To a friend of mine who it feels like
I’ve known for all eternity, I’m wishing
a truly wonderful birthday today!
You must feel pretty lucky to have
had a great friend like me in your life
for all these years since childhood!

Cute Birthday Wishes for your Female Best Friend

Dear Friend, we could never become enemies.
You know too many of my secrets. 
Wishing you a great birthday.

My friend is gorgeous. 
My friend is smart. 
And she learns it all from the 

Happy birthday to my favorite friend. 
Let’s create more laughs and fun this year together, 
because we suck at doing that when we’re apart.

Your beauty is age-defying. Keep looking sexy! 
Happy Birthday, friend!

You’re the birthday queen and
I’m your sexy side kick. Wishing you the best!

Why are you even blowing candles 
on your birthday? Yet another year, 
you still have a friend like me.

I thought of getting a unique and 
charming birthday gift to you, but then 
what popped up in my mind is that you have 
me in your life already.

You must be feeling proud of yourself 
this birthday. A year after, a smarter and a 
beautiful friend you have. Oh, it is me.

Oh, it is your birthday, the day I always wait 
to celebrate! Have that piece of cake with you 
and get that champagne for your best friend.

I truly hope you get toothless with me 
on every birthday. Happy birthday to my 
future-toothless twin!

It’s your birthday, eat the first and 
the last slice of cake just because you can!

Look on the bright side today. 
This is the youngest you’ll ever be again!

I would just like to point out that 
I knew today was your birthday before 
Facebook told me.

I hope your day is filled with cake, 
dancing, and having the attention on you. 
You know, things that normally happen. 
But this time, you get to do all of those things 
while wearing a silly party hat. Enjoy!

Birthday cards get lost and junked but a text message 
is forever!

To celebrate, let’s hit up all the
 places we can get 
free dessert and birthday songs!
 When else can you have 
groups of strangers sing to you 
without it being awkward?

Life without you is like a sitcom with no laugh track. 
Happy birthday, my beloved buddy.

May you age with the wisdom and strength of a 
Chinese kung-fu master.

You’re a shining example of what it means 
to still enjoy life even when logic dictates 
that you’re too old to.

In these coming years, may life bless you with 
so much prosperity that everything you touch turns to gold. 
May life also bless you with the grace to leave me, 
your best friend, all of your possessions once you die 
from starvation.

On this great day, may God bless you with 
booze made of water from the fountain of 
youth so that you’ll never age. Have a great one.

May an extra day be added to your life for every 
strand of hair that falls from your head.

Last year when I wished you old age, 
I didn’t know it would happen so fast! Forgive me.

Sometimes people say I must be gay for having a 
best friend who is also a female, 
but they don’t know you the way I do.

Best wishes! May you grow so old 
that all of your best friends are 
replaced by robots.

As the years progress, 
I learn each day to appreciate 
the simple things more and more, 
which is why we’re closer now 
than ever before.

If Thanksgiving is symbolized 
by turkeys and Easter by rabbits, 
then the official animal of your 
birthday should be the tortoise.
 Happy birthday, 
my extremely old fart of a friend!

You are such a special person that 
when you’re about to die 
I hope they freeze your brain so that 
it can be implanted in a robot 
a thousand years from now.

Short funny birthday wishes

As men, it’s not appropriate for us 
to shed tears when exchanging gifts 
on special occasions, 
but the one I’m giving you today 
cost me so much that I have to cry.

We could use the occasion of your birthday
 to party our fat asses off like we always do.
 However, this year 
I want you to use this time 
to reflect on the finer things in life, 
and when I return from the club you 
can tell me all about them.

As you grow older and wiser, 
may you also become senile and forget 
about the money I’m owing you.

Today would have been the 
perfect occasion to write 
sweet words about the greatest, 
most spectacular, uniquely exquisite 
friend in the world, but I already finished 
my autobiography a month ago.

If life were a game of soccer, 
I would be the multi-million 
dollar striker and you would be 
the faithful water boy I wave to 
at the end of every big game. 
Wish you the best, sweet friend!

