wouldn’t be

worth the repercussions!

Each year that you get older,
It always amazes me how you
Haven’t grown tired of me yet!
I’m so very lucky to have found
A truly wonderful wife like you
Who is still willing to put up
With all the silly things I do!You have the patience of a saint,
My love! Happy birthday to you!

My dear wife,

Truly great husbands

Are few and far between

Which is why you’re so lucky

That you happened to find me!

Happy birthday with love,

From your love!
My dearest wife,

These years together have been the best. Endless moments of tenderness and beauty have we shared. I feel like the luckiest man on earth. Thank you for our wonderful children and for always keeping me in the light.

A happy, happy birthday, at least as happy as you make me!
To my eye, you will always be the same girl I fell in love with all those years ago! Wishing you a very special birthday, my lovely wife!
My loving wife,

Another birthday for you

Means another year of us

One more year spent together

Filled with an abundance of love

And never-ending happiness.

Here’s to many more years of

Creating wonderful memories

And enjoying all of life’s most

Precious moments together.

Happy birthday from your ever-

Adoring husband. Love you forever.
Happy birthday to a super amazing, truly wonderful, and hilariously funny person who reminds me a lot of myself: my wife! We’re a perfect match, my love!
I will be there for you

Until the end of time

I’ll devotedly be yours

And you will be mine.

Happy birthday, my

Wonderful wife.
Happy birthday to my incredibly gorgeous
wife, who is always the belle of the ball!And not just today, as to me you will
always be the fairest of them all! I will
never stop being mesmerized by your
natural beauty.

Have a magical birthday, my dear wife,
and I look forward to the many years
ahead of us! Love you loads!

Happy birthday to my gorgeous wife!

In my eyes, you are more beautiful
now than when we first met. Although,
it's possible that with age my eyesight
has gotten worse since then!
My dear wife, your birthday is here, and all it means is that my heart has grown another year fonder of you.

Happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the joy today, and I hope you are always as happy as you make me!

Happy birthday, my lovely wife!

You know, neither of us appear as old as we actually are... That’s because you don’t look your age and I don’t act my age! Together, we’ll be young forever, my love!
I’m pretty lucky to have a wife

like you but you’re so, so incredibly

lucky to have a husband like me!

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

My beautiful wife, on your very special day, I simply want you to know that I will love you until the end of time. Happy birthday, my darling

My beautiful wife, on your very special day, I simply want you to know that I will love you until the end of time. Happy birthday, my darling.
After all these years of marriage, my smile still reaches my eyes whenever I see you!

Happy birthday, my dear wife!

My beautiful wife, I vowed to always

stand beside  you and support you,

and that will never change. I’ll even

love you when you become old

and gray, which lets face it,

probably isn’t too far away!

Happy birthday to you, my love!
As your husband, it’s my responsibility to make you smile and laugh on your birthday each year… Luckily for me, that’s super easy since I’m already a naturally funny guy!

Happy birthday, my sweet wife!

My only wish for you on your birthday this year, my lovely wife, is that your special day brings you a smile and that it stays around for a while!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my love!

If you weren’t my wife I’m not sure that you would tolerate me… I mean, you’re legally bonded to me now but if we were still just friends and you knew then what you know now, I’m sure you would’ve made smarter life choices! You must have a lot of patience to put up with me!

So thank you, my love, for putting up with me. You truly are a good woman!

I’ve loved you since we very first met, and I’ll love you until the end of our days.

Happy birthday, my beautiful wife!

You are the woman of my dreams, the one and only for me, and my daily goal is to make your beautiful smile appear before the day is over.

I love you very much, and today I’m wishing you a wonderful and happy birthday! I’m so proud to call you my wife and to have you by my side.

May every step you take place you closer to true happiness.
If I’m a funny husband it’s only because I have such a funny wife! You are my inspiration and the driving force behind everything that I do. I truly am blessed to have found someone who is as special as you.

Happy birthday, my

As we welcome a new year into your life, I want you to know how blessed I feel to have you as my wife. Happy birthday, my

Never in my life did I think it would be possible to find a friend so great, especially not one who would go on to become my wife. Thank you for being the greatest friend, life partner, and lover a guy could wish
Happy birthday to my wife
who truly does deserve a trophy!There aren’t many women who
would be up to the challenge of
being married to a husband like me!
Today is your birthday
It’s all about you
So no different really
To any other day!Happy birthday, wife!
Happy birthday, my love! Just like the finest and most desirable bottle of vintage wine, you only improve with age and become more valuable!
Happy birthday to my better half,
the person who completes me:
my beautiful wife!Thank you for all of your love and
support over the years; I would be
totally lost without you.

