Marriage – a wonderful beginning of a new life. Lots of excitement, moments of joy, and a little bit of fear act as the catalyst for this new journey. There’s a lot to do before the main ceremony but as a friend, sibling, co-worker or parent, it will be wonderful to have a beautiful, fairytale-like wedding reception for the bride. It will give a head start and ease anxiety for the bride and give her a day full of wonderful memories. But the first thing that comes with planning a bride’s make-up is making an invitation to greet the guests. Here we are ready to mention some formal, funny and witty bridal invitations.

Singles party invitation for the bride

Come to give the bride your kiss, Before she turns from Miss to Mrs.

A new and beautiful bride is on her way let her give her love and surprise this day!

(Bride and Groom’s names) are headed to their big hour But first let us surprise the bride with a stunning bridal shower.

Sample message to invite the bride to take a bath

Sprinkle lights, decorate with flowers Have a bachelorette party for the bride to surprise.

Join us in congratulating the bride on becoming a bride before she embarks on her “Happiness Forever” journey.

This is the bride (name), but before that let’s party her with our affection.

Raise a toast to the future grandma Please join us in honoring (bride’s name) at her bridal party.

Let’s party for the bride with your precious presence, warm emotional gifts and create beautiful memories together.

Her big moment is almost here, but before that, let’s celebrate once with love and support.

Our queen bee has found a king of her own. Party her with love and gifts before she ties the knot.

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Formal initiation message for the bride

Join us in honoring the bride before her big day by throwing a surprise shower for the bride.

Let’s honor the beautiful Bride with a surprise Bridal bachelorette party.

We cordially invite you to our friend/daughter/colleague/sister’s bridal bachelorette party. Let us party her with love, kisses and hugs before her big day.

Bride bathroom invitation ideas

Join us as we party the bride before her big auspicious day with lots of love.

Invite you to the bachelor party the bride of the beautiful bride is (name). Come and help us celebrate this day with hugs and gifts.

The sunny day jingle wedding bells is almost here, We would like to invite you to congratulate (Bride’s name)’s party before she walks up the aisle.

Honor the bride who became (name) with your wonderful presence and help her have a beautiful bridal party filled with fond memories.

We humbly invite you to congratulate the bride on becoming (name) as she prepares to embark on the journey of her life.

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Messages inviting the bride to take a shower

Come, let’s celebrate her last name (Bride’s last name) for the last time.

Join us to celebrate (bride’s name)’s party before she becomes Miss Grandma.

Before she says, ‘I do’, wake her up or do a bridal bachelorette party. Is that right?

Smart bridal shower invitation

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