Do you have a Korean friend or boyfriend or girlfriend? , then you have arrived at the right place, here I am presenting you the elaborate collection of wallpaper, images and wishes of Happy Birthday in Korean, because once  a year there comes a time when you need to wish them Happy Birthday in Korean.Hangul is the native language for Koreans, so here I am writing down the Happy Birthday in Korean wishes in Hangul language as well as its pronunciation in terms of English language.

Happy Birthday in Korean

Standard & Common Way:

The standard and common way to say Happy Birthday in Korean is by saying  “saengil chukhahaeyo” which you would use when you are saying Happy Birthday to a person with whom you are not so close. But wait there are some Intricacies that has to be looked upon. But in common you can use  “saengil chukhahaeyo”  to wish
Happy Birthday in Korean

The Polite Way:

You can use “saengil chukhahaeyo (생일 축하해요)” to wish Happy Birthday in Korean in a polite way. You can use it Whenever you are talking to: A person who is older than you or the person with whom you are talking is not close to you. You can even use this when you are not sure of which from to use.

The Honorific salutary way:

If the person whom you are greeting belongs to extremely reverential status, and you have huge respect for him/her, then you can use  “saengshin chukha-deuryeoyo” ( 생신 축하드려요).You can use it to greet your elderly teacher, your older relative.

The Informal way:

If you are friends with Korean then they care much about how you talk to them. So if you are good friends then you can use “saengil chukhahae” (생일 축하해). It is the informal way of wishing Happy Birthday in Korean.You can also use it to wish someone who is small in age than you or to someone who is very near and dear to you.

The formal way:

If you find yourself stuck in a very formal situation you can use “saengil chukhahamnida”(생일 축하합니다).

“Happy birthday! Always stay healthy and happy” in Korean = = 생일 축하합니다! 항상 건강하시고 행복하세요


Generally, Happy Birthday!

생일 축하해요! Sang il Chu Ka He !

For friends or people younger than you,

생일 축하해! Sang il Chu Ka He!

For people older than you or higher rank than you,

생신 축하드려요! Sang Shin Chu Ka Deu Ryea!

Happy Birthday Song in Korean video & Lyrics


Happy Birthday in Korean Lyrics:

saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da
sarang ha neun — (name) shi
saeng il chuk ha ham ni da

Happy Birthday in Korean Wallpapers

Happy Birthday in Korean Happy Birthday in Korean Happy Birthday in Korean Happy Birthday in Korean Happy Birthday in Korean Happy Birthday in Korean Happy Birthday in Korean


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