Birthdays are always a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated with grand gestures! Wishing a ‘Happy Birthday’ to a loved one at the right time means a lot, but sometimes it also becomes a challenge! So better go early than late! Wish your partner, sibling or friend first and show them that you remember their birthday without any social media reminders or notifications! Plus, if you’re going to miss an upcoming birthday party, wish that special someone ahead of time and make them feel special through your unique, adorable messages! Read this article to find advance birthday wishes and messages for your loved ones!

Happy birthday in advance

Happy birthday in advance! Wishing you infinite joy and love ahead!

Sending you Happy Birthday wishes with lots of love and best wishes.

So excited to welcome you on your birthday. So instead wish you the best of luck. Happy early birthday to you.


My sincerest love for your special birthday anniversaries. There was an explosion.

Early birthday wishes for the most amazing person in the world. Have a happy birthday.

It’s not your birthday yet, but you’re special enough to deserve an advance greeting! Previous Happy Birthday, friend! Sending my warm hugs as a birthday present!

You don’t have the most beautiful gift for me, but I have the most sincere love for you. You are always in my heart. HPBD first!

Unable to take any chances with my memory, sending you an early birthday wish this year. Happy birthday Advance, dear.

Let me remind you that the day when you will bless us all when you arrive is only a few hours away. I can’t help but wish you a happy birthday in advance!

I may be late to a lot of things in life, but I can’t be late to wish you a happy birthday! Have a blast my dear!

Better early than late, so Happy Birthday first!

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The bustle of your birthday is not letting me sleep at night. Only a few hours left but I really can’t resist myself to wish you a very happy birthday!

I’d rather wish you a happy birthday first than be a few minutes late before 12 o’clock. My sincerest congratulations to you for turning (age).

The only time I’m on time in my life is when I wish you a happy birthday. This year, things will be no different. Happy Birthday in Advance!

You are so special to us, just wishing you a day is not enough. Give my sincerest love and best wishes for the special day!

happy birthday in advance

Others may always be on time to celebrate your birthday, but for me, being on time is not an option. I’m always ahead of everyone else when it comes to your birthday! HBD in advance!

Happy birthday in advance! May the following days be filled with happiness for you!

Previous Happy birthday to you! You deserve to feel special every day!

Not a narcissist, but I am my own biggest cheerleader. Happy birthday in advance to me. I can’t wait to grow a wiser year.

Wish yourself a happy birthday in advance! Here is to become wiser and more mature. I love my birthday.

Your birthday celebration begins two days before the date and ends two days after the date. That’s how special you are to us! happy birthday!

Happy birthday in advance to best friend

Dear friend, your special day is a few days away, but remember that every day you are special to us! Happy birthday in advance! You are a gem to us!

Having a friend like you is the greatest blessing of my life! My dear friend, I can barely contain my excitement for your birthday, so Happy Birthday in advance!

Announcement-Birthday-Wish-For-Best Friend

Dear my best friend, I may not be there to celebrate your special day with you, but I will be there in spirit! Happy birthday to you in advance!

Friend, happy birthday in advance! I hope my soon wish brings a smile to your face because your happiness means the whole world to me!

Not only are you getting older every year, but it’s also me growing old with the best friend in my life. Happy birthday to you in advance!

I have had the honor of being with you every single day of your birthday. I don’t see a birthday in your future without me wishing you first. Happy birthday in advance.

No matter where you are, near or far, I will always be the first to wish you happy birthday. Because you are my best friend!

Good friends wish their birthday on time, but great friends wish them a happy birthday first. I hope you know the difference now! HPBD!

Happy birthday in advance to the best friend in the world. You are the reason why my days are always filled with joy!

I want you to know that our friendship is a millennial agreement. It means I won’t stop wishing you happy birthday in advance!

Advance birthday wishes for brother

Baby, when the clock strikes 12 tonight, close your eyes and imagine you holding me tight! Happy birthday to my love!

My prince charming, your birthday is still a few days away, but let me take every opportunity to express my love to you! Happy birthday to my love!

Darling, you deserve to be appreciated every day for being as kind, generous and lovable as I am! Previous Happy birthday to you!

Baby, even though we’re miles apart, my love will always find you! Happy birthday in advance, love! I love you to the moon and back!

Hey handsome man, I want to be the first to wish you on your special day, so happy birthday to you! You are one in a million, my love!

Advance birthday wishes for sister

Here I am wishing you before your birthday to show you how special you are to me. A very happy previous birthday for you. Let’s celebrate longer this year.

Wishing you all success in your upcoming birthdays. You are a wonderful person and deserve a big celebration for a longer time. Love you Baby.


Always wanted to be on top of the game, so here he is. Happy birthday Dear Advance. You are the best, and you deserve the best.

It’s too early to wish for your upcoming birthday anniversaries, but I’m too excited about it this year. Happy birthday in advance dear sister. I love you!

There is no harm in having a celebration before such a joyful occasion. So here I wish you a Happy Birthday in advance.

