Nowadays the internet is erupting with memes, you can find memes everywhere ranging from facebook comments to some of your friend’s profile pictures. Memes are the way of mocking people around you in the most flippant way. No one gets’s offended and still it serves your purpose of deriding the person you wish. So why not have some awesome memes for birthday? , here is the list of some coolest happy birthday memes. You can use these happy birthday memes to wish your nigga happy birthday in the most awesome way.

So here are few awesome Happy Birthday Memes

  1. Happy birthday meme right from the nose of Voldemort, OOPS, he has no nose!
    Happy birthday Memes
  2. Do you know every person has two Christmas in his life because one Christmas is the common one which everyone celebrates while your birthday is like person Christmas for you.

    Happy birthday Christmas meme

  3. Everyone has the friend who is either a bodybuilder or fat like a pumpkin, you could use this awesome happy birthday meme to wish him.
    Happy birthday Memes
  4. If you want to say, someone, that though there is their birthday, the number of fucks given by you equals zero.
    Happy birthday angry cat meme
  5. Joker approves your birthday, let the “happy birthday, happy birthday ” game begin.
    Happy birthday Memes
  6. To your brothers, you fight, you beat the shit out of each other but at the end of a day you care a lot.
    Happy birthday Memes
  7. Mr. President wants to wish you happy birthday, send this awesome happy birthday meme to your friends.
    Happy birthday Memes
  8. Having birthday? happy birthday, happy birthday!
    Happy birthday Memes
  9. Happy birthday meme to frighten your friend, but not really, you are just teasing him another way around. Anyways, who doesn’t love cakes?
    Happy birthday Memes
  10. This one could be tagged as “Happy Birthday meme to me .”Be a narcissist, be self- obsessed and never underestimate yourself.
    Happy birthday Memes
  11. Science approves this theory!
    Happy birthday Memes
  12. Happy birthday meme for the magnificent bastard!
    Happy birthday Memes
  13. Brothers mean a lot, this meme works wonder for metalhead brothers.
    Happy birthday Memes
  14. Here is the most offensive way to spoil anyone’s birthday! p.s: try it at your own risk, Birthday night is responsible for consequences of any type, be it physical or emotional.
    Happy birthday Memes
  15. Let everything go to hell, all I want to do is the binge huge stack of cakes,
    Happy birthday Memes
  16. Chuck Norris approves! you can live one more year 😀
    Happy birthday Memes
  17. Who is the real muthafucka ?wish that motherfucker happy birthday!
    Happy birthday Memes
    Happy birthday Memes
  18. Jesus exclaims “Happy birthday my nigga !”
    Happy birthday Memes
  19. Ohh is it your birthday ??Cool, cool I don’t give a fuck, nor am I going to wish you!
    Happy birthday Memes
  20. Let the world burn and you eat the largest portion of the cake!
    Happy birthday Memes
  21. A meme for someone who is hot as hell and really looks cool. Every time there is no need to make fun of the person , sometimes complementing is good too.
    Happy birthday Memes
  22. When you are tired of people wishing your friend on his facebook wall and you get sick of such posts! Brace yourself, Happy birthday posts are coming!
    Happy birthday Memes
  23. Hey, girl , Happy Birthday.
    Happy birthday cool girl Memes
  24. I don’t always wish happy birthday, but when I wish it, I make sure that I use this image!
    Happy birthday Memes
  25. I wish you to have a happy birthday, no this time I really wish you to have  a happy birthday.
    Happy birthday to you Memes
  26. I would have had wished you happy birthday, but that’s just too mainstream, instead I would prefer to walk over to your home and wish you with a sweet hug!
    Happy birthday Memes
  27. Hey if someone mocks you because you look more nerdy or you look bit more aged than people of your agr group, then consider it as a compliment and be sassy to reply them with this blatant meme.
  28. Okay, enough of happy birthday! now get the heck back to the gym !
    Happy birthday get back to gym meme
  29. Happy birthday, nigga ! My nigga!
    Happy birthday nigga meme



  1. Clap for that guy, his birthday today !!!
  2. Surprised…
    meme (22)
  3. Aliens too wishes you Happy Birthday ! LOL
  4. Oppa is Gangnam style.
  5. Happy Birthday …don’t make noise, enjoy silently!
  6. So finally it’s your birthday !
  7. LOLm’LOL
  8. May all the cheesecakes around the world be with you.
  9. Lets hope you survive for one complete year…hahahahaha
  10. I don’t Give A Fu*k!
  11. Hearing about a guy having birthday on 29th of feb.
  12. Stone gold rules,…
  13. Indian (12)
  14. Nothing to say about this,
  15. Wishes for a Fool friend. hehehehe
  16. Come On kiss me … no  ?
  17. Dat’ASS !!!
    meme (8)
  18. When you are ‘NOT’ so excited!
  19. Cake after dieting …
  20. Leaders RULE.
  21. Best BADday Ever !!!meme (3)
  22. Yuckkkk…… Face.
  23. Kiddish behaviour at someones birthday …
  24. Funny Rabbits.
  25. #Gangnam_style_birthday

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