No Shave November (Movember Special)

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You Are The Best, Brother

You’re another year older and looking like dad And the clothes that you wear, look the same… Guess I can’t complain my brothers the best Even though his dress sense is lame. Happy Birthday Bro – Happy birthday poem for brother.

Soul Mate

As you turn a year older As you get a bit wiser Smile, and say cheese So that I can freeze Yet another memory In our life’s awesome story Not just as brothers But mates, unlike any other

Happy birthday – Happy birthday poem for brother.

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Nature Bonding Coming home from school everyday Saying anything that I wanted to say Playing outside in the sun all day long Learning from you, how to be strong Bonding with you as if we were best friends Fighting and arguing with you to no end Aspiring to be like you when I have grown Looking up to you as the best bro I’d known These are all the wonderful memories That have shaped my life’s destiny For such an amazing ride, I thank you For giving me life’s best possible view

Happy birthday bro – Happy birthday poem for brother.

Together As Friends

Brother and sister Together as friends Ready to face Whatever life sends. Joy and laughter pain and tears there for each other through all of our years. Another year passed and I’d just like to say I wish you the best in life everyday.

Happy Birthday – Happy birthday poem for brother.

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Blood Relation From where love came, we cannot see Perhaps, within us, born and bred Or taught to us at parent’s knee

Or instilled by God in heart and head.

Perhaps it sprang from some kind deed Which, long forgotten,yet has grown To dazzling heights from one small seed In the fertile soil of distress sown. Respect rises up so far above The pettiness of separate view Differences bow before a love And friendship that is blood-bound, too. May the bond between us stronger grow May I prove the fondness I confess Which my hand’s service cannot show

Nor my simple words ever express – Happy birthday poem for brother.

Our Bond Is Unbreakable

Some people say that we are the same Some people say that we are different Regardless of what anyone has to say We are blood brothers, and that is permanent Some people say that we fight a lot Some people say that we constantly argue But despite the drama we eventually patch up Unbreakable, is the bond between me and you

Happy birthday brother – Happy birthday poem for brother.

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Love As round as a ball cuddly as a bear With big blue eyes

and sandy blond hair.

He giggles so loudly as does his cry So bold and daring

yet timid and shy.

He annoys me so much and puts me through strife But he is like sunshine

a light in my life.

Today it’s his birthday annoying or not My little Brother

I love him a lot – Happy birthday poem for brother.

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