You are an incredible woman, wife,
mother, and friend. Anyone who
has had the pleasure of being in
your presence adores you because
it’s impossible not to!

On your special day, I just want to
thank you for being the incredible
person that you are, and for making
all of those around you so very happy!

Have a tremendous birthday, my

You are the woman of my dreams, the one and only for me, and my daily goal is to make your beautiful smile appear before the day is over.

I love you very much, and today I’m wishing you a wonderful and happy birthday! I’m so proud to call you my wife and to have you by my side.

May every step you take place you closer to
As we welcome a new year into your life, I want you to know how blessed I feel to have you as my wife. Happy birthday, my lovely.

Happy birthday to my wife
My one true love
What did I do to deserve you
You truly are a gift from above.

Sending you lots of birthday love.

I truly won the jackpot

With a wife like you

Who has so much beauty

And is super smart, too!

Your beauty and your brains

Are both mesmerizing, dear!

Happy birthday!

The very best wife deserves the very
best birthday wishes! Happy birthday!

May your special day be romantic
and filled with love, courtesy of
your wonderful husband!

Happy birthday to my dear wife, so sweet and funny. Your love makes every day of my life so warm and sunny

Isn’t it funny that the best way to remember your wife’s birthday is actually to forget it once… Trust me, if you're lucky enough to be forgiven you’ll never forget it again after that!

Happy birthday to my lovely lady today!

My dear wife,

These birthday wishes

Are filled with love

They are just for you

And for you alone

You’re the one for who

My heart beats with love

You truly are my angel

Sent from heaven above

So I promise to you that

While you’re by my side

I will always do my best

To keep you satisfied.

A mother and wife
The love of my life
You’re a gift from above
You’re my one true love!

I have only one sorrow
in my life, for I wish I had
met you sooner. If only
I knew how happy I would
be with you; if only I knew
then how wonderful you are,
I would have roamed the
streets till I found you.Happy birthday, my lovely wife!
Thank you for being so amazing,
for loving me and thank you for
just being you. I love you forever!

From the first moment we met
I knew you would be my wife,
to have and to hold you
for the rest of my life.

I hope that today brings
you nothing but bliss,
as you are the sweetest
person ever to exist.

My love for you, my dear
wife, it is endless.

Happy birthday, my
beautiful wife!

Happy birthday to
the woman that brings
sunshine to my life,
my dear caring
and loving wife!

You’re the person in
whom I can confide
and I’m so lucky to
have you by my side.

Have the special day
that you most deserve,
my beautiful wife!

Happy birthday!

birthday wishes for wife in English

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife!

We are the best team, a partnership
like no other with the strongest alliance.
You are always there for me,
and I’m always there for you.

The best part of my day is waking
up beside you each morning.
You are my everything and I just
want you to know how much I
appreciate and value you, for
everything that you do for us.

Have a wonderful day, my love!

Birthday wishes for Girlfriend 

Today is a very significant day indeed, as we get to celebrate how wonderful you are and give thanks for everything you do!

I am so lucky to have such an incredible, beautiful, caring wife to spend each day with. Being able to experience all the great things in life with my best friend by my side truly is a blessing.

If I could achieve just one aim in life, it would be to make you as happy as you make me, each and every single day.

Happy birthday, my dear wife! I hope your day is as spectacular as you are!

Happy birthday, my dear. I have only the most heartfelt wishes reserved for you today as we celebrate another beautiful birthday of yours and another fabulous year together with you by my side as my wife.

Here’s to you on your special day, and also to us for a long and happy marriage.

A wonderful wife
In you, I found
You truly and simply
Are the best around!

Happy birthday, dear!

funny birthday wishes for wife

My birthday message to
you this year, my dear wife,
is simple and sent with love,
just to say how much I adore
you, my angel from above.Happy birthday and best wishes
from your ever-loving husband.

To my dear wife on your birthday, I’m sending you birthday wishes filled with love and joy. You deserve a birthday that celebrates you for the truly wonderful woman that you are.

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