My Sweet Orange Tree is a famous novel by José Mauro de Vasconcelos. Immediately refer to the good and meaningful quotes in my story Sweet Orange Tree!

My Sweet Orange Tree is a famous novel by José Mauro de Vasconcelos that is well known to many readers. The story in My Sweet Orange Tree reminds adults how to treat children and learn to teach their children with warm love.

firstAbout my book Sweet Orange Tree

My sweet orange tree (Meu Pé de Laranja Lima) is a The famous autobiographical novel by the author José Mauro De Vasconcelos. This work was first published in 1968 and has been included in the primary education curriculum in Brazil. At the same time, this book has been copyrighted and adapted into movies in many countries around the world.

About my book Sweet Orange TreeAbout my book Sweet Orange Tree

My Sweet Orange Tree tells the story of Zezé’s life – a boy born in a large family but with a poor family background. With an innocent but sensitive soul, Zezé was not understood by adults, so he used his imagination as a weapon against the adult world reeling in money, lacking happiness and dreams.

The boy did enough tricks to overcome the gloomy, boring and beaten world, so he had to vent his heart to the little orange tree growing behind the house. He named it Minguinho, from then on they were friends, talking together and overcoming a difficult childhood.

2Good quotes from my book Sweet Orange Tree

1. Mom, I shouldn’t have been born in this world

“Whoever has been in the world, that person deserves to be born. Me too.”

2. The bitterness of poverty mixes with the sweetness of discovering what makes life worth living

3. Now I really know what pain is. Pain is not being beaten to unconsciousness. Pain is not having a shard of glass cut your leg through multiple stitches at the pharmacy. The pain is this: my whole heart aches, and I have to take it to the grave.

4. I stroked his head, my heart overflowing with emotion, and for the first time I felt that his head was smooth and that even bats like to be cared for.

5. You see, Glo. I do nothing. When I deserve to be beaten, I accept it. But I’ve done nothing wrong here.

Good quotes from my book Sweet Orange TreeGood quotes from my book Sweet Orange Tree

6. Not killing him means grabbing Buck Jones’ pistol and shooting! It doesn’t have to be. You can kill someone in your heart. Don’t love that person anymore. And so one day he will die.

7. Our hearts need to be big enough to make room for everything we love

8. Why do people tell children so much when they are so young?

The above is a collection of some good and meaningful quotes from my book Sweet Orange Tree. Hopefully the article will help you better understand this book right and have a great reading experience!

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