What to get Your Dad for His Birthday?

It is a million dollar question: What to get Your Dad for His Birthday? Your dad is your first hero, your first rockstar. No matter where you go, what you achieve, he will support you through it all. His gratitude has brought you where you are right now. The endless love and trust he showers you with will make it increasingly difficult for you to decide what to get for him on his special day.
A card or a cake: too mainstream. How about you select one of these products that we’ve shortlisted for you? Not over the top, just perfect to bring that bright smile on his face:

For A Father Who Loves His Drink

  • Best Dad Ever Coffee Mug : This time, let it be something extremely special. Something your father can wake up to every morning and smile at. With the perfect cup of coffee and a million memories that this mug will bring back to him. Show him that you love him as much as he loves you.
  • Tea from Farmers Tea Gift Set 4 Flavors Loose Leaf Green Tea Box (Set 4 Teas. HUE) : some fathers are so particular about their tea. They know exactly how they like it and can see no alterations whatsoever. Gift him this fine quality tea. It’s handpicked and comes in 4 different flavors. It’s going to be a refreshing experience for him, every morning, and thanks to you he can taste tea brought in from Vietnam. Make him feel that his habits mean a lot to you and that you will always love and remember him for all that he is. After all, a cup of tea can make a difference.

For A Father Who Is A Time Keeper

  • The Man Sham Chamois Cloth : Let your dad know that his time is precious. Also that his prized possession is not as high maintenance as it seems. His car is surely precious and hence why not gift him this? This ultimate towel for fast drying of your dad’s car or truck will make him used to the stares. Comes with 1 year guarantee, it is designed to suck up water like a vac. Your dad need not get worried about the dirt any longer. This will surely cut his efforts by 5 times. This will give you that extra quality time you always wanted. Make his day special. Gift him this and he’ll surely love it.
  • CredDeal Stainless Steel Pocket Watch with Gift Box : Fathers love discipline. We all have had our fair share of “why can’t you be on time”. We are kids after all. We love our dads and respect them. No matter how busy they are, they never fail to be on time. So much like a superhero. This stainless steel pocket watch is just a reminder that we appreciate him and also that we promise to be on time, at least on his special day. Pocket friendly and vintage, who doesn’t like a pocket watch? It comes in an antique metal case and reflects excellent workmanship. Surely owning and holding a vintage pocket watch is a matter of pleasure and pride. And since they have been around for quite some time now, why not add this to his collection?

For A Father Who Is Super Choosy

  • Amazon.com Gift cards- in a Gift Box : Some dad’s are so easy to understand. The usual, age old techniques work just fine. But then we have some super confusing fathers. Shopping for them requires too much research and investment. Then comes in, just to pull you out of the mess, Amazon.com Gift cards. Pocket friendly, choose from the various denominations Amazon has to offer. Let your dad buy what he needs and likes. After all, IT’S HIS DAY.
  • New Dad 2016 T-Shirt gift for dad : a perfect T-Shirt for the modern day dad. He is active and trendy. If he is always on the go, give him this 100% cotton tee. It’s so easy to pull off and will surely make him stand out of the crowd. Just when shopping for your dad becomes so extremely confusing, this Trendy T-shirt comes to your rescue. Since we all know that fathers don’t really give their 100% attention to their materialistic belongings, this easy to wash gift will be just perfect.

For A Father Who Is An All-Rounder

  • Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Handyman’s Toolbox of Treats Gift Tote : Celebrate the all-rounder in your dad. You know he can do everything. The box is filled with treats and goodies to satisfy all his cravings for savory, sweet and crunchy delights. Show how much you respect him and appreciate his efforts when he fixes all that you mess up. The best part is that this is already gift wrapped for you. You need not worry about the rest.
  • Nautical Fishing Box for Coins, Keys or Watch, Man Cave Gift : we know, it’s as difficult for you to buy a gift for him, than it for us. He usually gets his own things. And then there is always a limit to buying him flowers or a “love you Dad” card. Surprise him with this Nautical Fishing Box. We heart this one. Embellished with fly fishing rod, fish net and a resin fish, it’s perfect for those who treat themselves with a serene and calm getaway every now and then. Helps him keep his coins, keys and watch. We all know, dad will love this gift.

It’s difficult to know why dads are so special to us. They’ve been with you when you were upset and didn’t need him. He gave you thumbs up on your achievements and had your back when you tumbled down. Though he is your super man, it is so difficult to get him the perfect gift. So when you are thinking: what to get your dad for his birthday choose from the list and thank him for turning you from a child into an adult. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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