On the birthday of your ex-boyfriend, many of you are wondering how to send greetings, find out the birthday wishes for the ex-boyfriend of kool style

Ex-boyfriends are often a sad memory to talk about. Because of the past sweetness, the girls often feel heartbroken when they talk about their ex. But once it was a beautiful moment of youth together, what a meaningful wish to an ex-boyfriend on his birthday, right?

Surely you will wonder, knowing how to wish your ex to show your heart, sincerity and serenity as a friend. Don’t worry, Kool Style will suggest you happy birthday wishes Or for ex-boyfriends. Please refer and choose the best wishes!

– To the person who used to be my whole world! Wishing you a new year with many new joys, new successes and happiness in your new life. Even though we’re not together anymore, I sincerely wish you happiness for the rest of your life!

– Happy Birthday to You! Still my congratulations but just like an old friend! I wish you happiness with the path you choose and wish you happiness with the person who will accompany you until the end of your life.

– I thought I was still angry and resentful of you! But no, the end of our love doesn’t mean the end of everything. I still see you as a friend and sincerely wish you a happy birthday. Wishing you a happier new year, a happy life and lots of luck in love and career.

– Happy birthday to you, even though I haven’t seen you for a long time, I still want to send you the sweetest birthday wishes. Hopefully, he will find a wonderful girl to accompany him on the ride named happiness.

– On the occasion of your birthday, I would like to congratulate you on your new age. Let go of all the unhappiness of the past old age and get ready to welcome the new year with excitement and excitement!

– Although this year we no longer eat, drink and pray together, but I still want to send you a warm birthday greeting. There will be someone else’s arms to warm you up in my place!

– Happy birthday to you, wish you happiness with a new peaceful destination. Thank you for being my beautiful youth. Hope we can still be friends in the future! Happy Birthday to you!

– For my birthday last year, I once wished that we would be happy together for the rest of our lives. Although that wish did not come true, I hope you are always happy and warm on your birthday, with or without me!

– Wish the person who was very special to me to welcome the new year with lots of joy and warmth. Wishing you more and more successful years, happier and luckier in your career, love and life.

– Today, even though she is no longer your girlfriend. But I still want to send you warm birthday wishes. I hope that, no matter who you are with, you are always smiling.

– Thanks to the sun for giving my ex-boyfriend warm birthday wishes. Hope all the good things in this world will come to you!

– Haven’t seen each other in years, huh? I don’t know what to say other than to send you a very happy, very happy birthday. I hope in the future someone will love you as much as I did.

With these sincere and simple birthday wishes, Kool Style hopes to help you choose the right greeting and send it to your ex-boyfriend. Even if you are no longer together, your wishes will surely warm your partner’s heart.

Birthday wishes for ex-boyfriend: Writing a few wishes on a birthday card to your ex-boyfriend is a daunting task. Without a doubt, this will remind you of a beautiful moment the two of you had. when it was still hot, and then painful memories of the breakup. To begin with, you must realize that it is not a good idea to send birthday cards to your ex on their birthday. But if your heart tells you otherwise, take the ideas from this article that can help you make an impression on yourself. Whether you want to write something sweet because you miss him, something romantic because you still love him, something sarcastic because you hate him or something funny because you both have calming – make sure your card conveys exactly how you feel about him right now. The last one is confusion because sending the wrong message to an ex can turn into a stressful nightmare.

  1. When we parted, what I feared came true. But deep in my heart, I still hope the best will come to you. Happy birthday
  1. We gave up on our relationship, but don’t give up on our friendship. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. I hope your birthday cake will be as bitter as the painful memories you caused me. Happy birthday to the worst ex-boyfriend.
  1. Since the day we broke up, I still miss you every day, the wonderful memories of your birthday will never disappear. Happy Birthday to You
  1. We’ve had a weird past but let’s face it, having each other as ex-lovers is better than nothing in the world. Happy birthday.
  1. Ex-boyfriends are said to be arrogant and nasty, annoying and rude. Thank you for being nothing to each other. Happy birthday.
  1. That was the day I thought you were the best thing that ever happened to me. It was also the day I thought you were the worst thing in my life. Today I think you are neither the best nor the worst- we mean nothing and you will always be my friend. happy Birthday to You
  1. I may never forgive you completely but the truth is, I wish you could see that I never forgot your birthday. Happy Birthday to You
  1. We will never know why we have sadness written on our fates, but I will always remember the good memories of when we were dating. happy Birthday to You
  1. I think your birthday is the best day for me to tell you that I miss you and I still want you back to me. I hope you think of me when you remove the candles on the cake and wish that it would end the conflict in my heart. Happy Birthday to You

