Birthdays are wonderful occasions to celebrate when a person means a lot to you. This is especially important for daughters. For a father, his daughter will always remain “daddy’s little girl” no matter how old she gets. For a mother, her daughter will always remain “little piece of her own heart and soul”. If you feel the same for your little angel, write sweet quotes on a greeting card for your daughter’s birthday using “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAUGHTER GREETINGS & PICS”. Between parents and daughter, there is always a special bond. You often want to give your daughter the best thing you have, especially on their birthday.  Besides buying her gifts or throwing a birthday party, you can share meaningful words to truly make her day special.  Here are fifty ideas for you to use to make your child feel special.

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01) Daughters are like the sunlight that reflects on the raindrops of our lives to make beautiful rainbows. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

02) Dear daughter, best wishes on your birthday! I wish that your celebration will be as sweet as you are.

03)Ever since you were a little baby to the day you became a teenage girly, you have always been the love of your mommy and daddy. Happy birthday.

04) To our beloved daughter, today we are celebrating the best gift that we have ever received and that is your birth. Thank you for being a blessing into our life. Happy Birthday!

05) We love our beautiful daughter to the moon and back. Happy Birthday to our favorite princess!

06) We feel so proud and happy to see how much our little girl has grown to become such a fine young lady. On your birthday, we wish that more love and blessings will come on your way. Happy Birthday!

07) As long as I see respect in your eyes, my life seems like the most beautiful prize. As long as I can feel warmth in your hugs, everything else seems cozy and snug. Happy birthday, checkout Happy Birthday son

08) This day is very important for us and to everyone who knows you, our dear daughter! You are such an amazing person and on your birthday, we wish you all the best things in life.

09) Happy Birthday to my favorite princess! Have a royal time today.

10) If I were to give you a Birthday cake, it would be as big as a trampoline and as long as a queen’s dining table. I’d have so much to write that it could never fit in. I love you dear daughter. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday daughter Wishes

11) Cute and pretty, beautiful and lovely. Charming and bubbly, innocent and friendly. Dear daughter, you are all of the above, endless for you is our love. Happy birthday.

12) Right from the very first time we held you in our arms, we knew you were special. Today we find ourselves really happy to see you grown up so beautifully. Happy Birthday to our little princess.

13) You have made us proud in every way. May your day bring you nothing but happiness and fond memories. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

14) May you be blessed with all the good things you deserve. You have always made us proud. Happy Birthday to our dearest daughter.

15) The Gods smiled on us, the angels blessed us and the fairies worked their magic on our lives on the day you were born. Happy birthday.16) If there anything more beautiful in this world than a lily in bloom or drops of rain falling on your face, it is the birth of a daughter. On your Birthday dear daughter, we’re experiencing that beauty all over again. Happy Birthday to you!

17) Happy Birthday, Daughter! May your day be one of laughter and music.

18) Daughters are like the warm rays of sunshine on a chilly morning, a cool breeze in a humid afternoon and a soft wrap of chocolate trickle on a skewer of strawberry! Who wouldn’t want a lovely daughter like you? Happy Birthday my dear angel.

19) Our hearts beat for no one but you, ever since the day we heard your say boo. Happy birthday.

20) Even when you grow up, to us you always gonna be our little girl. Have a nice Birthday.

Happy Birthday Daughter Messages

21) Daughter, you are treasured by us and by everyone that has been graced by your presence! I am wishing you a wonderful day!

22) Like a cherished memory, you become even sweeter, more precious and lovelier with time. Happy birthday, my sweet darling.

23) I am proud to say the mini version of myself is way better that the original one. Happy birthday sweetheart.

24) In my heart, you’ll always be my little girl, my beautiful princess. In my eyes, you’re a successful, funny, loving, caring, inspirational woman. Either way, you’re great. I love you. Happy birthday!

25) If I had all the time in the world to write about how I feel about you, I would write a 100-volume magnum opus — and that still wouldn’t contain enough words to express my undying love for you. Happy birthday, my sweet princess!

26) I still remember cuddling you in my arms and singing you a lullaby. But seeing you so grown up makes me realize how time flies. Happy birthday to my daughter.

27) Screaming, yelling, hollering, Happy Birthday to my little doll, I love you so much. You have brought me so much joy over these years. You have taught me so much about life, about myself, about being patient. You have taught me how to love. You deserve the best and I promise to do everything within my power to give you just that!

28) Our life’s pride and our never-ending happiness, is what you are our dear little princess. Happy birthday.

29) To my lovely daughter: No matter how many birthdays come and go, you’ll always be my little girl. I love you. May God bless you every day and night! Happy Birthday and have a wonderful day!

30) The most beautiful flower of the world does not belong to an exotic tropical forest or remote grassland… it belongs to family and it is my daughter. Happy birthday.


31) Happy Birthday to my Princess! It’s amazing how time flies. You are my daughter and my best friend too. It’s been my pleasure being your mom. You have become an amazing person. I love you more than words can express. I hope you get spoiled and get to eat lots of birthday cake.

32) Daughters like you are fairies. They make their parents’ lives magical like a surreal fairy tale. Happy birthday.

33) Screaming to the top of my lungs, wishing the world’s best daughter a Happy Birthday! May God bless you on this day and every day and may you continue to be the wonderful person you are. I love you and I thank God that he brought you into my life. You are the best daughter any mother could have.

34) You will never realize why we love you so much until the day you become a mother to a darling daughter like yourself. Happy birthday sweetie.

35) Happy Birthday to our pride and joy:)


36) If there existed a word to describe daughters like you, it would be the most beautiful word to ever be written. Happy birthday daughter, my dearest.

37) I’m so glad that God gave me a daughter like you and so grateful that I have you as a daughter.

38) Your happiness and your success – these are the only two things we want in life and we are doing everything we can to help you get them. Happy birthday dear.

39) On your Birthday today, we wish you 365 days fun, frolic, happiness and uncontrollable laughter! Happy Birthday. We love you, our dear daughter.

40) The best part about having a daughter is that a mother can see her own reflection without looking into the mirror. Happy birthday.

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41)You are a gracious person, with a good heart. You care, not because you need to, but because you want to. May God bless you. Happy Birthday daughter.

42)As you grow older and aim high for your dreams, don’t be afraid to fall because we will always be there to catch you. Happy birthday daughter.

43) To Our Special Daughter…You are everything to both of us and we have always tried to give you the best. We know that life is not always perfect, but we always taught you to take the good and learn from the rest. Happy Birthday and best wishes, too! You’re a wonderful daughter and we love you!

44) On the day that you were born, we were blessed with the cutest and the most adorable daughter. We decided to commit our lives to doing everything we could to be the best parents ever. Happy birthday daughter.

45) The almighty sent me a gift once. A gift, that filled my existence with love, joy and happiness. That gift was everything. That gift was you. Happy Birthday my little girl!


46) Having a daughter means…
Seeing a thousand rainbows every day,
A thousand occasions of sweet hurray,
A thousand sweet dreams every night,
And a thousand reasons to laugh and smile!
Happy Birthday to you, angel!

47) Daughters like you are as warm as the sun, bright as the stars and sweet as honey. We love you so much. Happy Birthday Daughter, our sweetie!

48) Couldn’t believe how swiftly time has passed us by. You’re such a big girl now! May you reach all your dreams and aspirations in life. Have a delightful birthday!

49) Daughter, you are treasured by us and by everyone that has been graced by your presence! I am wishing you a wonderful day!

50) Happy birthday to a daughter who is special in every way!


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