Birthdays are special, wish your best friend with Happy Birthday Poem For Friend and make them happy. Find the best Happy Birthday Poem For Friend listed below.

A Birthday Gift To You My Friend

At times, I wonder what makes you special, The smile, the trust, or the way you care. At times, I wonder what makes you fun,

The bond, the memories or the way you share.

A beautiful day and a sparkling occasion. Today, I wonder what should I gift you? You always have my support, care and love

So I gather deep emotions to greet you.

I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

It’s Your Birthday My Friend

It’s your birthday, so spread the cheer, May you have another fun-filled year, May all that you always wanted comes to you, Forget the sadness of the past, & start life anew.

Wishing you a very Happy and Pleasant Birthday.

Happy birthday Poem for Mom

A friend for Life

When I wanted a shoulder to cry on, you were there. When I wanted to hear kind words, you were there. When I wanted to share a secret, you were there. When I wanted to jumped in joy, you shrieked too. Today for your birthday, I want to do a lot more than you did in every single way…

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes to My Supportive Friend

A friend like you is a gift from God, Tough to find at home or abroad. You were a great support and wiped away my tears, What would I have done without you all these years. Dear friend, on your birthday, I send the best of wishes to make you happy in every way.

Happy Birthday Dear!

Happy birthday Poem for Dad

Unforgettable Friend

Yesterday was a day to remember, For it gave me a friend I can never forget ever. Today, I look forward for your birthday, And celebrate like it is an exotic holiday. Tomorrow I see you as an important part of my life, A gift when I think of makes me feel extremely nice.

Have a gorgeous Birthday My Friend!

Fun-filled Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Your birthday is a day to rejoice, Have fun and celebrate for we made a great choice. Our friendship is the best that could happen to us, Spending time together relieves me of all stress. Wishing you only of life’s best, Relish and enjoy it with all your zest.

Happy Birthday My Friend!

Wishing A Wonderful Friend

Happy birthday to my dear friend, You are so true, In front of you, No one needs to pretend, Stay as you are, As I wish you today, A great start filled with love,

On your birthday!

Blessed Birthday Wishes

Friends are gifts forever, There is no now or never, Being your friend is such a pleasure, It gives me the feeling of worldly treasure, Happy birthday to my dearest friend, May you get everything that you wish for,

A true wish from my end!

Loving Birthday Wish For A Friend

Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, You are a too good to be true, With you around, Everything is effortless and new, Let me wish you on your special day, My dear friend,

Wish you a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend Forever

Candles and cakes just for you, Feel the magic as everything is new, My friend my best wishes for you this day, I just have some words to say, Stay blessed and have an awesome day,

Wish you a very happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for a Sweetheart Friend

Bought some balloons for this day, Baked you an awesome cake, My feelings are pure, There is nothing fake, Happy birthday to the sweetest friend in my life, Without you it is tough to survive,

Have a blasting day!

Happy Birthday Old Friend

Our friendship has lasted for several years, Although we have fought and struggled with tears. But old friendship is the best anyone can get, And you are the best person I’ve ever met. Happy birthday special one,

With you around, my joy reaches a ton.

To My School Friend

School is the best period of life, Moments of joy and strife. But there I found a soul mate, A friend and a person so great. Today on your birthday I wish you,

Only the best of wishes very true.

For a Beautiful Birthday My Friend

Happy birthday my dear friend, You will always be special to me till the very end. Wish your day to be full of happy surprise, Right from the time of sunrise. May the sun give you a beautiful day,

And the moon brings a lovely end in every way.

A Special Wish For My Buddy

Happy birthday to my dear friend, With you I just don’t need to pretend, You know what’s on my mind, You are so genuine and kind, I am so lucky; I have you as my friend,

Happy birthday dear friend!

Partying on your Birthday

Today is the day for party and fun, So let’s get-together in the beach sun. Friends we are to the most special one, And we guarantee a day of happiness a ton. We want to make you feel your worth,

And in the process give you life’s mirth.

Happy birthday Poem For Brother

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

A friend like you sweet and cool, Deserves a day of celebration and no rule. You have the ability to bring a smile, In a way that is so special to your style. Happy birthday my dear friend,

I hope and pray that our friendship should never see an end.

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