Welcome back messages and quotes are a great way to greet someone who has been away for personal reasons such as illness, pregnancy, or vacation. Returning to work or school after a long break can be challenging, so it’s important to show support and make them feel welcome. Here are some welcome back messages you can use to express your warm wishes:

– “The loveliest welcome comes to you because you are the loveliest! Sending you warm greetings and best wishes upon your return.”
– “Welcome back from the adventure ride! We definitely missed you!”
– “My heart feels like it’s about to explode, not seeing you in familiar corners. Now it can rest. Welcome home, husband!”
– “So glad you’re back, dear wife. Welcome home! We are delighted to have you back among us.”
– “Welcome back to work! Sincerely hope that you are no longer sick and in the right condition to continue working.”
– “Welcome back to you! We were really worried about your sudden sick leave, but seeing you back in good shape is so comforting!”
– “Welcome to your safest place – your home. Hope you have enjoyed your journey. Welcome back to you!”
– “You are the apple of my eyes, and I’m glad you’re back. Welcome, darling!”
– “Welcome back to the place where no one will judge you because everyone loves you. Welcome home.”
– “Dear brother, welcome home! We are so happy to have you back!”

In addition to these messages, there are also some welcome back quotes you can use:

– ” Welcome back, my cheeky little monkeys.” – Craig Ferguson
– “Again… welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safe; and leave a little bit of the happiness you bring.” – Beanstalk
– “Welcome my friends back to the never ending show. We’re glad you can come in, get in, get in.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Remember, welcoming someone back with a heartfelt message can make them feel valued and appreciated. So choose a message or quote that resonates with you and send it to make their return even more special!

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