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Advance birthday wishes for wife

My love, you are the reason for my joy and the antidote to my anxiety. Thank you for being born and for being in my life. Happy birthday in advance!

Darling, I would have celebrated your birthday all year if I could, but since that’s not possible, allow me to wish you the happiest of birthdays in advance!

Happy birthday to my love! I owe you all the good memories and happy moments of my life. I love you!

Honey, you are the kindest and most amazing woman I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s an honor to share my life with you! Happy birthday in advance!

Love, I wish you could see yourself through my eyes and find out how unique and special you are! Happy birthday in advance, my soulmate.

Advance birthday wishes for husband

I’d rather wish you first than be a few minutes late. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear husband.

I can almost touch your special day but can’t wait a little longer to wish you. Sending you an early wish for a wonderful birthday to you, dear husband. All the best.

It’s almost your birthday, and as usual, I’m just too excited—more than you are, perhaps. Happy birthday in advance, my comrades in crime. There is an explosion this year.

It is always better to be a wise person than a latecomer. I don’t want to lose any chance, so here I am. Happy birthday dear trio in advance. You are the best.

Give the most amazing person an early birthday wish, as I know he will be busy bringing about positive changes in the world even on his birthday. Have a great year, dear husband

Quote before birthday for Brother

Dear brother, forward Happy Birthday! I want you to feel loved, cherished and special, even before your birthday comes because you are the best hyung ever!

Dude, your cons is having to throw a ‘surprise’ birthday party for you, but let’s skip it this year! Happy birthday in advance!


My brother, Happy birthday in advance! The times we laughed, argued, fought and fell in love were the most precious memories in my life. I miss your silly face now!

To my brother and my best friend, you are my guardian angel who has watched over me every step of the way. Happy birthday in advance! Much love!

Dear brother, in advance Happy Birthday to you! I wish for nothing but peace, prosperity and happiness for the days to come! May you always be lucky!

Quote before birthday for sister

I can’t be late to wish you on your birthday. So I’m wishing you early this year. Happy birthday dear sister.

You deserve more than one wish on your birthday, so I’ll send you another one earlier this year. Happy birthday sister in advance.

Your sister will remember your birthday, but your sister will remember before that. Sending you early birthday wishes and a nice gift because I love you so much. Have fun.

I deserve a great birthday because you are my sister and the most amazing person in the world. Happy birthday dear Advance sissy.

You’re so annoying, but I still love you so much, sister. Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance and I hope you enjoy your special day to the fullest.

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Romantic advance birthday wishes

I want to feel special like you always make me feel that way. Happy birthday to you in advance. I like you!

If you don’t come to this world on this day, you will never come to my world. This is a special day for me. Happy birthday in advance!

Just one day a year is never enough to celebrate this special occasion. That’s why I wish you a few days before your birthday! Happy birthday my love!

I wish there was a box big enough to carry all my love for you. I guess I’ll have to carry them in my heart forever. Previous Happy Birthday!

The luckiest thing in my life is having the opportunity to grow old with you. I am a lucky soul on this planet. Happy birthday in advance!

If ever there was an exhibition of God’s perfect creations, you would be the exhibitor in it. Happy birthday in advance my love!

You have started a fire in my heart. I wish you blew that flame like you blew out a candle on your birthday. Happy birthday in advance!

Happy birthday in the previous message

You seem pretty desperate for your upcoming birthday, happy birthday very much!

Happy birthday in advance! Will I be allowed to go to your birthday party without a present?

I want to be the first to wish you. That’s why sending you a birthday wishes in advance. Have a happy birthday.

You should really consider stopping celebrating birthdays every year. Science has proven that the more birthdays you celebrate, the closer you are to death. HBD in advance!


I want to tell you one secret to not getting old: start lying about your age. I hope you will consider my advice. Happy birthday in advance!

If people were wise, they would stop celebrating their birthdays. It won’t stop them from getting old but will definitely save a lot of money. Happy Birthday in Advance!

Enjoy your birthday as long as you are still young. Because 20 years from now, even it will be difficult to blow out a candle. Happy birthday in advance!

No matter how hard you try to hide your age, the wrinkles on your face are reminding me that another year will add to your age. HBD in advance!

The good news is that you’ll age another year, but the bad news is that you’re no wiser than you were last year. Happy birthday in advance!

Just a few more hours and then you will no longer belong to the younger generation. Congratulations! Always remember, oldies are goldies!

You have come to a point in your life when your birthday cake is smaller than your belly and the candles are two to one more than your hair. Happy birthday!

Birthday is the most special occasion in everyone’s life. It is unique and comes only once a year. So you really shouldn’t miss the chance to wish happy birthday. Because if you do, you know it’s almost a crime. And you also don’t want to forget the birthday of someone close to you. If you have a loved one whose birthday is coming up, you may need a few birthday greetings in advance to send them. Going early is always better than going late. Find someone who fits your needs and your recipient, be it a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone close to your heart! Make them feel special on this special occasion!

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