On your ex-husband’s birthday, if you are still hesitating about how to wish it right, please refer to it Happy birthday wishes for ex-husband by Kool style for good ideas

Happy Birthday Ex-husband: What would you say to your ex-husband to wish him a happy birthday? Take inspiration from the quotes and messages below to write a birthday card with a few sweet things for your ex-husband, if you want to start a fresh start. A cute text message or a funny Facebook post can start a warm friendship with your ex-husband. For the sake of your child and the fact that he is the father of the children, if you think his birthday is an opportunity for you to talk to him, send him a greeting card. As his ex-wife, show him that you’ve taken the next step toward adulthood after your marriage fell apart.

  1. I hope the sweetness in this message somewhat overpowers the bitterness of this broken marriage. Happy birthday to my ex-husband
  1. We can give up on this marriage, but don’t give up on our memories. Happy birthday ex-husband
  1. Just because our marriage didn’t go well, doesn’t mean I don’t wish you well. Happy birthday
  1. We are no longer husband and wife, even though we are far apart, I am always grateful that you have been a good father to our children. Happy birthday to my ex-husband
  1. Your child’s father was never your enemy. Happy birthday
  1. For your sake, let’s promise each other that we won’t let our bitter past affect our future. Happy birthday
  1. He became my boyfriend, then my fiancee, and finally my husband. Life goes around like a circle and now you’re my friend again. Happy birthday
  1. The divorce quickly separated us from each other. But let us try to build a bridge so the kids can cross both sides of us whenever they want. Happy birthday to my ex-husband

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  1. I wish life had a rewind button. I’ll rewind the time when we were just friends before our marriage and press stop so we’ll be friends forever, and never lovers. Happy birthday old husband

Birthday cake for ex-husband

Birthday cake for ex-husband

  1. The way he supports his wife and children after the divorce shows that he has changed, but he still has a generous heart. Happy birthday.
  1. If I could use the cut and paste button in my life, I would CUT you from an ex-husband and PASS you into a friend. Happy Birthday to You
  1. We are no longer husband and wife, but we will always be a part of each other’s lives. Happy birthday
  1. Our children may not be able to see their parents in a healthy marriage, but at least we can show them that it is still possible to get along for the sake of our beloved children. Happy birthday ex-husband
  1. Our divorce was the worst experience of my life, but I want you to know that in my heart I still hold dear the wonderful memories of our marriage. Happy birthday ex-husband
  1. As your ex-wife, I have no right to interfere in your private life. But I hope I have the right to wish you happy birthday. Happy birthday
  1. We both moved on and went our separate ways, but I can’t forget the birthday of the man I called my husband before. Happy birthday ex-husband
  1. It’s a pity I have to add the word Old before referring to you as my husband, but at least we still talk. Happy birthday

  1. Life is short to regret- we may not have the chance to change what happened, but that shouldn’t stop us from praying for each other. Happy Birthday to You
  1. It’s strange to wish my ex-husband a happy birthday on his birthday, but I still do it as a sign we’ve moved on from our past. Happy birthday
  1. Immature decisions prevented our marriage, but we’re still mature enough to support our ex. Happy birthday

Birthday wishes for ex-husband

Birthday wishes for ex-husband

  1. It’s just that I never unfriended you on FB, and never unfollowed you on Twitter, even after a divorce I will never stop wishing you a happy birthday. Have a great day
  1. Despite our differences, let our friend teach our children the most important lesson in life – even the severity of adversity is silver. My ex-husband, congratulations birthday.
  1. You may not expect your ex to send you a happy birthday card but life is full of weird surprises, just like I never thought of myself as your wife on the first date. first. Happy birthday.
  1. Despite the bickering, despite the legal battles, the father of your children deserves a warm congratulations on his birthday. Hope you have a great day, happy birthday.
  1. Like my ex-husband, you were and will always be a part of my life. And I will always respect that. Happy Birthday to You
  1. We will never be back, but I hope we can be friends and take away the pain of separation. Happy birthday ex-husband
  1. If all ex-husbands support their wives as well as I do, then single mothers will be as lucky as I am. Happy Birthday to You
  1. We may never forgive each other as husband and wife, but I’m glad that we’ve both gone on a new path as adults. Happy birthday
  1. Just because you’re my ex-husband doesn’t mean I’ll cross out all our memories with a slash. Happy birthday
  1. I lost a husband after we divorced, but I found a new friend. Happy Birthday to You

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