Good birthday wishes for ex-boyfriend

Good birthday wishes for ex-boyfriend

  1. Sometimes I think I have to move on, sometimes I think I still love you. Emptiness in my heart and confusion in my mind, I wish you knew this. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. After all the love you give me, suffering is my gift back to you. But today is your birthday, forgiveness is the gift I will give you. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend.
  1. I have always been honest with you because there is no reason to lie to you. I still love you and I don’t know what to do to mend the pain we had. I don’t expect you to feel the same way but at least you can think of me when you cut the birthday cake. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. I can hold a grudge when you say goodbye to me but I still cherish the good memories you and I had. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. We can never be good lovers but at least we can be good friends. I’m glad we overcame the past by making it better. happy birthday.

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  1. Maybe today is the perfect day to decide we’ll be friends again. Happy birthday.
  1. I always wish good things to you, I always wish so and I will wish great things to you in the future. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. I’ll never be happy about what happened to the two of us, but I’m happy that at least we got through it and moved on. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. Our relationship may not last, but our friendship will always live on. Happy Birthday to You.

  1. When we were together I thought you were a worthless boyfriend. But when we broke up, I thought that you were the ex-lover worth remembering the most. Happy birthday to you
  1. I left the past behind, but I still can’t forget your birthday. happy Birthday to You.

Meaningful birthday wishes for ex-lover

Meaningful birthday wishes for ex-lover

  1. You’re not the only ex I’ve had, but you’re definitely someone I don’t regret falling in love with. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. I have no right to kiss or hug you. But I still have the right to wish you happy birthday. happy Birthday to You
  1. Our relationship has had many names. The first is called friendship. Then fall in love, then love. Now I don’t want to name any more. happy Birthday to You.
  1. Today is your birthday and I will give you a gift that you have never received. That is forgiveness. Happy Birthday to You
  1. I don’t know if I should wish you happy birthday like I did or not, like I don’t know if my heart still loves you or not. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. Think of our love when you blow out the candle, remember it used to be as beautiful as a rose. Think of us as he opens his birthday present, spend some time thinking about that beautiful moment. Think of me, even if it’s just for a day, because I miss you every day, not just your birthday. Happy birthday.
  1. We may not call each other lovers, but I think we can call each other friends. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.
  1. Wishing your birthday is a reminder that we have overcome the past and choose for ourselves a better lover than revenge on the ex. Happy Birthday to You.
  1. When we started dating, I lost a friend but gained a boyfriend. When you break up, you lose your lover, but you get a friend back. I guess we’re just going back to where we started. Happy Birthday to You
  1. I admit I hate you but I hate to admit it, that I still love you. Happy Birthday to You
  1. His birthday represents our mature relationship as boyfriend and ex-girlfriend. I am proud to say that we are an example of a couple that remains friends after a breakup. Happy Birthday to You
  1. Let’s pretend we hate each other today, but I still hope my love can erase all hatred. Although we are no longer lovers, I still love you like the first day. Happy birthday
  1. I hope you have a happy birthday for many years and that won’t change when we part. Happy birthday to you
  1. If I knew we started off as good friends, I would never have loved you. Happy birthday to you
  1. When I started dating him, he was a very special person. But I know you’re special for still keeping in touch with me after breaking up Happy birthday to my special ex.
  1. I’m not stressed about past memories, but I’m glad we broke up. I’m not nervous thinking about the future, but I think we’ll be good friends. Happy Birthday to You
  1. Let me wish for you on your birthday today, I hope and hope that one day I will get over this pain. Happy Birthday to You
  1. We can’t hold hands on your birthday, but I hope it stays that way. Happy birthday
  1. Our brother’s birthday we celebrate because we still talk to each other, not badmouthing each other and hating each other. happy Birthday to You

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