WOMENSpecial kids deserve special wishes, you can’t just repeat a boring old saying refer to birthday wishes for 4 year old baby to have good wishes for the baby

All the children in this world love to be congratulated on their birthdays. Especially children at the age of 3 and 4 have understood the meaning of their birthday. Therefore, remember to prepare happy and cute birthday wishes to congratulate the children.

Birthday greetings for 4-year-olds don’t have to be fancy or flowery. Just a simple, close and warm greeting can make the children happy. Of course, the children will be happier if there are more gifts to their liking.

As for the wishes, you can refer to the following suggestions of Kool Style to get ideas for happy birthday to the kids!

– Wish your child to be 4 years old eat a lot to grow up quickly, sleep a lot to grow taller. Especially when you’re 4 years old, you can’t cry anymore, it’s bad to cry when you’re older.

– My birthday, my parents wish it simply this. I wish you to always be obedient, listen to your parents and grandparents. Especially, I hope you don’t pee every night anymore!

– My dear baby, on your birthday, I just wish that in your new age you eat well, sleep well and quickly become a beautiful, talented and happy girl. I love you so much!

– Daddy’s little princess. Happy birthday baby. Wish you a happy new year and smile every day. Only that much is enough for parents to feel warm and happy. I love you so much!

– My dear son, you were still cuddling in my mother’s arms. However, today my son is 4 years old, he knows how to get water for his mother to drink when he is tired. Happy birthday to you with all the best.

– Happy birthday to my little son. Grow up quickly, so that our three children can escape from their mother to play soccer. I love you so much!

– Send the best wishes to the stars in the sky for your beloved children. Wish your 4-year-old child always innocent and happy. Parents will give all the best to their children, so that they can grow up in the warm loving arms of the family.

The great joy of parents is seeing their children grow up and laugh every day. Wishing you a beautiful and warm 4 year old baby!

– Grandson, wish you a new age, eat full and grow up quickly. Especially, I have to stop whining, lest my parents beat me. She can’t defend me forever!

– Congratulations on turning 4 years old. Just the other day, he was still crying in the crib, but today he already knows how to help him pull out his gray hair. May your grandchildren always be happy and innocent like that.

– Hey, my naughty baby. I wish you 4 years old to be a little less naughty! I prepared a gift that you really like to give you, I’m sure you will like it.

– Happy birthday to your lovely grandson. I wish you 4 years old will eat more to gain weight quickly. He loves you very much!

– Happy birthday to her 4 little treasures. She wished the new-age baby girl to grow up quickly, obey her teachers at school, and obey her parents at home so she would never be punished.

The simple and close greetings above are good suggestions that you should not ignore when you want to wish your child or grandchild a 4 year old birthday. The children may not fully understand the content of the wishes, but they will certainly be very happy and happy because they are cared for and loved.

Search through our collection of cute birthday wishes to find the best birthday messages for 4-year-old boys and girls. Oh when you look at it, it’s as if it was only yesterday when you first saw the child’s face. Maybe that day you thought, “damn, what a lovely child”. And here you are, exactly 4 years after that baby was born and changed your life forever. It reminds you every day how special your baby is to you. But special children deserve special wishes, don’t I? You can’t just repeat the same old boring “Happy Birthday” as you would to any random person you know. So here are some “special” birthday wishes for your “special” 4-year-old.

_ To the ancient Greeks, the number 4 was the perfect number, and to mom and dad, you’re also a wonderful 4-year-old. I wish you a happy birthday and when you grow up you can become the person you dream of.

Since a clover is considered lucky when it has 4 leaves, we are also lucky to have the best 4-year-old child in the world. Thank you for bringing blessings to our family, you are a gift from our parents, we love you with all our hearts! Happy birthday wishes from parents.

_ Now that you have 365 days the best 4-year-old in the world, make sure you make these days the most beautiful of your life. Eat a lot of cake, stay dirty, enjoy the gifts, balloons, music, friends. And most importantly, enjoy life, happy birthday baby.

_ I really hope that with each candle on your birthday cake, your wishes will also come true. Because today is a very special day, it’s the day our 4-year-old child has become bigger than the child we held in our arms 4 years ago. That makes us the happiest people in the world without even knowing it.

_ Today is the only day of the year dedicated to you and it truly is an even more special day as you turn 4 today, so enjoy it as best you can, baby!

_ No toy is cuter, no cake is sweeter than our 4 year old miracle baby! You’re one step closer to becoming the person who will change the world, happy birthday!

_ Maybe this year’s birthday cake is 4 times better than last year’s cake because that’s what it takes to celebrate the birthday of the coolest 4-year-old in the world.

_ Look, I’m 4 years old, I’m going to school soon, meet new friends, have a lot of fun and have fun all day. So enjoy it while you can, before you become a boring adult like your mom and dad. Love you, my coolest uncle.

Out of all the 4-year-olds, you are the most special and the least annoying to others. I wish that you will have a lot of joy and may all your wishes come true.

_ Hey baby, 4 years old huh? You are growing up, you will learn a lot of things from now on, there will be a lot of fun and also many problems. But you don’t need to care about anything right now, just focus on having fun for the next 24 hours on this special day.

4 year old baby birthday cake

4 year old baby birthday cake

A little bird told me you’re the coolest kid in town, and especially today, you’re 4 times cooler! Happy birthday to my little sun.

_ You can be happy to grow up, because the birthday party is big and the birthday cake is even better, right? But don’t rush to grow up my baby, your childhood is the best time of life. I’m really free now, do whatever I want, can annoy everyone all day with that cuteness and no one has the heart to say anything to complain because I’m just a kid. And especially today I’m a kid who just turned 4 years old!! So enjoy your birthday to the best of your ability, messing with us all the way you like while you still can.

I hate spending hours unwrapping presents, but I hope you’ll take the time to look at the lovely gifts you’ve got after tonight’s wonderful birthday party.
_ Look, our little prince/princess just turned 4 years old. I hope you stay in this wonderful state forever.

When people ask me what is the best day of my life, I answer without thinking, saying it is this day. More precisely on this day four years ago, when you, my beloved child, entered my life. And for that, I sincerely thank you for giving us the opportunity to be good parents to the most amazing child. Happy birthdaymy little love.

So here are 15 great wishes for your wonderful 4-year-old! Oh and, don’t forget gifts, everyone loves gifts, especially 4-year-olds

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