Happy Easter Greetings, Happy Easter Wishes, Happy Easter Pictures, Easter Egg Pictures : Read some popular Easter poems here. We have a great collection of awesome poems on Jesus, resurrection of Jesus and Easter. Both Easter Poems for adults and Easter Poems for kids are here. So enjoy reading them and sharing them with your friends.

Happy Easter Poems 2015

Happy Easter Poems 2015



Happy Easter Poems 2015

The Resurrection

We hold so close to our hearts
The cross where Jesus died
But so much more than the blood-stained cross
Is that Jesus came back to life

The stone’s been rolled away
The tomb lay open and bare
They looked for Him, and then the angel said
That He is no longer here

Oh what joy they must have felt
To see Him just once more
To eat with Him, to drink with Him
To receive Him back as Lord

So much did He accomplish
Through His death upon the cross
And in His rising from the dead
He reconciled us back to God

Nothing else could bridge the gap
That sin had wrenched apart
Now we can freely go to God
And receive Christ in our hearts

By M.S.Lowndes

Jesus Loves Us All So Much

Jesus loves us all so much
That He would bleed and die
He took upon His beaten back
The cross that saw Him crucified

Yes, He loved us all so much
That He was scorned and scoffed
He took it all upon Himself
For it was the will of God

God knew it was the only way,
The final sacrifice
Jesus Christ, a sinless man,
Would need to give His life

And even in the gift He gave
We still have not yet known
The fullness of His mighty love
And the grace so freely shown

All He asks is that we all
Repent and follow Him,
For He has made the way for us,
Free from hurt and sin

Yes, God loved us all so much
And yes, He loves us still
He longs for us to trust in Him
And do the Fathers will.

© By M.S.Lowndes

God’s Sacrifice

Our Heavenly Father,
Look down from above
On the world you’ve created
Out of words of love

Lord, when you spoke
Precious life into being,
You created so perfect
Each and everything

But when we sinned,
Perfection was lost
And separation from you
Was the price it cost

I know many times
Throughout the future years,
You tried so hard in vain
To draw us all near

It took your dear Son
To pay the ultimate price
When He laid it all down
The most holy sacrifice

The price Jesus paid
Has brought back to you
The fellowship we had
When we were born anew

© By M.S.Lowndes

Easter Poems For Kids

I Saw a Little Bunny

I saw a little bunny
going hop, hop, hop.
I said, “Please, Mr. Bunny,
won’t you stop, stop, stop.”
He flapped his big, long ears
and had no word to say,
And before I could get near him
he had hop, hop, hopped away!

Five Little Easter Eggs

Five little Easter eggs, lovely colors wore;
(hold up five fingers)
Mother ate the blue one, then there were four.
(bend down one finger)

Four little Easter eggs, two and two, you see;
Daddy ate the red one, then there were three.
(bend down next finger)

Three little Easter eggs, before I knew,
Sister ate the yellow one, then there were two.
(bend down next finger)

Two little Easter eggs; oh, what fun,
Brother ate the purple one, then there was one.
(bend down next finger)

One little Easter egg; see me run!
I ate the very last one, and then there were none.
(bend down last finger)

Hop and Stop

The first little rabbit went hop, hop, hop.
I said to the first rabbit, “Stop, stop, stop!”
The second little rabbit went run, run, run.
I said to the second rabbit, “Fun, fun, fun!”
The third little rabbit went thump, thump, thump.
I said to the third rabbit, “Jump, jump, jump!”
The fourth little rabbit went sniff, sniff, snuff.
I said to the fourth rabbit, “That is enough!”
The fifth little rabbit went creep, creep, creep.
I said to the fifth rabbit, “It’s time to sleep!”

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