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Songs have been the best treat for every occasion from wedding ceremony to birthday parties. A Birthday Celebration without songs is a birthday half celebrated. Specially the Happy Birthday to you song, that we will have today in this article. We have a great collection of songs to play on birthday on our website.

Happy Birthday songs download free downloads

Happy Birthday songs download free downloads

Here are the Best Happy Birthday Songs:-

The first song that comes to everyone’s mind for birthdays is the traditional “Happy Birthday to You Song”. This song is sung in almost every single person’s birthday celebrations. Below are the Lyrics for this Birthday Song.

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to You…

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday Dear “Name”

Happy Birthday to You…

Watch the traditional Happy Birthday Song here:

Another song that comes to our mind is the Best Birthday Song ever with awesome wishes to send to your loved ones.

Here are the lyrics for the best birthday song:

Wish you happy Birthday to You,

May all your dreams come true..

Happy Happy Birthday…..OoOooo

This is your Birthday song,

Celebration All night long,

I wish all your dreams come true,

Lets sing on together.. Happy Birthday to You..

Happy Birthday, Celebration

Party Night, feel the Vibration

Lights are bright, we feeling all right

and so on…

happy birthday song lyrics

happy birthday song lyrics

Here is the Video for the Best Birthday Song:

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Happy Birthday Song with Name – 101 Happy Birthday

We are back on 101happybirthday with Happy Birthday Song with Name. Many times we want to have a personalized song for birthday.

A happy birthday song on every single birthday of any person in this world. Here we are with happy birthday song download in mp3 and video.

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