The long awaited new year is gonna take place soon. The people who like hangouts for happy new year 2019 celebration in India are at the right place. In actual, there are lots of places in India people like to hangout at. To make your new year more special and amusing, we are here to share the information about the best places in India for new year’s celebration. Are you also searching for the best place to celebrate new year in India? Scroll down the mouse pointer and decide the best place for hangout on new year 2019.

Places to Celebrate New Year in India

Top 5 Places to Celebrate New Year in India

1. Celebrate Happy New Year 2019 At GOA – Cynosure of India

New Years Eve Party in Goa

Goa is the center of attraction in India. Most of youngsters like to visit Goa for parties. If you’re planning a new year’s party Goa is one of the best destination. You’re gonna rock the party if you choose Goa as the Happy New Year 2019 party destination. The beach-side stay, night long parties, cheap beer and music are the rocking things in the party. Enjoy the Goa New Year Party with late night discos and sandy beaches this year.

2. New Years Party Celebration At Bangalore – A Party Hub

New Year Party in Bangalore 2018

Bangalore is known as the party hub of India. The Bangalore city is the best place to party for new year. If you like Pub, Discos and Long Night parties, you will definitely love this place. People who like moderate climate can enjoy parties for Happy New Year in this city. Plan your new year’s party in Bangalore with friends and loved ones.

3. Happy New Year’s Celebration At Delhi – A Group of Entrancing Places

New Year Party in Delhi 2018

Delhi is the capital city of India. It consists a lot of entrancing places to visit. People from different countries come to Delhi for parties and all. If we talk about party places in Delhi there are plenty of pub and discos. Other than discos and pubs, you may enjoy the best places in Delhi for new year celebration. You may get more new year party ideas in Delhi once you visit the city.

4. New Year’s Party 2019 at Mumbai – City of Parties

New Year Party in Mumbai 2018

If it’s about grand parties, no one can forget Mumbai. There will be endless parties for new year 2019 in this city. If you want to enjoy bollywood actors’ performance, plan your participation in the most popular events. Do not miss the chance to celebrate happy new year’s party with Indian celebrities.

5. Happy New Year 2019 Party At Gulmarg – A City of Natural Beauty

New Year Party in Mumbai 2018

Do you like natural beauty and snowfall? Gulmarg is the best place for party lovers who like enjoying in snow and nature. The peaceful environment here provides the most romantic feelings to the people in love. Feel the awesomeness of the natural beauty with snowfall on the upcoming new year’s party. Go crazy with the magnetic atmosphere of Gulmarg.

Happy New Year’s Party 2019 Celebration At Hill Stations In India

In India, there are most romantic hill stations. These hill stations involve Shimla, Ooty, Manali, Darjeeling, Mussoorie, Nainital, Shillong, Gangtok, Kullu etc. There are more than 40 Hill Stations in India where you can celebrate the new year’s day with your friends and family. The people who like enjoying at hill stations may organize the new year party at hill station. You can say goodbye to 2019 and welcome the 2019 with the most fabulous party at hill stations in India. Enjoy the party and welcome the Happy New Year 2019 with great zeal.

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