Wrapping myself up and gifting myself 
to you as a birthday present would 
make me seem vain, so I decided to 
present you with my life-sized 
portrait instead.

As you grow into manhood, may life 
bless you with children who love you 
just as much as you love making them!

May this gift serve as an eternal 
reminder of our friendship because 
it’ll probably be the last one I ever buy.

Happy birthday, my dear. May your bank 
account grow so fast that you get audited 
by the IRS.

On your special day, may you be blessed with 
the problems of the rich – such as where to 
park your yacht.

May your body grow so old that people 
mistake you for a piece of wood. 
Birthday greetings, best friend!

Happy birthday to my beloved friend. 
I couldn’t have asked the casting director 
of life to give me a better sidekick.

May life compensate you like Floyd Mayweather 
for the many battles you have fought.

I thought about moving out of your house 
as you continue to grow old, but by the 
looks of things, you probably need 
me now more than ever.

If life were a sports league you would be MVP. 
Happy birthday and many more, dear friend.

Buddy, even though you were born with 
no exceptional talent, marketable skill or 
extraordinary intelligence, I still believe 
that life has nothing but the best in store for you.

Every day that I go to the gym, I use you as 
an inspiration – of what I would become if I let 
myself slack off. Best birthday wishes, best bud!

My birthday wish for you: I hope you never stop 
enjoying the small things in life. 
Because that’s what makes life worth living. 
I hope you take time to enjoy the present 
while working for a better future. 
I hope your year is full of memories, happiness, 
and adventure.

You’re older than you’ve been. But look on the 
bright side, you’re younger now than you’ll ever be!

I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake. 
And the year to follow is filled with as much 
joy as you bring your friends!

May your birthday be amazingly awesome and your 
hangover be mercifully minor.

The more you live, the younger you become. 
Maybe that’s why you look so good for your age!

Be who you are, because who you are is amazing. 
Happy birthday to my best friend!

Woohoo! Cake, booze, and partying! 
Oops… I mean… happy birthday!

There’s no way that your birthday can be as 
happy as you make me. But I hope it’s close!

Through thick and thin, you were always there for me. 
Just know that I’ll always be there for you 
when you need me.

There are friends and then there are best friends, 
happy birthday to the best friend I could have asked for!

The best gift is the gift of friendship. So, 
that is what I got you for your birthday! 
Don’t worry… 
I got you a real present too.

It’s your birthday! Which means 
it’s a great excuse to make some 
bad decisions, let’s party it up!

Best friends are the friends 
who keep your embarrassing secrets private. 
Thank you for always keeping my less than 
proud moments under wraps.

Hey it’s your birthday and I just 
wanted to let you know that you’ll 
never have to face a problem alone. 
I may not be able to solve every problem 
but I’ll always be here for you 
when you need me.

When I think back to all the things 
we’ve been through, I’m so thankful 
that I got to go through everything 
with you by my side. Happy birthday 
to my best friend who never let me go 
it alone.

Hey you! It’s your birthday! Cake! 
Candles! Drinks! Presents! More drinks! 
Can you tell I’m excited?

I love it when it’s your birthday, 
because it means we have a great 
excuse to go out and have some fun! 
Let’s go celebrate!

You’ll never have to walk 
the world alone. 
As long as my heart beats, 
you’ll have me.

As long as I have a couch, 
you’ll have a couch to crash on. 
No matter what happens. 
You’ll always have a place 
if you need it.

What is a friend? You. 
You is a friend. 
You is my best friend. 
Best friend is have birthday. 
Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my best friend. 
I hope it is filled with awesomeness!

Perfect birthday? Good food, 
good drinks, great friends, 
and lots of birthday presents and wishes!

It’s your day! But leave it in the
 capable hands of your best friends.
 We’ll treat you right!

If your birthday is half as amazing 
as you are, it’s going to be epic.
 Happy birthday to the best friend 
a person could ask for!

I hope you have a very hoppy birthday. 
Full of beers and cheers!

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