Birthday cakes are the best things that are invented ever in the human history. And significance of birthday cakes have been increasing considerably since last few decades. People have misconception in their mind that , Birthday cakes are only best available in bakeries and it is possible to make them similar to those cakes at him. But our personal experience has proved that the people those who don’t have much of culinary skills also manage to cook some awesome cakes. All you need is some very awesome recipe.

So today in this post i am going to share one of such awesome cake recipe. Basically chocolate roll cake is one of the awesome cake recipe introduced by  Cadbury  and it is suggested by many chefs as one of the best birthday cakes. So the details regarding same goes as follows:


  • Name of recipe: A sumptuous , classic chocolate roll cake.
  • Serves : 8 people , if followed instructions carefully.
  • Cook Time : Approximately 12 Minutes.
  • Preparation time : 20 Minutes.


  • Caster Sugar – 75 Grams.
  • Three eggs of medium size.
  • Plain flour – 75 Grams.
  • Also, Caster flour for dusting.
  • 25 Gram Bournville cocoa.


  1. Preheat the oven to approximately 200⁰ C, Mark gas 6. Grease and line the baking parchment with Swiss roll tin.
  2. With  the help of electric hand mixer, take eggs and sugar and whisk them together in a large bowl until the turn out to be thick and creamy.Sieve Cocoa and flour together .Into the mixture , add 1 tablespoon of hot water.But try not to knock out too much of air.
  3. Place the above mixture into the tin and tilt the tin to level the mixture. Do make sure that it goes right into the corners. Bake it for 10-12 minutes , until it becomes springy to touch.
  4. With the caster sugar dust out large out a large piece of baking parchment and turn the sponge out onto it. It’s time to give it the finishing , so trim of the hard edges , to give it an proper look. Along the width , make a dent of  1 cm . From this end roll it up with paper in middle. Finally, cool it on a wire rack.
  5. Beat the icing sugar and butter together until they become light and fluffy. And then beat in the melted chocolate.After unrolling  the sponge, the butter icing should be spread up and roll them up again.
  6. Refrigerate it until serving.
  7. Serve your awesome new recipe into by cutting them up into slices.

Here are some of the photos :

Chocolate Roll Birthday Cake Recipe

Chocolate Roll Birthday Cake Recipe

Chocolate Roll Birthday Cake Recipe


Here are some reviews from people who tried their hands on it –

  • Absolutely gorgeous – surprisingly easy. Once I’d turned the baked sponge out and it had cooled, I covered it in a tea towel so it didn’t dry out until I was ready to roll it. The rolling is a bit scary but take it super-slow, using the paper to ease the cake over. Managed to do it without cracking so I was very happy. Another fabulous Valli Little recipe!
    – By our neighbour
  • This was not as rich as some Swiss rolls I have had, but then it took much less time and many fewer eggs and other ingredients. For a ‘need it quick’ recipe this is a good pick. I did find the chocolate base a bit thin and mine stuck a bit to the pan but after trimming up the edges and dusting with cocoa powder, the finished product looked and tasted quite nice. I added a touch of baileys to the whipped cream for extra zing.
    – By Sackville

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